also to be honest i think teen girls are in a double bind where casually dating/hooking up is seen as not just slutty but also this horrible milleniall zeitgeist but committing to someone seriously in high school is viewed as pointless/tying yourself down (and not dating at all is seen as prudish and weird). idk. i was very sensitive to attitudes like that coming from adults in high school, maybe other people arent 

What I think about the signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> really funny and cute but not as intimidating as everyone makes them out to be people don't realize that they actually lowkey have feelings too<p/><b>Taurus:</b> super rational and always ready to give it to you straight they're also just really good friends in general most people need a taurus friend in their lives<p/><b>Gemini:</b> literally so problematic and not afraid to speak their minds but actual true comedians???? you have to love them even if you hate them tbh<p/><b>Cancer:</b> super sensitive for no reason at all but just really misunderstood they're also really hard to get to know bc of the walls they built around themselves<p/><b>Leo:</b> so funny and chill honestly everyone thinks they're super out there but in reality they just keep to themselves for the most part and they can be pretty sensitive too<p/><b>Virgo:</b> funny as fuck and most people think they're prudish but honestly they're the most comfortable with their sexuality and they're either completely chill or have no chill at all<p/><b>Libra:</b> the most carefree of the zodiac but they also care a lot they're really sensitive and hate confrontation they just like to chill and have fun<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> don't know whether they're evil bc they are or bc they feel like they have to be? most of them are just super sensitive but hate to show any emotions so they overcompensate<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> the most outgoing of the zodiac and if not outgoing then definitely friendly they're really blunt but hate hurting people's feelings they're also really funny<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> so underrated??? they have an amazing sense of humor and always quietly plotting and observing they're so reasonable and really good friends<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> funny!!!! and they actually do have a lot of emotions they just don't like expressing them or see the point in it usually so creative and out of the box most people misunderstand them<p/><b>Pisces:</b> most of them are blunt or mean in their heads but since they're so sensitive they keep those thoughts to themselves they're actually really funny and not as annoying as everyone thinks<p/></p>

before hogwarts, James was largely surrounded by his elderly parents & Sirius was pretty much restricted to his family (forever stuck in Victorian times), so it’s completely plausible to me that these eleven-year old punks boarded that train with a combined swearing vocabulary limited to that of a prudish, eighty-year old woman

Important things to remember:
  • -being gay isn't a sin
  • -being bi isn't dishonest
  • -being trans isn't a mental illness
  • -being ace isn't prudish
  • -being aro isn't cynical
  • -not knowing how you identify doesn't mean "it's just a phase"
  • -an identity that's informed by past trauma doesn't invalidate you
  • -changing identities as you grow doesn't mean that either the old you OR the new you was a lie
  • -anyone who tells you otherwise is not worth your time

So at this point, Dianna Agron:

  • strongly supports LGBTQ rights
  • gave a speech at a Pro-Choice event
  • called out the wage gap in the industry
  • fired both her manager and agent shortly after the GQ controversy
  • is often labelled as ‘prudish’ but chooses to dress however she sees fit and encourages other women to do the same
  • waited until she was 28 to accept a role containing nudity despite countless offers because of fear of exploitation (note: she felt safe because the director and producer were both strong lgbt women)
  • is herself a director and has called out the sexism that goes along with it
why the signs don't like u
  • Aries: you got in their way when they were trying to do something important, you tried to boss them around, you're too slow
  • Taurus: you rushed them, you made a big deal out of something that didn't matter, you didn't appreciate something they did for you
  • Gemini: you can't hold a conversation, you're boring, you get offended easily
  • Cancer: you're rude/uncouth, you insulted them/their friend/their family, you're a braggart
  • Leo: you take them for granted/let them down, you ignored them, you have no sense of humor
  • Virgo: you made them feel inadequate, you take criticism poorly, you pressured them
  • Libra: you dress like a slob, you start arguments all the time, you have a superiority complex
  • Scorpio: you can't keep secrets, you gossip, you betrayed them in some way
  • Sagittarius: you whine a lot, you're prudish/boring, you're possessive, you don't appreciate their jokes
  • Capricorn: you're lazy/a mooch, you bossed them around, you don't have a plan in life
  • Aquarius: you tried to control them, you don't have a sense of humor, you never loosen up, you look down on people
  • Pisces: you're harsh and unkind, you're too logical and don't appreciate imagination, you lie a lot
Fittingly, this year’s Sundance Film Festival is just as aroused, with seemingly every movie teasing an outrageous sex scene that will have everyone talking. They’ll be hard-pressed to outdo The Bronze, though. Best known for playing the Winter Soldier in the Captain America movies, Stan is quite funny as the preening Lance, but his big moment comes much later into the R-rated comedy, as Hope and Lance tear each other’s clothes off in a bout of hotel sex that brings new meaning to the term “floor exercise.” Both characters are former gymnasts, and the positions they put each other in would add several extra pages to the Kama Sutra. Is it possible to cartwheel flip oneself into a woman’s vagina? Can creative use of some gymnastic rings provide the leverage lacking in conventional doggystyle? Perhaps, but I’m not sure what the prudish Olympic committee — or the even-more-straitlaced Captain America — would make of Stan and Rauch’s vigorous routine.

