I know this is like, kinda late to the chapter 18 meta party since chapter 19 comes out tomorrow, but I figured what the heck, I’d post it anyways.

Once again, I have no grand point to make here, but it’s something I noticed about that chapter and I haven’t seen anyone else bring it up. But I want to talk about the angle we saw Bum in some of the frames of this chapter. Y’all - I’m in even going to add pictures.

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Hi Gotham, I'm sorry if I bother you, but I can't find a passage from one of the books. It's the shortest scene, it's Jamie and Claire waking side by side under the moonlight and Roger watching them from the cabin. I love this scene so much! I love that Jamie is interested in anything Claire has to say and is just content to be in her presence and she's so lively when she's with him, and I love that that's the kind of love Roger aspires to. I love the relationship he and Jamie build over time.

Hi anon - it’s truly no bother to share one of my favorite Jamie and Claire passages from the entire series. We so rarely see them in someone else’s point of view - and it’s even rarer to see that person’s perception of their marriage. How much we learn in such a small passage:

It was not prurience, nor even simple curiosity, and yet he often found himself watching them. He saw them from the cabin window, walking together in the evening, Jamie’s head bent toward her, hands clasped behind his back. Claire’s hands moved when she talked, rising long and white in the air, as though she would catch the future between them and give it shape, would hand Jamie her thoughts as she spoke them, smooth and polished objects, bits of sculptured air.  

  Once aware of what he was doing, Roger watched them purposefully, and brushed aside any feelings of shame at such intrusion, minor as it was. He had a compelling reason for his curiosity; there was something he needed to know, badly enough to excuse any lack of manners.  

  How was it done, this business of marriage?  

  He had been brought up in a bachelor’s house. Given all he needed as a boy in terms of affection by his great-uncle and the Reverend’s elderly housekeeper, he found himself lacking something as an adult, ignorant of the threads of touch and word that bound a married couple. Instinct would do, for a start.  

  But if love like that could be learned …

— The Fiery Cross


A spillage of words come out of me like an overflowing bath like an athlete of prose in the games of syntax like an Olympiad of Language without sinew or breath without air.

Irascible, inefficacious
Outliers in effulgence
This dusk and dust
Of catastrophe lay in
Trial against potential
Actualized, a sublime
Motivates my purpose as
The soul forms the body
In poise of deliverance
Swallowing self-doubt like
A pleated parchment
Contravened in scabbards
Ample and venerate as
Etiology of prurience…

Still my soul cries of the chaos that surrounds me, lifts my spirit beyond the shuffle of this world brings me the calming Sustenance that can fill my heart of pain and alleviate the hurtful ways of this caverned existence.

Guide my way
Above the fallen
Soul in agony
Give me the power
To heal this broken
Man I’ve become who,
In need of calming
Light, this soul longs for
The peace of this land
And the healing
The earth will give.

The spilling continues - like the way the weave of her look is a diamond damask covering the horse’s flanks, all out-of-saddle and in-skirt - like breathing controlled autonomy.

© K. James Ribble

Hair masks

1. For oily or normal hair:
- egg (both parts)
- castor oil
- buttermilk/sour milk/sour cream (in some german shops i managed to find russian kefir)
Mix all this ingredients and spread on your hair. Keep it for 40-50 minutes or more. 1-2 times per week.

2. For dry or normal hair:
- egg (both parts)
- castor oil
- almond oil 
- burdock oil 
- olive oil (good quality) 
Mix all ingredients and spread on your hair. Keep 40 minutes or more. 1-2 times per week

If you have oily roots and dry ends like me, then use the first mask only for roots and the second one only for hair ends.
The secret is a castor oil. This is the most useful and helpful ingrediend. It`s like a “must have” in the medicine chest of every russian girl. As i already said my bestfriend`s aunt has lost all her hair (and eyelashes and eyebrows as well) because of radiation. So this was the cure she has been using. 

3. Radical mask for oily hair (oily only!!) 
This mask helps me to grow about 2-3 cm of hair per month. Use it on your hair roots and only if you have oily hair
- egg
- mustard (dry powder) 
- any oils you like (castor!!)
- some water or milk to make a mask more liquid  
Spread the mask on the roots. The secret is in a mustard. In few minutes you will feel prurience, this is a mustard warms your hair bulbs and makes the blood spring to them. For the first time keep the mask for about 30-40 min. I always kept it about 2 hours. If you can`t handle the prurience wash the mask away immediately. If you don`t feel any prurience then your mustard has a bad quality or you did something wrong. 2 times per month.

