I know this is like, kinda late to the chapter 18 meta party since chapter 19 comes out tomorrow, but I figured what the heck, I’d post it anyways.

Once again, I have no grand point to make here, but it’s something I noticed about that chapter and I haven’t seen anyone else bring it up. But I want to talk about the angle we saw Bum in some of the frames of this chapter. Y’all - I’m in even going to add pictures.

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A spillage of words come out of me like an overflowing bath like an athlete of prose in the games of syntax like an Olympiad of Language without sinew or breath without air.

Irascible, inefficacious
Outliers in effulgence
This dusk and dust
Of catastrophe lay in
Trial against potential
Actualized, a sublime
Motivates my purpose as
The soul forms the body
In poise of deliverance
Swallowing self-doubt like
A pleated parchment
Contravened in scabbards
Ample and venerate as
Etiology of prurience…

Still my soul cries of the chaos that surrounds me, lifts my spirit beyond the shuffle of this world brings me the calming Sustenance that can fill my heart of pain and alleviate the hurtful ways of this caverned existence.

Guide my way
Above the fallen
Soul in agony
Give me the power
To heal this broken
Man I’ve become who,
In need of calming
Light, this soul longs for
The peace of this land
And the healing
The earth will give.

The spilling continues - like the way the weave of her look is a diamond damask covering the horse’s flanks, all out-of-saddle and in-skirt - like breathing controlled autonomy.

© K. James Ribble

EXO react to their girlfriend teasing them in public

Thanks so much for your support love~ ^3^ <3 BTW, I assume you mean ‘teasing’ in a sexual way and not any other way lol. 

Just a remainder: My ask box is closed at the moment. Requests will be available in due time, please be patient as I finish a few more requests! 

Minor PSA: While public sex can be an enjoyable, sensual experience with your partner, always use caution and don’t be reckless. (:

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Xiumin: Highly amused, Xiumin would be able to pick up on his girlfriend’s antics almost immediately upon the first few lustful touches she permits him. Despite the fact that they’re at a movie theatre, surrounded by other patrons, he’s still becoming increasingly roused with his girlfriend. However, Minseok is a very patient person, so it would take an immense amount of teasing for him to completely succumb to the lust. In response, he would smirk at her antics, subtly teasing her in return: slightly running his hand in her inner thighs, heightening her senses in the process. Since Minseok is a giving partner, he may give in to her desires, but not too much. His hand may delve towards her core, lightly brushing her most erogenous area, much to his girlfriend’s delight. Once they are away from the premises and in the comfort of home, that’s when Xiumin will give into every one of her needs. 

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Luhan: It would take Luhan a while to initially pick up on his girlfriend’s advances. She would have to be a bit overt for him to discern her amorous intents lucidly. In his mind, he would be questioning her intents, very much befuddled. ‘What is she doing? Is she trying to tell me something? Should I say something?’ He’s not concerned so much as he’s lost. As he opens his mouth to inquire his girlfriend on her antics, it would become pellucid for him what she’s hinting at the moment her hand reaches for his lap lasciviously. At this, Luhan would smirk wryly at her. “Baobei…so impatient~” he would murmur softly, teasing her back by ghosting his hand underneath the dinner table, slipping his digits within her panties, stroking her folds softly enough to evoke moans of rapture from her. “I apologize, but my baobei and I have somewhere to be right now,” he would courteously say to his dinner guests, taking her away to the nearest bathroom and probably requesting for her to finish him off.

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Kris: Oh gosh, Kris is definitely going to give his girlfriend exactly what she’s asking for, no matter the circumstances. Though they’re in his car, about to head home, her lust has seemingly gotten the best of her with the way her hands move up and down his chest, descending teasingly. Returning home will become an after thought once Kris has wholly surrendered to the overwhelming desire. He would pull her towards him roughly, for a passionate kiss–mouths ajar, tongues entwined zealously for several heartbeats. While kissing her, his hands will traverse towards her chest, slipping under her shirt much to her pleasure. “You’re in for it now babe,” he’ll murmur huskily, his tone entrenched in sheer prurience. To put things simply, Kris will just end up fucking her right in the car, not giving any mind to the fact that he and his girlfriend may get caught.

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Suho: The elevator ride up is taking up a lengthy amount of time, which is what prompts Suho’s girlfriend to tease him mischievously with a naughty glimmer passing over her eyes. The way she presses her body up against his, running her hands all over his body is painfully erotic for him. Suho will utter a soft chuckle, completely flustered at his girlfriend’s antics. He wouldn’t be able to formulate a coherent sentence as this would all be going too fast for him. “J-jagi,” he would manage in between his low chuckles. Eventually, his lust would overtake him briefly, inciting him to kiss her lustfully, tempting to disrobe her of her top even while the elevator is still ascending. That’s what would make it arousing, is the thought of someone catching them both in the act of rapture. Even with her shirt already unbuttoned, that’s when Joonmyun would halt in his actions, smirking at her, “you’re going to have to wait until we get to our hotel room for more jagi,” he would murmur lustfully as they exit the elevator. 

