Plant of the Day
Monday 27 March 2017

In Osaka Castle, Japan, the garden of Prunus mume cultivars (Japanese apricot, Japanese plum) was flowering. These distinctively pruned small deciduous tree were producing a haze of white and pink flowers. These become highly-scented flowers as they warm in late winter and early spring sunshine and occasionally they are followed by edible but bitter, yellow fruits. Unfortunately I could not read the Japanese cultivar names but they were still beautiful and inspiring the local artists.

Jill Raggett


琳派紅梅-1 by Nobuhiro Suhara
Via Flickr:
20160114-DSC08546  ウメ/Prunus mume バラ科サクラ属。 英名 Japanese apricot 京都府立植物園/Photo was taken in The Kyoto Botanical Garden

submitted by bottledsamurai : Peach blossoms (Prunus persica)

Peaches are associated with longevity, immortality & in Chinese mythology, are referenced as divine fruits of the gods. Traditionally, Chinese people eat 寿桃包 Shòutáo bāo (Longevity peach buns) at birthdays to wish the celebrant a long life. The 寿桃包 is a small steamed bun (think soft & light bread) in the shape of a peach; filled with a sweet lotus bean paste.

Photo by: @bottledsamurai
Location: Mount Lala (拉拉山), Taiwan


春はキラキラ by Nobuhiro Suhara
Via Flickr:
20160405-DSC06381  ベニシダレザクラ(紅枝垂桜)./Prunus pendula ‘Pendula-roea’. バラ科サクラ属 京都花の回廊