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Name: Alisha | Nickname: Lili! | Age: 19 | Gender: you're a groooooown woman who can do wuh-evah she woooonts | Sexual Orientation: straight | Nationality: British | Relationship status: Single | Likes: ME :D nah lol ummm those two tap dancing twins with the fros....I think they dance for Lady Gaga or somebody like that | Dislikes: THINGS THAT AREN'T ME :D | Random fact: I think you just maybe kinda sorta like Michael B. Jordan. Not quite sure tho lol

Yaaaas! Prezevia knows me guise let me die right quick

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Chill hrmmmm… So I’m apart of this group called The tribe and one of the requirements is to have no chill… Today is no different. Chill also reminds me of a story of when and group of people chilled together 2 from france and 2 from thirstville… and the edgeless one from thirstville made a connection between nails and a thumb war she had had with one of the people from france. Love just blossoms in the most weirdest of ways. *sigh* 

pruhzeehzeeh replied to your post: ok I got a celebrity(it’s not chris brown) 1. he has dimples 2. he’s a freaky ass nigga 3. he’s very attractive 4. sang with toni braxton 5. the neighbors know his name

Sir Yodelayhewho, doe….I am too through!

lmfaooo, bruh 

does he not yodel like the king of yodelers tho.

like don’t let him compete in a yodeling contest.

he’ll blow everybody out the water like it aint shit