prussia being an irresistible dork

Italy and Romano are actually not twins, but two in a set of triplets. The youngest, and only girl, is Sicily. Her brothers are beyond over protective of her, to the point where they actually sent her away to live with the Nordics so that no one would find her and hurt her. She thinks its funny how over protective they are, and loves her best friends, the Nordics. Her favorite is totally Finland.

If you so much as touch her, they will both go all berserk and kill you. The other nations only met her once, and Prussia learned his the hard way. No one will touch her because of how bloody Prussia was when he went to the hospital.

Despite hating Germany with a passion, Romano REALLY likes Aster, Berlitz and Blackie. Whenever he’s dragged over to Germany and Prussia’s house by his brother, he’ll just sit with the dogs for hours playing with them, tickling their tummies and occasionally he’ll take them for walks.

It’s gotten to the point where the three will ignore Germany whenever Romano’s round, and then sulk when the Italian leaves. It REALLY annoys Germany.

On the other hand, it gives Prussia endless enjoyment to watch his brother get jealous over Romano getting all the dogs attention.

Prussia used to be really close to Latvia and Estonia. This is because he used to live right up by them, before he was the Teutonic Knights and shifted downwards to Germany. Sometimes, when he’s feeling nostalgic, he’ll meet up with them. Granted, he always pretends he’s meeting up with them for an entirely different reason, but it’s the thought that counts.

There’s a secret club called the awesome outcast club. Its members are Estonia, England, Romania, and Prussia. Romania and Estonia started the club and they’re currently working on finding more people to join. They almost convinced Norway and Greenland to join, but Lukas said no and Greenland is to busy with her club (jr gourmet club).

Headcanon with all the tags

Italy likes to have little get togethers with people sometimes, Russia brings little treats for everyone, Estonia likes to see how many pieces of candy he can glue to himself, England shows up in a doctor cosplay, Switzerland tries to make conversation but he ends up screwing his words over until he runs to the bathroom, Australia tries to convince people his baby alligator won’t maul them or his snake win’t kill them, Romania usually comes dressed as a piece of fruit, Canada is busy being on his laptop, Prussia helps Italy with everything, and Iceland will go but he’ll just sit on the windowsill and sip Starbucks. Italy will just wonder how this went wrong.

Every nation is proficient at some sort of martial art:

Japan is good at Kendo and Karate,

China is good at Tai chi,

Germany knows German ju-jutsu,

Prussia is proficient in kampfringen,

Russia knows Sambo,

Ukraine does the combat hopka,

Italy is good at fencing,

Romano is surprisingly good with a staff,

Australia does coreeda,

America knows MCMAP (Marine Corp. Martial Arts Program) and after he saw Batman Begins went to Spain to learn the Keysi Fighting Method,

Spain does the juego de palo, knows how to use an axe and is a master of the Keysi Fighting method,

France practices Savate,

Canada practices Defendo

and England is a master at Shin Kicking.

Prussia honestly has no idea whether or not he’s going to die soon, but just in case he does, he has his will written and he made Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Austria all swear they would get him a headstone that says “Hold my beer and watch this!”

Once a year, the Italy brothers, France, Prussia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Russia (And their female selves) have an opera contest and each one proudly sings opera pieces from their countries.

Romano’s favorite choice is Figaro’s Aria meanwhile Fem!Austria’s is Queen of Night’s Aria.

Prussia survived living with Russia while the Berlin Wall was up by perfecting an impersonation of Belarus’s voice. Whenever he heard Russia coming, he would have a conversation with him self, using Belarus’s voice, in order to scare the Russian off.

He has also done this with Italy’s voice just to tick Germany off.

Ze Hoff

Germany secretly has an undying, almost irrational celebrity crush on David Hasslehoff. The only people that know about his deep passion for the Hoff are Prussia, Austria, Hungary and Italy. He has, what could only be described as a shrine dedicated to the Hoff in one of his spare rooms closets. He loves Night Rider and Bay Watch and during the 80s watched both religiously with Prussia.

Prussia, England and Denmark are really close friends. Like, seriously close. When England was a Celt, Prussia was a Teutonic Knight and Denmark was a Viking, they were still, seriously close. It’s actually terrifying how much they know about eachother. Most nations think that they’re just Drinking Buddies, and do nothing but get drunk. But they’re actually all just really big dorks (and nerdfighters /shot), and they go to all the cons, obsess over British, Danish and German shows and watch Twilight just to laugh themselves silly at the Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus. They actually had a band called RKL (Random Keyboard Letters) once, but you’ve probably never heard of it. DFTBA!

If Italy had the choice, he would continue cross-dressing as an adult, but Romano and Germany stop him. Prussia’s usually cool with it, though, so Italy sometimes plays dress-up with him.

Sometimes, if he wears a dress and a blonde wig while running through Switzerland’s property, Switzerland won’t shoot because he thinks it’s Liechtenstein.

Austria actually enjoys the occasional beer, but due to his very high tolerance for alcohol, he hardly ever becomes intoxicated. Once, when Prussia tried to get him drunk (so he could sneak into Austria’s house and steal back Germany’s baby photos that he had confiscated), Austria was amused enough to let him keep buying high-quality beers. Needless to say, it ended with a barely tipsy Austria and a broke Prussia going home empty-handed.

(And for the anon who requested Hungary headcanons - She got the pleasant experience of having to take care of a hungover Austria and snooping Prussia the next morning.)

America, Estonia, Prussia, Japan, Sealand, and S. Korea meet in America’s basement once a month to play video games and generally act like dorks. Games usually played include:


Metal Gear Solid

assorted Sonic titles

assorted Mario titles

assorted Final Fantasy titles

Crash Nitro Kart

Ratchet & Clank

Street Fighter (which ever one the reader hates the least)

Soulcaliber (which ever one the reader hates the least)

Call of Duty (which ever one the reader hates the least)

Guitar Hero (you know the drill)

Neko!Prussia's night schedule
  • 9 PM-12 AM: Trying to get Prussia's attention while he's on the computer.
  • 1 AM: Prussia finally goes to bed. Neko!Prussia races him there.
  • 1 05-2 30 AM: Prussia and cat fight for sleeping space. The latter usualy wins.
  • 2 45 AM: Prussia tries to go to sleep.
  • 3AM: Neko!Prussia plays with Prussia's feet. Sometimes keeping him awake.
  • 3 30 AM: Neko!Prussia usually falls asleep on Prussia's chest. other times, his face.
  • 6AM: Neko!Prussia tries to Wake up Prussia by meowing loudly in his ear, pulling the blanket off, licking his nose, and as a lost resort, pushing the human off the bed.
  • 6 15 AM: With the cat out of the room, Prussia finally gets to sleep