pryde & wisdom

King Pryde

First of all I am King Pryde. King of the world. Im a man of wisdom. Ask an i shall tell.But only onto those seeking true wisdom. I have no time to wither on every trivial query. If one was to ask what i can not answer. I will tell him to return after i have contemplated. Most of my wisdom comes from my own experiences. I believe myself to be a fair judge. I notice my own faults even if do not fix them. For hy strive to be perfect, if one can not reach perfection. I belive there is always a second story. A destination has more than one route. I believe that we start with infinite lives, that dwindle with each decision we make. I have the ability to read people to an extent. This ability dwindles the closer i get to the subject atleast with lies. I learn how to break a person before i befriend them. Only to forget after bonding. Im a demon trapped in the body of an angel. Raised by Religious principles my morals have been conformed. I can plan the perfect murder but never enact it. I can show you the dark path or i can show you the light. If i give you my word make sure its “my” word.