prufrockslovesong  asked:

So, I've been seeing your posts/tweets about finishing a story and sending a manuscript places, but I don't believe I've ever seen the full story. So... uh... what's the full story? :D

Basically, it’s for an anthology titled “The Day Before the End of the World” and it’s about sixteen different stories (assuming everyone follows through) on the subject. Some of us have chosen a big apocalypse, some of us have chosen a personal world ending (cancer, a relationship ending, whatever), and I have chosen to approach it as a more rhetorical situation.  just now sent off the first draft to my editors, so I can copy-paste my quick synopsis here from that email.

“With the Time We Have Left” is a story about three friends–Franklin, Ruby, and Javier–who make plans for their final day after Ruby mentions a preacher in California has forecasted the apocalypse (his tenth doomsday prediction). As the date looms closer, the group is pushed to really think about how they would spend their last day on Earth, if it truly was their last, until finally, after a revelation from Javier, Franklin realizes that if he could do anything, he would choose to spend those last hours with Ruby.

The first draft was due today and we’re looking at a publication date of mid-August. I’ll keep people updated as more happens, both on here and on my writing blog (which won’t actually be updated until I’m back in STL). I’m also sending it out to a couple of my friends as betareaders in order to gain some extra eyes and ears outside of the editors and co-contributors.