Some tips:
- if you have oily roots wash your hair with cool/tepid water coz hot water makes your sebaceous glands work faster and produce more oil
- drink at least 1,5 l clear water per day (your hair need water too) 
- have your hair ends cut (2-3 mm) every 2-3 months
- take vit A and E in pills
- ALWAYS use a good hair conditioner
- avoid using hairdryer
- if you use a lot of make up or just want to make your eyelashes and eyebrows stronger, mix some castor and almond oils and spread it on the eyelashes and eyebrows with cotton swab. Do it every day for 20 min.
- keep the oils in refrigerator.

Please keep in mind that each organism has its own characteristics and the result might be different.

Sorry for mistakes. I`m suck at english

How EXO would kiss their girlfriend (analysis)

Hi! Awww, that’s sweet of you to say! TT.TT I’m glad you like my writing style. :) Thank you so much for your sweet words anon, it’s very much appreciated. <3 

UPDATE: Our game will be happening soon!! So be sure to keep up with this blog for our game! I think you all will enjoy it! :) 

*written with the boys initiating the kiss. Also written as though it is their first time kissing their gf. 

Kris: This would come very naturally with Kris. I have said before that I think he’s adept with handling things in the realm of courtship and intimacy. He wouldn’t have planned for it–it would all just happen in the moment. The kiss would transpire in the midst of a cuddling session or hand holding; some form of intimacy would have to occur in order for the kiss to happen. While he’s holding her in an affectionate embrace, Kris would merely peer towards her, hand cupping her chin as he pulls her closer to him for a zealous kiss. And when I say zealous, I really mean it would be passionate. The kiss would be prolonged and immensely sensual, almost something straight out of a romance film. Kris would want this to be memorable, therefore, naturally an ample amount of amour would be input into this kiss. Afterwards, he wouldn’t say much aside from smirking suavely while still holding his girlfriend. “I couldn’t help myself babe.” 

Kai: Somewhat similar to Kris, Kai wouldn’t have preplanned for this to transpire. It would all just happen and come rather naturally to him. He would also be very sensual and passionate when kissing his girlfriend, even for the first time. Instead of some form of skinship happening to trigger the kiss, I think Jongin’s sheer infatuation for his girlfriend is what would drive him to initiate a kiss. They would be merely conversing and he would just gaze into her with lucid captivation, intaking all of her features: her shimmering eyes, her alluring locks, and her beckoning lips. Nearly engulfed in fervor, even as she’s talking he would swiftly lean towards her capturing her lips with his. Again, the kiss would be elongated and teeming with pruriency. It would be nearly impeccable, as if Kai has practiced on many others just to perfect this moment. Before things can get too lustful, they would finally part, and oh how timid Jongin would suddenly get! He can’t believe that that just happened. He would be adorably awkward and shy afterwards, looking down as he’s murmuring. “Um…yeah…I-I just…yeah…”

Suho: He’d kiss his girlfriend very cutely and playfully. He may plan for it, he may not. But, whatever the case is, Suho would still be very cute and slightly cheesy with kissing his girlfriend for the first time. I see it transpiring during an affectionate exchange between the two. Joonmyun would be cuddling with his girlfriend, holding her close to him tightly, prompting her to exchange a few swift kisses to the cheek. She may also poke him cutely on the side of his face, much to Suho’s amusement. Smiling brightly, he would murmur to her: “I’ve got something better in mind.” As she waits, eyes widened with curiosity, he would lean towards her for a very brief, but incredibly loving kiss to her lips. He would be flustered but at the same time proud of himself for initiating the kiss. “What? You did start it after all!” he would remark cutely as they both exchange bashful laughs, succeeding the kiss. 

Chen: Jongdae would be very smooth when initiating a kiss for the first time with his girlfriend. He would have a solid idea of how he would go about kissing her, and would seize the opportunity once it presents itself. Jongdae would carefully watch his girlfriend as she’s taking small sips from her latte, whip cream still present atop of the beverage. Chuckling softly, he would find her most adorable like this, that it would be the perfect time to initiate a kiss. He would lightly poke her cheeks and murmur, “Jagi, I think you got something…right there,” pointing to her lips, he would offer to clean it. “Let me help you with that babe~” even if there’s no cream lingering upon her lips, he would still kiss her fervidly. Leaning towards her, Chen would peck her squarely upon the lips, slightly elongating the kiss before retreating. Snickering, he would feel fulfilled, finding her flushed expression adorable. “Mm, tastes great~” 

