My OC’s Fashion.

Wrote this while I was moving as a way to relieve some of my stress. Finally cleaned it up enough to post 

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If there was one way to describe Gigi’s fashion choices it would be happiness. She always based every choice that went into her wardrobe on how it made her feel. This meant color and a lot of it.

Color, bright and vibrant. Loud screaming and laughing in your face. Gigi’s fashion was always filled with smiles and joy. Her closet was like opening a skittles bag and throwing it into a bag of glitter. All sparkly and sticky sweet.

Animals, all looking out at you with little baby faces. Yellow ducks and tiny kittens. All topped off with bows. All paired with bright colored pants or skirts. The more fluffy and adorable the better. Although there was that one Rhinoceros sweater she did love.

Her hair was almost always up with some fun hair accessory. Headbands and Bows. She even found a box of old butterfly clips her twin had from the 90’s. She had put them all in and Maia had asked if she was going to fly way as she danced around the training room. The way each wing fluttered and sparkled she almost felt like she could.

There isn’t a stitch of black in this girl’s life. Except for that one pair of jeans because it went with that Panda sweater she had found at a thrift store. That one didn’t count because Gigi informs everyone that she will convert them into happy pants too.


When you are as active as Faith comfort is the first thing you look for. Easy to move in cotton shirts and baggy pants. She’s active so her wardrobe is filled with every type of sweatpant with matching hoodie. Graphic tees with funny sayings that sometimes only she gets. And let’s not forget that one jean jacket that she and the losers drew all over with sharpie.

She may own a pair of Converse in every color. A rainbow of shoes that litter her closet. Each scuffed up and worn from her many night adventures.

All her jeans have holes in them. Not intentional but from the mischief, she gets into. Each tear tells a different story. Each patch covers up all bruises and scars underneath. Nothing is sacred when it comes to Faith’s wardrobe. Nothing is safe.

Yellow and blue, those are her colors. Sunshine and clouds. A perfect day where any adventure is possible. Like her best friend, she loves happy things but they also have a level of practicality to them.

Except for that yellow beanie with the smiley face on it. That is just for her.


Jennifer is all beauty and grace in a designer dress. A bit of a clothing whore with a closet filled with so many high ends brands that even she doesn’t even want to admit it. Each piece both practical and very stylish.

Rows and rows of heels for every occasion. Practical nudes for work and running around the city. Colorful brights when she wants a pick-me-up. And don’t forget those sky-highs for her adventures out after the sun goes down.

Her style is all lace and leather. Beautiful flowing patterns with flashes of danger. Glimmers or rebellion behind a black blazer as she takes you in and opens you up to things you didn’t even know about yourself. Safe and beautiful before showing you the edge you didn’t even realize was there.

Gentle pastels with dark earthy combos. Blood red with mint blue. Sweet and bitter in your mouth as she walks by. Captivating and down to earth. A ballgown with combat boots in just the right combo that you would never think twice.

Fun, soft floral patterns that remind you of your grandmother’s wallpaper paired with a modern leather jacket your excuse to wear. Add a little danger like a low cut top paired with dark clean denim and a sexy red lip. She’s the girl at the bar you can’t take your eyes off and will laugh with you all night.

Yet at the end of the night when she’s alone. You will find her curled up with a bottle of wine, a simple band tee, and comfy sweatpants she probably stole from her sister.

So been awhile, it got bad, than worse now it seems to be settling down… for now. My sleep is completely fucked. I am up till 5 and 6am, sleeping on and off till like 5pm. Im restless, stressed. No one seems to notice. I am so nervous and scared all day long. I crave to be alone in my room. Cold and dark, light and sound just are too much lately. Between my panic and migrine it’s too much. Ugh. All I do is question life. Why am I like this? Why am I here? Why do I see the way I see? Why do I think the way I do? What’s the point? Why are some people okay and others not. I was “normal” once why can’t I go back? My soul is sleepy.