So this is a thing that happened after I got my LIFE from QUEEN BEY. I just….it’s crazy because I bought that Immortal ticket nearly 2 years ago expecting to see them…..but a year later, same city, same arena, same month I get to see them perform alongside THE QUEEN AND I get to meet them. So thankful. Oh and I hugged Larry, too. *dies again*

How I met Les Twins!

I wasn’t going to write one because I don’t think it’s all that epic lol, I got an anon and decided to post it, so here we go!

OKAY! So I went to the second MCWT show in DC. I died about 10 times, but that’s okay because Beyoncé managed to give my entire life, it was straight up amazing. I love Beyoncé even MORE now lol, I stan for the best, all the dancers are amazing, the band, The Mamas…just know that Bey surrounds herself with the best of the best, y'all. Write that down.

After that life changing experience was over, I exited the arena and found my ride. I mentioned to my brother in law how we should go look for LT after the show before it started, so he was like “are we gonna go find these boys?” and I’m like “YEAH!” lol.

We ride around the back of the arena, which took some time (DC traffic + everybody’s tryna get home from the concert? yeah) and IT’S BLOCKED OFF! So keep on going, and as soon as we pass, bitch, the cop moves. (-___-) lol. So at this point, my BIL is like we’ll circle the arena one more time, then we’ll call it a night.

We get back to the side of the Verizon Center and we see BUSES dsjkajfklajsk my BIL asked me if I wanted to get out and see who was on the other side of the buses and of course I’m like sure, so he parks the car, tells me to hurry up so he doesn’t get a ticket lol, and I start walking towards the buses. Now before I could get there, there were cars coming out of the parking garage thingy (-___-) I kept thinking “these niggas gon make me miss whoever happens to be by the buses lol”

The cars paused, and I was able to walk across the street to get to the buses. There were four of them and Ksyn was standing outside of the first one, looking flawless, but I had to keep going because….

LAURENT. Was. Outside. The. Second. One.

Now……when I first laid eyes on this nigga, I said “oh my god” (to myself lol) and I was thinking “he’s actually real!” You, reading this right now? Stop side-eyeing me okay lol. He was just without flaw. He was wearing that plaid 44 President BBP shirt, his signature beads were on his wrist, he was just everything, bruh!

So I wait a few minutes, asked him for a picture, and he said “of course” sdjfkajsklfkaop, so I get my phone out, turn the camera on…then he turns. I’m over here thinking “He’s about to take a picture with someone else. Oh,” but NO. He turned because the lighting was better. NIGGA HE CARED ABOUT HOW MY PICTURE CAME OUT! Most people wouldn’t have gave a single gram of a damn but he did and I will love him 5ever for that alone. So we took the picture and I said thank you.

Then I went over to the third bus. where LARRY was standing and talking and smiling and being adorable. He was wearing the prestigious “Mrs. Cater 81 shirt” (that I still want but that was probably the closest I’ll ever get to it lol) and his froooooo! It was immaculate. So I waited for him to stop talking and ask him for a hug. He said sure and then I told him I was a big fan (I think he said awww) and that they did great tonight and he said “we try” and I have never been so grateful for a two word reply Jesus.

So I mosey back to the car, (he didn’t end up getting a ticket but I’m 213974902381% sure my experience would’ve been worth it if he did, tbh lol) I get in it and proceed to freak out! The fact that I didn’t freeze up or totally freak out or cry while I was in their presence is everything.

OH AND ONE MORE THING! When I was walking away from Lau, to Larry, Laurent was trying to get into bus, but fans kept asking for pictures. And every single time, he agreed. Not one stank face was made, not one huff, puff, or groan escaped from his lips, he just kept taking pictures. I was side-eyeing the handful of “oh mah ghaaad those twins are so rude They didn’t stop for a pic” comments I saw before, but I’m reeeeeeeeeeally side-eyeing them now lol

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Woop, woop! How does life after the the creamy crack feel?

man it’s aight

lots of twisting

lots of conditioner

lots of detangling

lots of oil dripping from my hair

lots of sadness when ya hair don’t turn out right and you don’t know what else to do cause you gotta be ready for church in an hour

but definitely one of the best decisions i’ve ever made…no regrets whatsoever…

and my edges are prosperous so…there’s that