Cas’ parents and big brother are out, so he invites his new boyfriend, Dean, over. However, Gabriel has to come back earlier than planned, but he’s not too worried of “interrupting anything” because he knows his little brother is a sweet, innocent, prudish little virgin, and there is no chance he’d let Dean know him in the biblical sense on their second date.

That’s why Gabriel is scarred for life when he walks in on the sight of Dean balls deep in Cas who’s currently laid out on the kitchen table, legs wrapped eagerly around Dean’s waist, moaning like a professional cockslut and not like Gabriel’s oh-so-pure baby brother who blushed at the mention of sex only yesterday.

Pagan rights (USA)

if you identify as Pagan, you DO have the legal rights of a religion within the United States.

this means:

1) You have a right to religious freedom. What does this mean in plain English? It means you are free to worship whoever you so chose, HOWEVER that ends at the tip of your nose. What does this mean? It means that you are free to worship whoever you want, as long as this doesn’t impede on another’s rights to life/liberty/happiness/property. (So don’t go sacrificing your neighbor’s pets and claim “religious freedom” because they can sue you and will likely win). 

2) You have a right to wear religious adornments. Similar to how the Sikhs wear their turbans (or Muslim women wearing a hijab), you have a right to wear whatever religious piece of jewelry/clothing/etc. as long as it doesn’t reveal your genitalia, rear end, or a female nipple (USA law is prudish in this regards).

3) You are free to be recognized as an official religion. There was a famous court case in the Wicca community known as Dettmer v. Landon. Long-story short, this case gave Wicca the “official” recognition of being a religion (found under the Pagan umbrella).

4) You have a right to not be legally discriminated against. In simple terms, this means someone can NOT: take away your kids, deny you of entrance to a university/college, deny you access to health care, deny you a job, etc. based SOLELY off the fact that you identify as Pagan. If you suspect you have been discriminated against, LOG EVERYTHING. Police will RARELY take up a case in a “he said, she said” finger pointing battle. Make sure the logs are explicit/detailed. Your potential-employer does NOT have any legal right to ask about your religious beliefs before-during-or after the interview.

5) You have a right to feel comfortable with your religion. If someone is making not-nice comments about your Pagan religion, pull them aside and explain that what they are saying is hurtful and that you’re happy to answer questions. If they refuse to cooperate,  go to the next “higher up” in the chain (such as: school principle, job manager, etc). As angry as you are, the best way to communicate is calmly and peacefully. If writing: try to avoid all capital letters, string of exclamation points (i.e. !!!!!!!), curse words, derogatory language, “below the belt” comments, etc. 

If you’re interested in learning more, there is a book titled Pagan and the Law by Dana Eilers. This is also a great link :)

Being a straight woman has been my lifetime burden, because straight men are horrible. But I find solace in men who can dance, and the objectification of them. Gene, a technical dance master who blended forms and delighted the prudish audiences of the 1800s, carried grace and charm in his broad shoulders, straight teeth, dark hair, and tight butt. While he did not take off his clothes, he did wear very nice clothes, like baby blue trousers.

