prussia with a hat

The Axis and Allies as SpongeBob quotes
  • Veneziano: I'll have you know I stubbed my toe last week while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for twenty minutes.
  • Germany: Way to go, buddy, it took us three days to make that potato salad! THREE DAAAYS!
  • Japan: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?
  • Romano: Hey pal, you just blow in from Stupid Town?
  • Prussia: It was his hat, Mr. Krabs! HEEE WAAAS NUUUMBER OOONE!
  • America: Look at all the hip, young people eating
  • England: Everybody's an idiot except for me.
  • France: I guess you're going to miss the panty raid.
  • Russia: Goodbye, everyone! I'll remember you all in therapy.
  • China: My leg!
  • Canada: Well, it is no secret that the best thing about secrets is telling someone else your secret, thereby adding another secret to your secret collection of secrets, secretly.
Stuff Kumajirou has eaten/bitten that he isn't supposed to.

- Moldova’s hat. @moldovasgooglehistory
- Prussia’s flute. @itsprussiasgooglehistory
- Bits of Austria’s piano. @austriasgooglehistory
- The entirety of Iceland’s licorice stash. @icelandsgooglehistory
- Latvia’s arm. @latviasgooglehistory
- Finland (after mistaking him for an actual cinnamon roll). @finlandsgooglesearchhistory
- France’s leg. @francesgooglehistory

Aph Characters as things that I have heard people say at school

Italy: “If you give me food, I will love you forever”

Germany: “Get on my ship.”

Japan: “Ching chong, Its the Racist hat!”

America: “Suck my McDick”

England: “Dangflabbit, Miley!”

France: “Wear the golden glitter pants to your date!”

Canada: “Never underestimate the silent ones”

China: “Make sure you use protection!”

Russia: “Go take a selfie with the Trump manaquin!”

Romano: “No hoein’ around”

Prussia: “Guys! I found a pimp hat!”

Updated list of shit Kumajirou has eaten or bitten that he wasn't supposed to.

- Moldova’s hat. @moldovasgooglehistory

- Prussia’s flute. @itsprussiasgooglehistory

- Bits of Austria’s piano. @austriasgooglehistory

- The entirety of Iceland’s licorice stash. @icelandsgooglehistory

- Latvia’s arm. @latviasgooglehistory

- Finland (after mistaking him for an actual cinnamon roll). @finlandsgooglesearchhistory

- France’s leg. @francesgooglehistory
- Estonia’s leg. @estoniasgooglehistory
- Russia’s scarf. @russiasgooglehistory
- Denmark. @denmarksgooglehistory
- Countless stolen cinnamon rolls. @swedens-googlehistory
- Romania’s hat. @aphromaniasgooglehistory
- Sealand’s hat. @sealandsgooglehistory
- Sealand. @sealandsgooglehistory
- An entire pack of chilli peppers (which Kuma mistook for berries) that he found in Canada’s fridge.

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-Lovino frequently finds himself sighing because Prussia has the romantic abilities and emotional range of a teaspoon, and does he really have to do everything in this relationship himself because this idiot is no help.

-Never fails to be surprised when Prussia actually does do something sweet and is set off into a blushing mess at the drop of a hat if exposed to it, something Prussia very much appreciates.

-Even if it isn’t romantic and is in actuality just something really dumb, Lovino is still endeared.

-They both have subtle ways of expressing themselves, of which the other can now quite easily read.

-Instead of both feeling unneeded at meetings they’ll sometimes ditch, or just sit together during breaks. Lovino will bring food that he made.

-Gilbert can and has benchpressed Lovino. He won’t admit it but Lovino was impressed.

-Gilbert is esily impressed by any of Lovino’s talents and it is something the latter still has yet to get used to.

-Oyhers can be amazed at how crass they can be towards each other, but the two of them have grown to understand the natural harshness in the others tone, stemmed from a military upbringing and a necessary defensiveness respectively

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Beach and war with all characters~?

2p Beach:

2p Germany:  Depends, if it’s a nude beach he’s all out. If not board shorts maybe a speedo.

2p Italy:  Swim trunks.

2p Japan:  Nude, or swim trunks.

2p South Italy:  Depends, sometimes it’s swim trunks, maybe a shirt, but always a big hat, the occasional speedo.

2p Prussia:  Shorts, shirt, hat, a shit ton of sun screen.


All of them wear their assigned military wear, they all have little things they have though that they hold close, little trinkets.

2p Germany:  Has an old compass that Gillen gave him when he was small.

2p Italy:  Has an old wooden cross necklace that Flavio gave him when they were very little, he always wears it.

2p Japan:  has a silver ring he always wears, often he has it on a chain around his neck.

2p South Italy:  Has a locket with a picture of his brothers.

2p Prussia:  He has this old strip of cloth that is stained with blood and mud and the grime of wars, he has worn it in every war he has ever been in. He calls it his lucky charm.

Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Taken by the Imperial German court photographer T.H. Voigt of Frankfurt.

From the 5th Earl of Lonsdale collection of the Imperial War Museum.