Pink Tax: A Cautionary Tale

It’s just another day. I walk past a drugstore and realize that I need some shaving cream, so I decide to take a look. I finally find the shaving products aisle. God, why are all these creams so expensive? They’re scented and all, but that’s not really worth it. Oh, there’s a store-brand one for men. It’s more than half the price of the women’s product. I guess I’ll buy it then, can’t be that bad.

Evening of the same day. I take a shower and start applying my new shaving cream. Suddenly, it starts to burn. Bad. Really bad. I scream for what seems like an hour. I pass out. I wake up again. I look at my leg. The word “PATRIARCHY” is carved into my flesh.

Never try to beat the pink tax. They will know. The patriarchy will find out and it will punish you. 

Stay safe, girls. Stay safe.

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