Sehun: He’s been teasing for this moment since they started going out. Up until recent events, Sehun would be granting his girlfriend quick kisses to her cheek or her forehead as signs of affection. Sometimes, he’ll even lean towards her as if he’s going to kiss her, however, something will always stop him from doing so as a way to keep her anticipated. Eventually, once Sehun feels he’s played around with her enough, he’ll initiate the kiss for real. It will transpire when his girlfriend least expects it; at a place and time she wouldn’t be braced for. Since Sehun is a straight forward person, the kiss would happen abruptly and without much context. He would take his girlfriend out somewhere really picturesque and teeming with rustic majesty, for all sightseers to behold. While his girlfriend is admiring the beauty of the pastoral scenery, without warning, he would turn her to face him, immediately capturing her lips within his for a prolonged amount of time. Eventually retreating, Sehun would smirk at her surprised yet satisfied expression as he comments softly: “did you enjoy that? I’m sure you did with the way you didn’t pull back.”  

Chanyeol: Similar to Sehun, Chanyeol would go about this in a very spontaneous manner. Except, it would be spontaneous in a playful way, within a convivial context. Chanyeol would have also planned for this moment, but he wouldn’t go through with his original methods, instead just opting for the sudden method. I can see him even asking some of the other members for their inputs on the matter. But, as I said, this would all transpire so quickly, yet cutely. He would take his girlfriend out somewhere like an amusement park–somewhere with lots of festivity. Nearing the end of the date, they would be walking hand in hand out of the area, and, in a state of sheer infatuation, I can see Yeol taking his girlfriend in his arms, with her leaning backwards; very movie-esque. And in an instant, shelving all those plans away, he would lean towards her, capturing her in a briefly, rapturous kiss. It would be quick, but still potent in terms of passion. He would be completely adorable yet awkward afterwards. “Ha! Well! That…just happened…maybe we could…do it again?” 

Lay: Yixing is the one members I see putting the most preparation and consideration into this matter. He has always struck me as someone who is inclined towards the idea of love and romance; essentially a hopeless romantic. So, the first kiss in a relationship is a crucial detail for Yixing. He would invite her out to a nearby park and the two would just relax languidly upon a bench, with Lay’s handy guitar leaned against the bench. He would strum a few melodies and tunes from his guitar methodically, each note bearing some sort of meaning. After a few songs, he may award his girlfriend with a scarlet rose; most quintessential in the realm of romance. And, while she’s admiring the flora’s striking beauty, he would slowly lean towards her, granting her a kiss, most soft and gentle. It would be a sustained kiss, however, bearing no lustful intents…just simple yet loving. Afterwards, Yixing would smile warmly to his lady, affectionately stroking the side of her face. “You mean the world to me baobei.” 

Luhan: Luhan is very smooth and suave with things of this nature. Similar to Lay, he has traits of a hopeless romantic, however, rather than going about this in a cliche manner, he would just go for the kiss. He wouldn’t need to prepare for it, and would just commence the kiss in an unexpected yet fun loving manner. While he and his girlfriend are out with each other, Luhan would seize the opportunity to commence their first kiss, by leaving some subtle signs alluding to this notion. Hand around her waist securely or her hand in his, Luhan would eventually get her attention by pointing behind her as if some spectacle is unfolding before the two. His girlfriend would turn to where he’s pointing at, in search of whatever it is he’s referring to only to turn back to him where he would instantly lean towards her for a swift yet passionate kiss. Slightly taken aback, his girlfriend would be rendered speechless, much to Luhan’s amusement. “You look surprised baobei. Should I do that again since you love surprises so much?” he would tease playfully, running a hand down the side of her face. 

Baekhyun: Easily the most playful of all the members, Baekhyun would make sure that this kiss is memorable yet fun loving. I can see him using the pocky game for a first kiss with his girlfriend. He would implore to his girlfriend to start eating the stick of pocky he already has. Most excited when she agrees to this, Baek would watch carefully as she nibbles her way towards his face, maintaining steady eye contact as she inches near him. Once she finally reaches him, he would instinctively cup her face, capturing her lips in his, fervidly. It would be a romantic kiss bordering on rapturous but not quite reaching that level of intimacy. Retreating from the kiss, Baek would chuckle at his girlfriend’s flushing expression now cutely whining to continue playing the game. “Please babeee? We have so much pocky left over!” Alternatively, Baek might just play around with her and while she keeps the stick of pocky in her mouth, he may pull it out, and lean for the kiss immediately, much to her surprise.  

