i never imagine this shitty blog would get so much followers, so devil suggested us to dress up im tuxedo and take a photo. some unexpected weird guys were photo bombing it, well i don’t care as long as i look handsome than the others

one of the new guy is here, say “trick or treat” if you want to meet him

oh yeah almost forgot we will give away this photo if you buy our charms, more details here, maybe i will secretly sign for you at the back of the photo

…wait a sec! is that old pervert trying propose to angel me!?

446-GHOLUSH [Ghoul-Plush]
-The Stuffed pokemon
-Ability: Fluffy - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is said to be a forgotten plush who came to life trying to find its owner. If its body is torn it will mend it using pieces of wire and rags.”
    -Dizzy Punch
    -Shadow Punch
    -Mean Look
    -Baby-Doll Eyes

–>Evolves with a Thunder Stone<–

143-ZOMBESTEIN [Zombie-Bear-Frankenstein]
-The Rebuilt Pokemon
-Ability:  Lighting Rod - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has been patched so many times it is more metal than plush, and there are so many parts forming its body it’s hard to tell if it keeps being the same old doll or a new one. All the metal in its body constantly attracts lightings that, after hitting it, fill it with so much energy it glows eerily.”
-Sig. Move: Iron Trap “The user bites its opponent using the Iron bear trap screwed around its neck, this bite packs a shock that might leave its opponent paralyzed”
   Type: Steel
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 80
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Giga Impact
    -Shadow Claw