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Lay: To be honest, I don’t think Yixing would be completely down with getting a sensual session done in public. He sees sex as something sacred and something that should be performed within the seclusion of home. Initially, he would be a bit puzzled as to what exactly his girlfriend’s intents are. In the midst of their date at the local bookstore, she would unexpectedly guide him to a well concealed section of the bookstore, where hardly any other people are. Little by little, her advances would be swift but potent. While Yixing stands beside her, perusing for books, she would guide his hand towards her most libidinous areas, softly brushing his hand over them, eliciting soft moans from her, while her eyes glimmer seductively. Once he detects what is ensuing, Lay would refrain from furthering her advances to avoid any trouble, but once they arrive home, there would be no words to be exchanged, as he’ll have her against the door, kissing her rapturously in response to her teasing. 

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would love this greatly. He would be trudging alongside his girlfriend, doing his best to keep his vexed disposition covert as his girlfriend scours through a myriad of clothing within an expansive store. So once his girlfriend initiates some public teasing, with the way she presses her body against his with a sly smirk upon her face, knowing that she’s exciting him proficiently, this would add an element of entertainment to an otherwise mundane routine. He would smirk back at her and playfully rouse her in return. Baek’s hand would traverse all over her butt while she continues looking for clothes, maybe he would delve his hand underneath her skirt, smirking mischievously at the way she gasps aloud at the sudden contact. Tracing the outlines of her womanhood deftly, he would then retract from her, leaving her ravenous for more. “Aww, does my baby want more of me~? Well, you might as well finish what you started babe.” he would coo to her, ushering her to a dressing room, to finish them both off. 

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Chen: I said that Baek would love this…Chen would love this even more. I have said before that I think he has a voyeur kink/public sex affinity, which is why Chen would be greatly compliant with his girlfriend’s teasing and desires. His girlfriend requested that they should search for some furniture, and while searching, he’ll immediately take note of the way his girlfriend’s hands, at times, traverse below his waist, a feral glimmer flickering in her eyes. He’ll chuckle to himself uttering to her: “someone’s getting impatient~” At this point, Jongdae wouldn’t even tease her back, but rather just get straight to the point. When she least expects it, Jongdae would press her down against one of the beds offered in the furniture store, already capturing her lips hungrily. Tracing kisses down her abdomen, his head would descend below her naval seeking her womanhood. He would smirk at her wickedly, “alright baby, you asked for it. So, you’re gonna get it.” The idea that someone would catch glimpse of him pleasuring his girlfriend would arouse him rather than embarrass him. 

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Chanyeol: Like Chen, I have said before that I think Chanyeol has a kink for public/outdoor sex. So in this instance, he would react very much analogous to Jongdae. Once his girlfriend commences in her actions, in wouldn’t take long for Chanyeol to pick up on her intents with each of her tantalizing touches. At first, he may be slightly confused as to what she’s alluding to while they enjoy a stay-cation at the local resort’s poolside. I don’t take Yeol to be a voyeur, but I do think the idea of sex in public is greatly enticing to him. Having said that, it wouldn’t take much to get him into a state of lust and avidity. With hardly a soul traipsing through the premises of the pool area, Yeol wouldn’t waste anytime in tearing off his girlfriend’s swimming attire, now in a craving state. He wouldn’t say much aside from murmuring inaudibly, while in this state. Still remaining within the water, he would proceed to cajole her into a sensual kiss, hands wandering all over her body.  

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D.O: Kyungsoo, wouldn’t go as far as full blown sex in public. Like Lay, I think he views sex as something that should be done in private. However, that won’t stop him from having some fun with his girlfriend, just to give into her desires briefly. Though most of the other beach goers are out of range, his girlfriend would continue to run her hands all over Kyungsoo, sometimes even guiding his own hands towards her body wantonly. At first, he may not reciprocate as easily to her needs, but eventually, with the fierce persistence she bears, Kyungsoo wouldn’t be able to not have a little fun with her in return. He may tease her back with an alluring smirk upon his features as he waits for her to let her guard down, allowing for him to ghost his hands towards her inner thighs, feeling around her sensually, much to her pleasure. He would love exchanging a few impassioned kisses on the beach, while his digits continue to wander over her most erogenous areas. “You’re getting it when we get home jagi,” he would whisper softly to her with an enticing smirk. 