Xiumin: Minseok would go about this in a sudden yet cutsey manner. Similar to various other members, the kiss would transpire all so suddenly without much arrangement beforehand. Since Minseok is a very touchy/cuddly lover, I see the kiss occurring during some cuddle session amongst Xiumin and his girlfriend–this is something that is expected with any relationship Xiumin has with someone special. While his girlfriend is cozied up to him securely, he would be prompted to playfully poke the sides of her cheeks, ensuing an adorable retaliation from his girlfriend. Just as animated, she would poke him back in response. As a cute poking war commences, in the midst of it, I see Minseok initiating the kiss with his girlfriend, somewhere near the end when his girlfriend delivers one final poke to his face, he would lean towards her for the kiss, much to both of their surprises. It would be a brief kiss, very ‘first kiss like’ if you will. Inwardly, he would be flustered, but would be adept at concealing it. Outwardly, he would chuckle somewhat offhandedly as his girlfriend is rendered speechless. “I guess I win?” he would murmur softly, with amusement enlaced within his tone. 

D.O: Kyungsoo would go about this congruous to Yixing’s methods. He bears similar “hopeless romantic” traits or “in love with love” attributes. So, he would be highly meticulous when planning out for this. Rather than cliche, I see the whole atmosphere being more amorous/sentimental. Kyungsoo would take his girlfriend out to a park or a plaza of some sort, just traipsing the area around with her, hand in hand. Eventually, he’ll take her to a specific region, maybe one where there’s most decorations and enrichments, where he’ll hold her tightly. While his girlfriend is admiring the sights and various flourishes, Kyungsoo would gently turn her towards him for an intense, impassioned kiss. It would be a sustained kiss, allowing for the ravishment to consume them both. He’ll be sure to grant his girlfriend myriads of compliments afterwards. “My jagi…you’re perfect.” Alternativly, Kyungsoo may opt to keep the kiss secluded and only amongst the two. While his girlfriend is next to him, he would commence in singing soft melodies to her, lulling her to a soporific state while gently leaning towards her for a kiss.

Tao: Tao would also be playful when going about this. He has a good idea of how he’s going to go about it, rather than allowing for it to transpire suddenly. Tao would take his girlfriend out for the day, most likely to shop and scour for gifts and confections–it would be a date for her to enjoy specifically. While she’s shopping, he would be brimming with excitement for the kiss he desires to grant her. Once she’s finished her shopping and other errands, he would request for a few selfies together. As they’re posing cutely for various selfies, he would ask for ‘one more,’ and while his girlfriend is posing for the picture, Tao would cup her chin, pulling her closer to him, where he would capture her lips, swiftly hitting the button to take the picture while he’s still kissing her. It wouldn’t be elongated, but the kiss also wouldn’t be brief; just sufficient. He would relish in the surprise yet satisfaction that lingers upon his girlfriend’s features. Finding the picture, he would continue raving on it to his girlfriend, setting it as his new wallpaper. “What? We look cute together! You can’t deny that!” 

Be sure to send me your requests lovelies. I do enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. 


To read a work of literature as an expression of heterosexual desire is literary criticism; to read it as an expression of homosexual desire is ‘appropriation’ or 'prurience.’ Associating it with something in one’s own love life is either 'conscripting a writer for the cause’ (gay) or 'demonstrating its universal relevance’ (straight).
—  Graham Robb telling it like it is in “Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century”
You can say all you want about the mental health of Van Gogh who, during his lifetime, cooked only one of his hands, and other than that did no more than cut off his left ear …
    … demented as this assertion may seem, present-day life goes on in its old atmosphere of prurience, of anarchy, of disorder, of delirium, of dementia, of chronic lunacy, of bourgeois inertia, of psychic anomaly (for it isn’t [people] but the world that has become abnormal), of deliberate dishonesty and downright hypocrisy, of a mean contempt for anything that shows breeding,
    of the claim of an entire order based on the fulfillment of a primitive injustice,
    in short, of organized crime.

    So a sick society invented psychiatry to defend itself against the investigations of certain visionaries whose faculties of divination disturbed it.
—  Antonin Artaud, “Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society” 135.
And he did not care that hideous names have been given to that dear passion, to that rich desire. The vulgar call it lust, and blush and hide their faces; in their folly is the shame, in their prurience the disgrace. They do not know that the appetite which shocks them is the very origin of the highest qualities of man. It is they, weaklings afraid to look life in the face, dotards and sentimentalists, who have made the body unclean. They have covered the nakedness of Aphrodite with the rags of their own impurity. They have disembowelled the great lovers of antiquity till Cleopatra serves to adorn a prudish tale and Lancelot to point a moral. Oh, Mother Nature, give us back our freedom, with its strength of sinew and its humour! For lack of it we perish in false shame, and our fig-leaves point our immodesty to all the world. Teach us that love is not a tawdry sentiment, but a fire divine in order to the procreation of children; teach us not to dishonour our bodies, for they are beautiful and pure, and all thy works are sweet. Teach us, again, in thy merciful goodness, that man is made for woman, his body for her body, and that the flesh cannot sin.
—  W. Somerset Maugham, The Hero

[Jessica Chastain] is clearly more at ease with nudity than many of her Hollywood counterparts, having stripped for Dan Ireland’s 2008 drama Jolene, Al Pacino’s Wilde Salomé in 2011, and John Hillcoat’s 2012 thriller Lawless.