Channing Tatum, however, takes off his clothes in the Magic Mike films and others, and that’s why modernity is great. In the history of men who can dance, from Fred Astaire to Mikhail Baryshnikov to Justin Timberlake, no one is as special as Channing Matthew Tatum, a little doe-eyed blockheaded beef man who can spin his body like cotton candy and hump the floor until it consents to sexual intercourse with him.

Channing Tatum is our Gene Kelly—and more. Channing similarly carries grace and charm in his broad shoulders, straight teeth, dark hair, and tight butt. He also has hard abs and seems like a genuinely nice human, as well as in tune with a woman’s pleasure centers. Gene Kelly, on the other hand, was supposedly an asshole. In conclusion, Channing Tatum is not only the better dancer but the better person. Truly the ideal man.

a big shout out to...

all the cheeky aries

the energetic tauri

the quiet geminis

the emotionless cancers

the beta leos

the irresponsible and unorganized virgos

the unbalanced libras

the prudish and asexual scorpios

the calm sagittari

the sweet capricorns

the emotional aquarians

and the unartistic pisces.

i know you exist. i know you’re out there. don’t feel like you have to live up to your sign’s stereotype, because you have more than just that one sign.


I took the trouble of translating this bullshit for you all. 

1) So fucking what if you like to decorate your glorious nails. HE doesn’t like it so you’d better cut that shit out right away. HE doesn’t like you having ‘tantrums’ over broken nails like those silly, vain, unworthy ladies he’s seen in films written by men. (Has anyone actually ever had a tantrum over breaking a nail? I’ve hung around with girls my whole life and I’ve never once seen this happen.) Better to just get rid of them. What’s the point if he doesn’t approve, eh?

2) Guys like to be on time so don’t you dare be late! 

But wait, ladies! There’s more! He wants you dressed well (not too sexy, not too prudish), and he wants you with a perfect face of 'natural’ make up (as evidenced in point 8). Also you must smell good and be smooth all over. Somehow you’ve got to get this shit done in a way that makes it seem effortless, and also in the same amount of time it takes him not to shower or bother to look decent and just roll up at your door. 

3) Don’t stalk him. This is actually great advice. 

Oh, wait, that includes not calling him out when he sends flirty texts to other women? It includes not questioning why he won’t refer to you as his girlfriend? It includes not asking why he’s never home when he says he’s going to be?

I get it. Don’t be 'crazy’ and obsessive. Just accept these things as a fact of life. He’s a man. He needs his freedom. (But god forbid you paint your nails a pretty colour without his say so). 

4) He wants you to look skinny (with big boobs and butt), but you mustn’t diet to achieve this end! Oh no! It must happen by magic. Without his notice. He doesn’t like to be reminded that you are a real person so maybe starve yourself silly when he can’t see you, eh? (Seriously, though, don’t do that. Do not. You’re gorgeous how you are. Eat what you want.) 

5) Don’t talk. Only HE can talk. Smiling and nodding and forcing yourself to giggle at his shitty jokes is acceptable, but don’t overdo it otherwise he’ll think you’re 'crazy’ and obsessive and you don’t want that! Make sure to keep your thoughts to yourself because if you say them out loud they might irritate him. You’re only there to look good, remember? You don’t have a mind of your own.

6) Never express any emotion other than adoration for your godlike boyfriend. Don’t be sad or he’ll get fed up of you. Don’t be angry or he’ll call you a 'crazy b*tch’ or a 'nag’. Don’t enjoy anything too much without his approval or he’ll think you’re vain and vapid and irritating. Happiness is okay, so long as it’s on HIS terms. God forbid you cry. You’ll spoil your 'natural’ make up and ruin his illusion of you having flawless, poreless, smooth, doll-like, hairless skin 24/7. This may frighten the man. 

7) Never tell the man what to do. Even when you’re doing everything and he isn’t pulling his weight. In fact, maybe you should do everything for him? Uncomplainingly. He doesn’t put his washing away? Don’t nag, woman. He’s watching the game. He’ll do it later. (He won’t.) But that’s okay. Keep him happy by never expecting him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Never expect him to contribute to the household chores. Never expect him to keep that promise he made. That makes you a nag. Nag nag nag. 

