prunella's special edition

Arthur Recap Season 6 Episode 3 Prunella's Special Edition

AKA The One Where They Parody Harry Potter

AKA The One Where Marina Comes In

Like I said, this episode is one big reference to Harry Potter except it’s called Henry Screever.

Anyway, in the opening, Prunella is a witch making her way through a series of traps and challenges. In her first task, she searches the library and notices that all the titles on a shelf all reference birds. Naturally, the books fly off the shelves and attack her. Prunella didn’t even say that they all referenced birds aloud; she just noticed they have something in common. These bird books are so touchy!

Prunella escapes them and accidentally falls through a trap door. She looses her wand –way to go, Prunella! Bet that thing’s not expensive or anything!–but at least she has her magic carpet to lift her up the tower. In the tower, Prunella finds her book but is upset to find that all the pages are blank.

An interactive painting of her friends laugh at her.

Well, they’re all wearing terrible Party City costumes so joke’s on them.

The kids are waiting in line for the midnight release of the latest Henry Screever book and Arthur notices that Prunella, the world’s biggest Henry Screever fan, isn’t there. 

Prunella is actually at home, dressing up like Henry Screever and decorating her room like in the books. Rubella is annoyed by her banging and thumping but Prunella is too excited to care.

When she goes to school, she imagines that she is at Pigblisters, the school Henry Screever attends. At the end of the review I will compile all the references to Harry Potter. However, the gang interrupts her fantasies to ask how far she is in the book. Prunella smugly reveals that she ordered a special edition copy and brags that even without a head start, she will still finish the book before everyone else.

In soccer practice, Prunella keeps pretending that she is in the world of Henry Screever even though Brain tells her that “it looked like [you] tripped twice”. Finally, Prunella stops tripping out or whatever she’s doing that makes her have such vivid fantasies because her book came in! Yay!

Except the company accidentally gave her a Braille edition.

Prunella calls to complain and the office tells her she’ll get a printed copy in 3 weeks.

Prunella becomes vividly aware of how far behind she is falling behind and Muffy and Francine enjoy mentioning spoilers in front of her. Prunella begs Muffy for an extra copy but Muffy is still insulted from a snide comment Prunella made at her expense earlier and says, “No but you can have my copy of Pretty Rainbow, Pretty Colors” which is a throwback to the insult Prunella made.

Normally, I’d think Muffy was being a bitch to Prunella for that but honestly, Prunella was being a bitch to Muffy first because she made fun of Muffy’s Henry Watch and accused her of not being a real fan.

What goes around comes around, Prunella.

Prunella seeks out the local library for a copy but Paige Turner reports that all 32 copies (!!! No way. No way a public library in a small town would be able to afford 32 copies of the latest book in a popular series. I call bullshit) and as she bemoans her bad luck, Mr. Ratburn overhears and suggests she search online.

Also he corrects her pronunciation of Persephone. I must admit that even though I read a ton of Greek mythology as a kid, it took me until this episode to realize I was mispronouncing that name. I used pronounce Poseidon as “Pos-i-dee-on”. Shut up, I was 8!

Prunella’s online search turns up nothing although I think that’s mostly because she’s using Ask Jeeves. Not even that, but a knock off of Ask Jeeves. Who the hell asks Jeeves anymore?

Arthur accidentally sends her a spoiler and she screams in fury. As it turns out, Arthur is just spoiling stuff for himself because he’s on chapter 3 but was already reading ahead to chapter 6 and 12.

Prunella decides that the only solution is to try to learn Braille herself except it’s a long, tedious process. Sue Ellen asks how it’s going and offers to help but wants to finish her copy of the book first.

On her way out of the library, Prunella bumps into Marina, who gets excited when she notices that Prunella has a Braille copy. She asks to borrow it and Prunella says she can keep it. However, Marina feels she can’t keep it since it’s personalized and shows Prunella how to read a little Braille.

Prunella agrees to Marina’s offer to have Marina read the book aloud and the girls enjoy the Prunella’s Special Edition.

Grade: B+ (This is a pretty good episode–high drama, solutions, twists and turns, and a new character I really like. Prunella and Marina are totally BFF now.)

Rating: 49% intense. The new Henry Screever book is intense.

List of references

  • Pigblisters = Hogwarts
  • Henry Screever = Harry Potter (duh)
  • Ratburn’s flying car = Weasley’s Ford Anglica
  • Mangling Maple = Whomping Willow
  • Soup-page (sp) = Quidditch