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Tao: Tao would be slightly thrown off by his girlfriend’s antics at first, but would eventually give into her desires, since he would be very much turned on at that point. Just the sheer thought of amorous coitus in public would be heavily arousing to Tao. “Baobei….” he would say, trailing off, now in a state of rapture with the way his girlfriend’s hands set to work on him, despite the fact that the subway train is still moving. Though there isn’t much life within the side they’re in, the thought is all too alluring in it of itself. “So naughty~” he would murmur, clearly enjoying what she’s getting at. Always checking to see if anyone is nearby, Tao would probably seize this opportunity to usher his girlfriend onto her hands and feet, already having his hands wander all over her body, squeezing and tracing all the right places. To punish…or reward(?) her for her behavior, he’ll end up having full blown, rough, quick, yet powerful sex with her. Even missing their stop just to prove a point. 

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Kai: A little awkward at first, Jongin would utter a few chuckles out of confusion with the way his girlfriend attempts to lead him to a secluded alleyway and with how frequently her hands wander below his waist. “J-jagi, what is this?” he would question, eventually giving into the overwhelming libido. Muttering out  strings of profanities, Kai would eventually have his girlfriend up against the frigid cement wall, kissing her with frantic zeal, already proceeding to disrobe her of her top. His hands would snake below her naval, plunging straight into her panties, evoking a soft gasps upon contact. Smirking at the way he’s managed to get her into this state, he would start deftly running his digits all over her moistening folds, much to her enjoyment. “Fuck jagi…this is what you wanted huh?” he would query her, refraining from continuing until she answers him. This is one of those instances in which Jongin would become obscured and Kai would manifest. 

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Sehun: Sehun would almost instantly pick up on his girlfriend’s lustful intents and would be highly amused with her antics. He’ll definitely comply to her and what she wants. What would make this most arousing is the fact that they would be secluded within the comforts of their ferris wheel pod. Again, analogous to Chanyeol, he isn’t a ‘voyeur’ per say, however, in Sehun’s case, I see him as being someone who is sexually adventurous and willing to try new, exotic activities with his girlfriend. He would want to give the other amusement park goers a “show,” paramount to where they are. “Someone’s needy today huh?” he would question her, cupping her chin, causing her to look up at him. Her eyes would glimmer desirously as her hands fall upon his lap seductively. Once she begins purring words of avidity, Sehun would finally give in, having her switch spots with him, now with her seated while his face nears her inner thighs. “When we’re home, you owe me for this one,” he would murmur slyly, casting all hesitation away while going down on her, evoking shrill mewls and cries upon contact. “That’s right baby. Show everyone how sexy you look when you’re getting eaten out,” he would growl lowly, now entrenched in a state of feral aphrodisia. Once the ride ceases, he’ll make sure she returns the favor.

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the memory of you
slices through me
like a hot knife through butter

your eyes sent me skydiving
bird’s eye view
myrtle sea, majorelle sky

perfect little red american mouth
painted prints on a cool glass
stained my mind

hair searing soft scarlet
luxurious about your lugubrious face
you left a few in my bed, you know

I found one
18,690 kilometres from origin
it burned into my fingertips

instantly rendered voracious by visualisation
as if you had sustained me somehow

and that pealing pang of prurience
sullies my good intentions
and dissolves all the resolve I’ve built


just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  repost & tag away!

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001: noble - a nobleman born into the ways of etiquette and charm, Veles normally asserts an aura of a true gentleman. courteous, honorable, and well-mannered most of the time.
002: stoicism - the way he carries himself, a sense of emotionlessness. rarely displaying feeling in most situations. appears unaffected by what happens around him. statue-like. 
003: pride - it is in blood, in his heritage, in his personality– pride and confidence permeates his entire being. despite the despair that surrounds his existence, he is self-assured and without insecurity.
004: prurience - an almost never-ending sense of lust and restless desire, a craving of mortal flesh and indulgent hedonism to sate his needs. 
005: wrath - for those who get in the way and a surprising lack of patience for one who has lived so long. his wrath is like a fire from hell when awoken within.

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To read a work of literature as an expression of heterosexual desire is literary criticism; to read it as an expression of homosexual desire is ‘appropriation’ or 'prurience.’ Associating it with something in one’s own love life is either 'conscripting a writer for the cause’ (gay) or 'demonstrating its universal relevance’ (straight).
—  Graham Robb telling it like it is in “Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century”
You can say all you want about the mental health of Van Gogh who, during his lifetime, cooked only one of his hands, and other than that did no more than cut off his left ear …
    … demented as this assertion may seem, present-day life goes on in its old atmosphere of prurience, of anarchy, of disorder, of delirium, of dementia, of chronic lunacy, of bourgeois inertia, of psychic anomaly (for it isn’t [people] but the world that has become abnormal), of deliberate dishonesty and downright hypocrisy, of a mean contempt for anything that shows breeding,
    of the claim of an entire order based on the fulfillment of a primitive injustice,
    in short, of organized crime.

