Germancest/Prumany Headcanons
  • Prussia is one of few nations who can get Germany to relax and not focus so much on work.
  • On the days Prussia doesn’t go to the world meetings, Germany comes home to find everything set up for a relaxing day, and if it’s close enough to a meal, he’ll find Prussia cooking for them.
  • Lots of cuddles. They have a sense for when the other needs a night of cuddles and will work to make that happen. Nothing makes them happier than making the other smile.

I know it’s not that many but I can always do more in the future! <3

Germancest (kinda) - Autumn Leaves

“There.” Ludwig breathes out as he surveys the now tidied yard. “All I have to do is bag them.”

“Incoming!!!” A familiar head of white hair races past the German nation, causing him to groan.

“Nein, Gilbert!” Ludwig yells as the Prussian jumps into the air, landing in the pile of leaves his brother had spent so long carefully raking.

Upon impact, the leaves fly up into the air, scattering in a wide circle around the Prussian.

“Kesesesese! Zhat vas fun!!” Gilbert laughs as he messes around in the leaves, spreading them out further.

Ludwig takes a deep breath and pinches the bridge of his nose, “Gilbert…” He shakes his head, disappointed that all his hard work has been ruined.

“Aw, come on, West! You should loosen up!” Gilbert throws a few leaves at the German, who remains unamused.

“Ja, but now I have to rake them again.” Ludwig huffs, already beginning to do so, ignoring that his brother is still in the pile. He’ll just make a new one.

Gilbert rolls his eyes and when a large enough pile has been created, he jumps into that one too. This time, however, he grabs Ludwig’s hand and tugs him down into the leaves.

“You…” Ludwig growls, the beginnings of a smirk on his face. “Vell, if you’re going to play like zhat…”

Gilbert tilts his head just as Ludwig pushes him down onto the ground and begins piling the leaves on him. Gilbert holds still until he’s covered and then springs up, scattering the leaves into the air.

“Kesesese, West!” The Prussian laughs, gathering an armful of leaves and throwing them at his brother.

That’s when all hell breaks loose. Leaves flying back and forth, the two brothers laughing as they play in the leaves like little kids.

The sound of three different barks is their only warning before Aster, Blackie, and Berlitz all rush out and start messing with the leaves as well. Ludwig and Gilbert just grin at each other, involving the dogs in the game.

Ludwig knows in the back of his mind that he’ll have to spend the next day cleaning all this up, but it seems worth it to see Gilbert so happy like this.