He wants a girlfriend, not a mother, silly. That means in addition to doing all the household chores you also have to be sexy. 

8) He wants you looking perfect at all times, but without having to acknowledge that you are a human being. Never mind that you love that new glittery eye-shadow. Just look natural, okay? It’s easy….

But you can’t look natural natural. You can’t just roll out of bed like he can! You’ve got to have flawless skin, kissable plump lips, long lashes, perfect brows… you know, the natural stuff. 

(Don’t take longer than ten minutes to achieve this or you’ll be late and we’re back to point 4). 

Notes: Just wanted to add here, on a more serious note, that if this and all the many many articles like it isn’t an indicator of a patriarchal society, then I don’t know what is. Notice that the woman is always required to change her behaviour to please the man. It is never the other way around. You don’t get articles telling men to suck it up and compliment their girlfriend’s beautiful sparkly nails. Also, worryingly, this 'article’ was written by a woman. See how internalised misogyny poisons us all? How many of you have seriously considered one or more of these points at some time in your life? I have. Most of my teenage years were spent poring over magazines that taught me how to improve myself for the male gaze. Well fuck the male gaze, quite frankly. And fuck any many that agrees with this way of thinking. Any man that requires you to hide your humanity is not worth your time. 

I also wanted to point out how heteronormative these articles are. The attitude seems to be that if a man doesn’t like it, then there’s no point. Well, we’re not all out to bag a man. Sorry to break it to you, but some of us are lesbians, bisexual, pansexual etc… Not to mention that some of us aren't interested in relationships. Where does that leave those people? Are they entirely useless? I guess so, if they’re not there to be entertainment for the men. 

(This was going to be my new YouTube video but I still don’t have a voice so I thought I’d make it a post instead). 

How To Kiss

So, I had a sultry, sexy intro devised to transition into this topic, but I’m sure you saw the picture I made for this, so let’s not beat around the bush. Today, I am going to teach you three things, which I have learned through great personal hardship combined with extensive research. But first, I know you have questions. Can I be trusted? Who am I to tell you how to kiss? Do I know how to kiss? Umm. Yes. But I have made a kisser’s resume for you, right here:

  • has lips
  • has kissed a good number of boys. Not prudish. Not slutty (Not that those labels are even slightly relevant or meaningful. No thank you, patriarchy). 
  • but seriously I’ve done some kissing in my day
  • the last three guys I kissed ALL TOLD ME I WAS A GOOD KISSER
  • numbers like that don’t lie

I rest my case. Now. Let it begin. My first topic is:


Okay, there are basically two ways you can do this: direct and indirect. Directly, you are the initiator of kisses. You put your mouth on his/her mouth. Indirect, you do some hair-twirling, eye-lash batting magic and make them kiss you. 


A big goal here is to not kiss anyone who doesn’t want to kiss you. That sounds terrible for every involved party. So. To make your intentions clear (but not like, weirdly clear) do the following:

  1. Touch. Anything from a casual physical contact while talking, or taking their arm while walking, or holding hands is a great way to indicate interest, and to break the touch barrier and make it a smooth transition into PUTTING YOUR MOUTH ON THEIR MOUTH. Sorry. I got excited. 
  2. Get close. Lean in while talking, snuggle up when appropriate. Physical closeness is the perfect precursor to any kiss.
  3. Optional: hand on face. I’m a fan of hand on face because it makes your intentions oh-so-clear, it helps to guide you in, and it also is just plain nice, as a kiss recipient. Other options include hand on waist, hand on shoulder, hand under chin, whichever strikes your fancy.
  4. Optional, again: ask. Some people hate to be asked, but it can be polite and sweet. If you’re uncertain, asking doesn’t hurt. Or just say, “I’d really like to kiss you,” or pay a genuine and personal compliment, like, “you’re so beautiful,” or “you’re incredible, you know that?” with lots of eye contact and coy smiling. 
  5. Close your eyes. Trust yourself to get your mouth safely to its destination. 
  6. Put your lips on their lips! Always closed mouth at first. For the love of all that is holy, go in with your mouth closed. Please don’t terrorize the kissing population with an open mouth on impact.


