Some fun facts and stories about Frederick the Great

As some of you may know, i am a bIG fan of this nerd, so I kinda wanna share some of the things i’ve learned over my research  so i can enlist you guys into the frederick the great fandom hehehe 

In case you didn’t know, Frederick the Great was king of Prussia in the 1700s

okay, on to the facts!:

  • He once wrote a really erotic poem (aka poetry porn) (the poem is also suspected to be written about an *ehem* encounter between him and this Italian guy he liked to hang out with

Obviously, he was far from perfect, and had his fair share of shortcomings (cough annexing like everyone he could and most of the time only winning by the skin of his teeth) but as far as European monarchs of his time go, he was pretty great.

All facts are sourced!


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