prussia smoking

Double Trouble (1p France and 2p France)

·Francis probably complains about Francois, like all the time. Especially since Francois is a messy person (he leaves his tooth paste uncapped, dirty clothes are tossed onto a chair, empty glasses everywhere, and cigarette burns in furniture.)

·Over all Francois doesn’t really mind Francis that much, as long as their s/o needs him he will stay.

·Going shopping with these two is super difficult. Like Francois drinks cheap wine a and usually eats microwave meals, whilst Francis is a fucking dive star cook and drinks only the best wine. There is no happy medium.

·Usually when they get mad/displeased with their s/o both try very hard to talk things out. Francois is more of a listener though, whilst Francis is the talker.

·Francis and Francois are both in desperate need of emotional support. They both would be completely depressed if they lost their s/o (Francois would be note likely to loose it though.)

·Both BTT and 2p BTT come OVER on a regular basis. They don’t fight but its really weird seeing one half of the room full of laughter and the other one full of smoke.

·^2p Prussia probably has an attachment to their s/o; they are a friend, he sees them all the time, and his good friend is in love with them.

·Both often come home late at night, Francis goes out with the guys and Francois
goes and drinks a whole bar.

·Francois loves to just lay with his s/o, they don’t need to be touching, just near each other.

·^Often ruined over the fact that Francis is a huge cuddler and steals the s/o away. He also snores and makes it hard for everyone to sleep.

·Dates are usually planned by Francis, but he considers every ones likes and dislikes. He usually sets up a date at a outdoor cafe.

·Both have matching hair ribbons, but Francois’s smells like smoke.

·Bubble baths are common, but for two different reasons. Francis loves bathing with his s/o to be romantic and grow a bond, Francois does it because he needs a bath and Francis used up all the damn water last time.