prussia looking awesome

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Beauty and the beauty Au with 1p Axis please?

Italy: No! Bambina run! Run please! Live your life!

Germany: Beast! You let my daughter go right now, and I won’t have your head!

Japan: Daughter, please run. Leave me and live.

Romano: JUST RUN YOU IDIOTA! RUN! You are the only person that matters to me, If i leave, I have nothing. It will be a waste to trade yourself for me. You have your whole life ahead of you. Run Bambina, and never look back.


Austria: No! Leave them alone! I demand it!


“Let’s just say I like him pretty much.~”

((I’m sorry that I turned out that way. But I couldn’t help it. :’D

Askthereallifegilbertandludwig is such an amazing Prussia. Thanks for the gif, hun. I reaaally love their blog.))