Movie Night quest for player who’s romancing Jaal. Liam and Jaal being bros, and Sara wins “the Best Actress”.

I love you all, but most of all I love Jaal. And Jaal just loves romantic movies. Slight FPS loss.

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Could you maybe do some best friend headcanons for Prussia? :)

Oh look it’s the best friend I’ve always needed/wanted in my life (but never had and probably never will)

Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt)
- He literally never hits you with the whole “K” and ‘read’ bullshit. He’s not about that. Well, if he fell asleep while writing the text is another story.
- He’s the type of friend to drive 50 miles just to give you a banana (based off of one post I found but I can’t find it, sorry!)
- You can text him at 3 AM and say that you’re scared and need somebody to comfort you. He’ll physically go over to comfort you.
- If you’re in any sort of class and having trouble with something, text him! He’ll help you out with whatever it is.
- Lit sleepovers. Whether it’s at his place or yours, they’re always so memorable.
- Hella fun days out. It’s always a surprise where you’re going!
- Even plans week long trips with you just to hang out with you. However he does let you know, as he doesn’t want to interfere with any plans you may have. He just doesn’t tell you where.
- He literally just fits the definition of the best friend that everybody wants. However consider yourself lucky if you’re the person that he chooses to be this type of friend with.

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Sudden thought: Netherlands giving Canada tulips (even though they've only been doing that since WW2) and France seeing and fanboying and shipping them like crazy. Then *Le boom* Prussia appears and France is just like "SHIP WARS" and eveRYONE IS SO CONFUSED


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Hey I don't know if I have asked this question before, if I have, then please delete this . Here is the question: What would 2ps feel like if their daughter ran away from home and never came back again? (They searched for her everywhere but they still couldn't find her) (They had an argument before she runs away) (2p axis and 2p allies please) (Thank you) -confusing anon-

The guilt just hits them. They’ve had their arguments, everybody does. He just hadn’t realised how far he’d gone this time. Probably locks himself away, trying to contact their only daughter; the light of their lives. They can only hope for the best; they feel so… powerless to help her: 2P!PRUSSIA (Gilen Beilschmidt), 2p!France (François Bonnefoy), 2p!China (Xiao Wang), 2p!England (Oliver Kirkland)

He’ll realise his wrongdoings. They’d felt that they’d gone too far this argument, and before she even ran away they’d apologised a number of times, and even offered to get her what she wants. Just anything to keep her safe from running away. When she does, however, he’ll realise just how bad he’d made her feel. Flyers, spamming her phone, everything: 2p!Germany (Lutz Beilschmidt), 2p!America (Allen Jones), 2p!Canada (James Williams), 2p!Italy Romano (Flavio Vargas)

Like the last group, they know what they’ve done wrong. Instead of constantly apologising however they just give her space. When she runs away, they’re devastated. They try and track her down with her phone by themselves with no avail. That doesn’t stop them from trying: 2p!Italy Veneziano (Luciano Vargas), 2p!Spain (Andrés Carriedo), 2p!Japan (Kuro Honda), 2p!Russia (Viktor Braginsky)