    So a sick society invented psychiatry to defend itself against the investigations of certain visionaries whose faculties of divination disturbed it.
—  Antonin Artaud, “Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society” 135.

[Jessica Chastain] is clearly more at ease with nudity than many of her Hollywood counterparts, having stripped for Dan Ireland’s 2008 drama Jolene, Al Pacino’s Wilde Salomé in 2011, and John Hillcoat’s 2012 thriller Lawless.

“I’m actually very at ease with it,” she says, “but it’s interesting because sometimes I’ll get people saying, If you’re a feminist, how could you do nudity in films? I think it’s the opposite. I feel I have nothing to be ashamed of. When I was doing Salomé I read this incredible book called Sisters of Salomé. It talked about how as women we should embrace the power of our own sensuality.”

But perhaps in the prurience of our digital age actresses feel all too aware that anything they do in the name of art can and will be taken out of context, I suggest.

“People can do anything,” she retorts wearily. “I could do a photo shoot and people could reappropriate those photos on the internet. I can’t worry about the results of my work. I just want to play a character as honestly as possible and if that means she’s naked, she’s naked.”

excerpt of Jessica Chastain’s interview for Telegraph Magazine

angie-23456  asked:

Hey hun! Wanted to pick your brain on brianna. I know right now she doesnt understand jamie and Claire's deep love and devotion for each other but later in the books she does. I was wondering when does she realize it and how does it affect her?

At the end of Dragonfly in Amber? Sure - I think she understands it conceptually, or in an abstract way – but she has to see them together, and see for herself how affectionate and loving they are – to realize it for herself.

But it doesn’t take her very long - we see it occur within the span of Drums of Autumn.

The first passage that comes to mind takes place shortly after she arrives on the Ridge:

He [Jamie] was ready; a leather bag was tied at his belt with ax and powder horn, a bigger canvas sack slung over his shoulder. She didn’t come in, but stood in the doorway watching as he bent quickly and kissed her mother in the bed.

She [Brianna] knew she was there, of course—and it was no more than a light kiss on the forehead—but she felt like an intruder, a voyeur. The more so when Claire’s long, pale hand floated up from the quilts and touched his face with a tenderness that squeezed her heart.

Claire murmured something, but Brianna didn’t hear it. She turned away quickly, face hot in spite of the chilly air, and was standing by the edge of the clearing when he came out.

How does this affect her? She’s a mix of stunned and fascinated – remember, she *never* saw Frank and Claire behave in such a way. She says as much to Roger, later in the same book:

“I don’t want to live with you, if you came back for duty,” she said. She looked at me then, her eyes soft with pain. “I’ve seen a marriage made from obligation—and I’ve seen one made for love. If I hadn't—” She stopped and swallowed, then went on, looking at Roger. “If I hadn’t seen both, I could have lived with obligation. But I have seen both—and I won’t.”

I felt as though someone had struck me in the breastbone. My marriages, she meant. I looked for Jamie, and found him looking at me with the same expression of shock I knew was on my own face.

At this point, she’s had so much exposure to Jamie and Claire – and seen them interact as a deeply bound married couple – that she realizes she wants the *exact8 same type of marriage for herself. She wants to fully and freely choose her husband – and for her husband to, in turn, fully and freely choose her. No strings or obligations attached – just a deep love, and a deep commitment. And respect. All of which she knows Jamie and Claire have for each other.

All of which she knows Roger can provide – as long as there is full honesty between them.

And which, of course, he does. Which she, of course, reciprocates.

It’s interesting to note that Roger looks to Jamie and Claire for cues about marriage - what it is to be married - as he, too, appreciates the depth of their bond:

It was not prurience, nor even simple curiosity, and yet he often found himself watching them. He saw them from the cabin window, walking together in the evening, Jamie’s head bent toward her, hands clasped behind his back. Claire’s hands moved when she talked, rising long and white in the air, as though she would catch the future between them and give it shape, would hand Jamie her thoughts as she spoke them, smooth and polished objects, bits of sculptured air.

Once aware of what he was doing, Roger watched them purposefully, and brushed aside any feelings of shame at such intrusion, minor as it was. He had a compelling reason for his curiosity; there was something he needed to know, badly enough to excuse any lack of manners.

How was it done, this business of marriage?

He had been brought up in a bachelor’s house. Given all he needed as a boy in terms of affection by his great-uncle and the Reverend’s elderly housekeeper, he found himself lacking something as an adult, ignorant of the threads of touch and word that bound a married couple. Instinct would do, for a start.

But if love like that could be learned …

– The Fiery Cross