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Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather.
—  Audio Excerpt in Third Eye by Tool

Mini prybars .

 I’m not quite sure how I ended up with so many but all useful as small pry tools , bottle openers and improvised door wedges .

I started the collection off with the Atwood and the others soon followed including 3 in Titanium via survival depot and kydex sheaths by me .


Character(s): Jeon Wonwoo

Genre: Angst! Trying to improve my angst writing skills

Word Count: 3,056 (wowowow!! i went a little overboard lmao)

Summary: Wonwoo, a creator of life through stone. He’s shaped out his greatest creation, a creation that he spent so long – too long – on. But why?

A/N: I guess I went overboard into pouring emotions into this lol. I’m no good at angst, but man can I envision a drama scene in my head. I’m sorry this is so cringey lmao, I reread it over again and it’s making me wince, but I spent quite a couple hours into this and it contains the most words I’ve written. So here you are, please enjoy. :-)

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A man like stone. His name is Wonwoo. He made a name for himself in this world, a world where he could create whatever he wanted. And not have it come to life.

In another world, another lifetime, Wonwoo made himself a creation like no other. He spent days, weeks, months on his project. He chiseled stone away to create something perfect. He’d work until his hands were raw and red and sore, until they made an ugly cracking sound when he moved his joints a different way. What did he make that had him destroying his hands, his most beloved tool?

Why, he created you.

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Todays EDC.
(Top left down)
Fenix LD12
SAR Global Tool Titanium comb
Maxpedition Micro wallet
Custom SKINTH belt pouch

Inside the SKINTH
Leatherman Juice S2
Fisher X-Mark Space pen
Exotac Nanostriker
Diamond wire saw
Kevlar survival cord
Plasters & Isopropyl wipes
Uncle bills Tweezers
Atwood Ghost
SERE Black Ops “V” Cutter
2 UK First class stamps

Keys: 2 S-biners. Daniel fairly knives Pry tool, House key and skeleton keys for lockers/filing cabinets V-Cutter and a Tritium glow marker

Todays Knife, Michael Morris friction folder.

North Face e-Tip Gloves, Paracord bracelet, Timex Camper, and my iPhone 4s in a gear4 case.

Phew, that’s all for today folks. Submitted by Sam Nehf

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Can you explain why teeth crack after death? Every dog skull I’ve ever seen has cracked canines.

I apologize for the belated reply to this!

Animal (and human!) teeth have a hard enamel exterior and pulp interior that makes up the root of the tooth. This interior consists of blood, nerves, and other organic material. 

When an animal dies all of the organic, fleshy bits immediately start to decompose, including the root pulp inside the teeth. Once it’s gone, or at least shrunken and shriveled up, there is empty space left behind which takes away some of the support and leaves teeth less stable. In juvenile animals the adult teeth are hollow when they first come in and it takes a few months to years for the tooth to become solid. Those hollow teeth from younger animals are especially prone to cracking because they aren’t as dense as older teeth but any and all teeth can develop cracks if the circumstances are right.

Teeth can be more prone to cracking depending on how a skull was cleaned, climate, pressure changes, and so on. From what I’ve seen, skulls that come from hotter, drier climates tend to be more likely to crack.

They are pretty easy to fix though! Just remove the tooth from the skull and carefully use an x-acto knife, dental tools, or similar tool to pry open the crack, breaking the tooth into halves (or sometimes thirds). Next, spread a little super glue or plain white Elmer’s glue along the interior of the tooth. Then gently fit the pieces back together until they line up smoothly and evenly. Then just let it dry and you’ll be good to go! Here are a few photo guides I put together showing how to do this with a few different kinds of teeth.

Hope that helps answer your question!