“I’m actually very at ease with it,” she says, “but it’s interesting because sometimes I’ll get people saying, If you’re a feminist, how could you do nudity in films? I think it’s the opposite. I feel I have nothing to be ashamed of. When I was doing Salomé I read this incredible book called Sisters of Salomé. It talked about how as women we should embrace the power of our own sensuality.”

But perhaps in the prurience of our digital age actresses feel all too aware that anything they do in the name of art can and will be taken out of context, I suggest.

“People can do anything,” she retorts wearily. “I could do a photo shoot and people could reappropriate those photos on the internet. I can’t worry about the results of my work. I just want to play a character as honestly as possible and if that means she’s naked, she’s naked.”

excerpt of Jessica Chastain’s interview for Telegraph Magazine

angie-23456  asked:

Hey hun! Wanted to pick your brain on brianna. I know right now she doesnt understand jamie and Claire's deep love and devotion for each other but later in the books she does. I was wondering when does she realize it and how does it affect her?

At the end of Dragonfly in Amber? Sure - I think she understands it conceptually, or in an abstract way – but she has to see them together, and see for herself how affectionate and loving they are – to realize it for herself.

But it doesn’t take her very long - we see it occur within the span of Drums of Autumn.

The first passage that comes to mind takes place shortly after she arrives on the Ridge:

He [Jamie] was ready; a leather bag was tied at his belt with ax and powder horn, a bigger canvas sack slung over his shoulder. She didn’t come in, but stood in the doorway watching as he bent quickly and kissed her mother in the bed.

She [Brianna] knew she was there, of course—and it was no more than a light kiss on the forehead—but she felt like an intruder, a voyeur. The more so when Claire’s long, pale hand floated up from the quilts and touched his face with a tenderness that squeezed her heart.

Claire murmured something, but Brianna didn’t hear it. She turned away quickly, face hot in spite of the chilly air, and was standing by the edge of the clearing when he came out.

How does this affect her? She’s a mix of stunned and fascinated – remember, she *never* saw Frank and Claire behave in such a way. She says as much to Roger, later in the same book:

“I don’t want to live with you, if you came back for duty,” she said. She looked at me then, her eyes soft with pain. “I’ve seen a marriage made from obligation—and I’ve seen one made for love. If I hadn't—” She stopped and swallowed, then went on, looking at Roger. “If I hadn’t seen both, I could have lived with obligation. But I have seen both—and I won’t.”

I felt as though someone had struck me in the breastbone. My marriages, she meant. I looked for Jamie, and found him looking at me with the same expression of shock I knew was on my own face.

At this point, she’s had so much exposure to Jamie and Claire – and seen them interact as a deeply bound married couple – that she realizes she wants the *exact8 same type of marriage for herself. She wants to fully and freely choose her husband – and for her husband to, in turn, fully and freely choose her. No strings or obligations attached – just a deep love, and a deep commitment. And respect. All of which she knows Jamie and Claire have for each other.

All of which she knows Roger can provide – as long as there is full honesty between them.

And which, of course, he does. Which she, of course, reciprocates.

It’s interesting to note that Roger looks to Jamie and Claire for cues about marriage - what it is to be married - as he, too, appreciates the depth of their bond:

It was not prurience, nor even simple curiosity, and yet he often found himself watching them. He saw them from the cabin window, walking together in the evening, Jamie’s head bent toward her, hands clasped behind his back. Claire’s hands moved when she talked, rising long and white in the air, as though she would catch the future between them and give it shape, would hand Jamie her thoughts as she spoke them, smooth and polished objects, bits of sculptured air.

Once aware of what he was doing, Roger watched them purposefully, and brushed aside any feelings of shame at such intrusion, minor as it was. He had a compelling reason for his curiosity; there was something he needed to know, badly enough to excuse any lack of manners.

How was it done, this business of marriage?

He had been brought up in a bachelor’s house. Given all he needed as a boy in terms of affection by his great-uncle and the Reverend’s elderly housekeeper, he found himself lacking something as an adult, ignorant of the threads of touch and word that bound a married couple. Instinct would do, for a start.

But if love like that could be learned …

– The Fiery Cross