Live Q&A for my 100 follower mark

KESESESE~ It seems a lot of you art interested in the awesome me…but then again, I guess why wouldn’t you be. I have reached over 100 followers. I got in many suggestions as to what to do for it. YOU GUYS SENT ME IN SOME AWESOME IDEAS KESESESE! This one sounds best though. I really can’t wait to meet some of you who send me in all those great questions even if you do it as an anon. PLEASE STAY AROUND FOR SOME MORE AWESOME FUN~ <3

((OOC: Guys I can not tell you enough how happy you have made me. I didn’t think my blog would be anything special cause there was already two amazing Prussia’s on here with a following, but you guys have really made this past month of so really fun for me. I can not tell you enough how wonderful you are. When I was feeling down about my Prussia cosplay I would always check my tumblr and you guys were always there waiting with questions for me. I’m am having a blast serving you all as the ever so HUMBLE Prussia and I am grateful to all you followers. Please stick around for more fun with Gilbert and his shenanigans -^_^- ALSO I will start doing a mini series on youtube as Gil. Little silly things like how “gilbert goes for a walk, How he plays video games, or watch him play chubby bunny” Either way what ever lies in this blogs and Prussia’s future I am glad you all will be here with me <3))

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When: July 21st (Sunday)
Time: 3:00pm EST
Bring: Your questions!