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you know what I will ask for and no surprises here: PruMani and morning! 8)

It’s the alarm blaring that wakes Gilbert up and when he reaches to slam down hard onto the snooze button, he notices that she’s in the way. It wasn’t really planned- not that it ever is with them. They drank too much and thought too little. But it’s always consensual, never forced. He remembers driving home with her- how stupid. Then there was the mad drunken dash to the door, one grabbing and tugging on the other in a race to see who gets there first. He doesn’t remember who won, but knows that he has clothes to put in the hamper before breakfast. Gilbert can recall the feeling of adrenaline as they clawed desperately at each other, their inebriated state egging them on. It was dreadfully vanilla despite that, though he can’t remember the act itself. It’s only the feeling that comes to mind and that’s probably for the best. They didn’t quite make it to his room ether, he knows that.  But they’re there now, and he’s glad they didn’t wake up anywhere else. Winnie rolls over in bed when she feels him up against her. She snuggles into him, letting out a quiet and gentle sigh against his neck. Gilbert’s head hurts, but it’s a throbbing pain he’s used to and is able to ignore it.

The sun shines red at the edges of the dark curtains hanging in his room, and he thinks that maybe he’s pressed the snooze button before and doesn’t remember it. It’s hard getting used to waking up with someone next to you. Not a bad kind of hard, it’s just different. Waking up and being able to sprawl out on the bed is the norm. The comfortable cool spot on the other side is never there, having been replaced by another person. It’s just different. When he closes his eyes and rests his arm on her hip, Winnie responds by pressing a kiss to his jaw. They whisper good morning and kiss despite their morning breath. Both of them are awake now, but too comfortable to move from under the covers. Soon they go from laying together, tangled up in silence, to being stacked one on the other. Winnie’s found her spot on top of him and he’s fine with that. Gilbert’s always taken longer to wake up than Winnie, and she tries to coax the tiredness out of him with airy kisses. He smiles, but his eyes are shut tight. It’s always the hardest for Gilbert to wake up the morning after.

tutoring after class prompt

They’re tucked away in the corner of the library, behind countless bookshelves. Her books are sprawled out on the table, open for the two of them to read. “You see,” he starts as he turns one of her textbooks around so she can read what he’s underlined lightly in pencil. “the reason twins are so important when studying psychology is because everything about them is the same physically. We have a constant because they are genetic duplicates.” Dr. Beilschmidt reached over and grabbed another book and set that on top of the first. “And if you decide to take this book home-“ He flipped through several chapters of the book, searching for something before continuing. Winnie watched his hands closely. The fingers that turned the pages were long and thin, but not quite bony. They moved quickly through the pages, practiced from years of digging through books in school. She wanted to grab them and examine them, to run her fingertips along the lines of his hands and memorize their paths. When she shifted in her seat and moved off of her foot, their legs met but neither moved. Dr. Beilschmidt had stopped talking, and that was what snapped Winnie out of her daze.

They quickly moved away from each other and apologized under their breath. There was a shifting of chairs in opposite directions, and then the sound of pages being turned. Nothing had happened.