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The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara

The diadem was a wedding present for Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia from her father, Kaiser Wilhelm II. It was made by the Imperial jeweler Koch, in platinum and diamonds. It became a tradition to pass the diadem from mother to daughter for her wedding day. Today the diadem is owned by Spain’s royal family. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, now Queen, continued the tradition by wearing it for her wedding to Prince, now King, Felipe.

Inheritance Saga: Owner of tiara in bold

  • Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia married Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover; they have one daughter Princess Friederike of Hanover and of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Friederike (stripped of all titles after WWI) marries Prince Paul of Greece; they become King and Queen of the Hellenes; have a daughter, Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark.
  • Princess Sofia (changed spelling) married Juan Carlos, son of the Count of Barcelona; they become King and Queen of Spain; has one son Prince Felipe of Asturias. 
  • Prince Felipe marries journalist Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano; they are the current King and Queen of Spain.

R4R Diadem Directory: Spain

The Prussian Tiara

✦ Alternate names: The Hellenic Tiara

✦ First appearance: 1913

✦ Origin: made for Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia in 1913 as a wedding gift

✦ Worn by: 1) Princess Victoria Louise 2) Queen Frederica 3) Queen Sofia 4) Infanta Elena 5) Infanta Cristina 6-7) Queen Letizia*

✦ Bridal usage: Princess Victoria Louise, Queen Sofia, Queen Letizia

✦ Owned by: Queen Sofia (privately)

✦ Alternate forms: None known

✦ Notes: This piece is often seen as a “starter” tiara for young princesses and also as a possible traditional wedding tiara within the family. Leonor’s choice of it as her bridal tiara could solidify this tradition among future Spanish queens.

*= Royal Favorite

Tiara’s Advent Calendar (13/25)

The Prussian Diamond Tiara, Spain:

The star of this tiara is the central tear drop diamond and its surrounding ring. It swings freely in this platinum and diamond tiara from the German jeweler Koch, with Greek motifs all around. At the base sits a row of Greek keys; on top of that, a structure of columns; and on top, laurel leaves.

The first owner was Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia, the tiara was gifted to her as a wedding present from her father. She then passed it to her daughter Frederika, who married the King of Greece. Frederika gave it to her own daughter, Sofia, who married Queen Juan Carlos and wore it on her wedding day. 

It is now worn by Queen Letizia of Spain, who chose to wear it as her wedding tiara. 

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