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So, I heard a rumor a while back... That Ivan has a vast collection of scarves... something that he's amassed over centuries. Know anything else about his stash, Gil?

[ pshhhh Ivan totally doesn’t knit matching scarves for Gil and himself what ?? ]

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Hiya! If it's not too much trouble could i request headcanons for how Prussia would act with a very timid and shy significant other? One that gets nervous meet people and hides behind him / holds onto his sleeve or shirt, blushes really easily, etc. I just thought it would be interesting since his character is basically the opposite, fairly loud and outgoing.😊

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Gilbert is the epitome of an extrovert. As such, it would be hard to imagine him being able to befriend an introvert, let alone find a partner as such and mesh together. However, Ludwig was very helpful at introducing him to his quieter side, and so with a shy and timid s/o, he would do his damnedest to make sure never to overstep their comfort zone, unless it’s a situation in which the s/o would like for him to do so. He would introduce them to his friends, in groups of two or just individually, giving them time to understand his mates on a more individual basis before the chaos that is any Friday night. 

He also understands the necessity of having a night in sometimes and would be more than happy to curl up with books, films, or the most obscure music videos available online. He is also conscientious of the need for solitude sometimes, and while he can get lonely in the meanwhile, he always finds ways to distract himself in the meantime. (Often this is either baiting Lovino into another RPG or harassing Arthur for more pranking fuel against Antonio and/or Francis.)

There are times, however, when he misses the cues of discomfort, or when he’ll become frustrated that his partner isn’t as vocal as he would like. He tries to understand and often is successful. However, just as in every relationship, there are still moments of collision. But that is when he forces himself to follow the one piece of Friedrich’s advice he knows: communication is key.

(Sorry for the late replay, Anon. ^_^; I hope this answered your question!)