So been awhile, it got bad, than worse now it seems to be settling down… for now. My sleep is completely fucked. I am up till 5 and 6am, sleeping on and off till like 5pm. Im restless, stressed. No one seems to notice. I am so nervous and scared all day long. I crave to be alone in my room. Cold and dark, light and sound just are too much lately. Between my panic and migrine it’s too much. Ugh. All I do is question life. Why am I like this? Why am I here? Why do I see the way I see? Why do I think the way I do? What’s the point? Why are some people okay and others not. I was “normal” once why can’t I go back? My soul is sleepy.

NCT 127 (Minus Markhyuck) + Hansol and Ten to it Raining on your Date

Requested: anonymous 

Genre: normal

Members: Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, WinWin

Rating: U

A/N: I’m so osrry it has taken me so long to post a full reaction. I’ve been really busy with work and college. This was super cute to write and thank you to @donghynck for helping me out with ideas, zoe you’re a star.

Taeil: He would be so upset that rain had ruined your beach date. A little frown would come across his face as the first raindrops would start to fall. You would grab his hand and run for cover while trying to reassure him that it’s okay and not his fault. ‘It doesn’t matter what we do y/n, as long as we are together’ he would say. Instead he would take you back home and have a cuddly Netflix marathon under hundreds of blankets. 

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Hansol: When he would come to pick you up for your date, he would be drenched from the rain. So, instead of going out, you would bring him inside, give him some dry clothes and build a fort out of blankets and pillows together. Under fairy lights, you would spend the whole day just dancing to old records, talking about your dreams together and cuddling in your own private world with the rain as your background music. (pretend yuta is you)

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Johnny: Like the gentleman that he is, he would give you his jacket so you could keep dry while you both tried to find a place to get out of the rain. You would end up in an arcade, lights flashing and ringing and clanging all around you. He’s a secret master a DDR and together you would dominate the machine, spending all day trying to beat the high score. Johnny would buy you a massive teddy from all the tickets you won, as a memento from one of your best dates together.

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Taeyong: You two losers would spend your time playing board games together. Cluedo, jenga, cards, anything! But not monopoly as that game can tear families apart! He’d let you win sometimes only because he’d love to see the smile you get when you win. When it comes time to take you home, he would walk you back under his umbrella making sure you didn’t get wet, and give you his coat so you wouldn’t catch a cold.

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Yuta: A little rain wouldn’t stop Yuta! Together, you two would run through the park splashing and jumping in puddles like you were little kids again. Exhausted from using so much energy, he would pull you into his arms and kiss you gentle as the rain falls down around you. Then he would take you to a little café to warm you up with a nice hot drink by a fireplace, before dropping you off home.

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Doyoung: I don’t know why but I feel like he would try and turn the date into Singing in the Rain. He’d take the umbrella and start singing and dancing around, kicking water up in the air, leaving you to stand and watch while getting wet! He’d quickly realise that you were shivering in cold and he’d take you back home, where you would warm up by the fire watching the real Singing in the Rain.

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Ten:  He’d be a little shit and leave you to get wet. He’d take your coat and umbrella that you had prepared and throw them to the side. Similar to Yuta he’d want to play in the rain with you instead of finding somewhere to dry off. He’d make you dance with him and take picture together, even though you would complain that the rain had ruined your makeup. ‘You look beautiful no matter what y/n. Now smile!’

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Jaehyun: Like Johnny, he would offer you his jacket so that you wouldn’t get wet. However, it’s not because he is a gentleman, it’s because he likes the way his shirt clings to his body when his shirt gets wet! He would keep glancing over at you to make sure you were looking at him. You’d lightly hit him telling him to stop showing off and take you somewhere dry. He would eventually take you to a museum where he can impress you with his brain instead of brawn, while you’re more interested in taking aesthetic photos

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WinWin: All Winwin wanted was ice cream when the rain started to pour! You’d pull out your umbrella and spend your time together looking for an ice cream parlour that would be open in this weather. Eventually you’d find a small, quiet place where you could sit together by the window watching the rain outside. But you would be paying more attention to the smile on his face as he finally got his beloved ice cream.

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