The steps for direct and indirect initiation are going to look the same for a while.

Except instead of step three, you’re going to do the eyes-mouth-eyes gaze maneuver, a maneuver which has never failed me. I repeat, never failed. So, here we go: The eyes-mouth-eyes gaze maneuver. It is shockingly self explanatory. You, at a reasonably close distance, look at their eyes, smile a little, hold for a second, look at their mouth, maintaining mysterious smile, and then look back to their eyes if they aren’t already kissing you. Which they should be. Because this maneuver is like, universal code for “kiss me now, please.” If the maneuver fails, it is easily transitioned out of, and makes for great flirting regardless of outcome.

Now, my second topic of conversation:


Now that you have achieved your goal, your lips are touching, it’s all about what you do with those lips. Kissing does come down to personal preference a lot of the time, but I’ve listed a few good things to do, and a few bad things to do, with both mouth and hands. 


  • Pay attention to their responses. Match pace, and force. You can take the lead, but be a benevolent leader. No need to scare anyone with kissing too hard or fast too soon. That’s how you get your teeth clinked on their teeth, which is rookie stuff. 
  • Know where to put your hands. For girls, this mostly means small of her back, her face, and her hair. A hand in your hair, or playing with a girl’s hair while kissing is delightful. For guys, this will be his back, shoulders, and face and hair, again. It’s super nice. If you’re brave, there are other places for hands to be, but as far as a polite, basic kiss, this is what you need to know.
  • Use your tongue nicely. Which means intermittently, and not too forcefully. Use it to trace one of their lips; use it gently and play it by ear. 
  • Let it come naturally. Kissing is not difficult; it’s almost instinctive. Have faith in yourself. However, when it comes to tongue, err on the side of caution.


  • GO IN WITH AN OPEN MOUTH. Don’t, don’t ever. This is scary.
  • Too hard, too fast. Ease into it, tiger. If you rush in, guns blazing, people get scared.
  • Ignore signals. Your partner will usually kiss the way they want to be kissed, and so should you. Listen to each other. This also goes for hands; if a partner puts their hands where they are not welcome, just take them and guide them back. This should be enough of a hint. The opposite is also true; be aware and respectful of boundaries. 
  • All tongue, all the time. Change it up, and for the love of god don’t leave your tongue limp in their mouth. That’s terrible. 


In writing this, I realized I don’t actually remember how most kisses end. However I don’t remember it ever being awkward, which means it’s probably pretty instinctive. Just be nice, all the time; that’s the best advice there is. Whether it’s a non-committal make out or a kiss you hope to repeat, smile a lot, be nice, and leave them wanting more. 

As always, I hope this helps! Go out, put your lips on one another, kiss passionately and without remorse. Heaven knows I do. 

With Love, 


So Sirius is often portrayed as shameless punkrock dramaqueen, right?

I know that we are a bit out of character in this video, but I actually really started to like ’Prudish Sirius’.

  • And after talking with pocketpadfoot it would also make a lot of sense, seeing how he was brought up in a(n almost) loveless family.
  • So… what if Sirius would actually be very easily flustered when the conversation would be about more intimate stuff.
  • Because that’s just stuff you shouldn’t talk about with other people,
  • or even the people you did them with!
  • Sirius was always taught sex is something dirty.
  • And the fact that he actually loved doing all this intimate stuff with Remus made him feel very embarrassed and even guilty.
  • And he would still shout out stuff shamelessly like in the ‘But imagine Sirius and Remus walking down the halls’-prompt ,
  • but he gets all embarrassed when the next day Remus starts to whisper all the things they did in thát broom-closet in his ear at the breakfast table.
  • And Sirius would drop his cutlery and start to mumble something like 'Not in front of the children’ making vague gestures to James and Peter.

  • And now imagine Remus actually being totally shameless and taking his sweet revenge each time Sirius blurted something out again.
  • Remus actually being a very audacious arse.
  • The marauders will never let him forget how he even made Professor McGonagall blush;
  • that one time when he was describing quite in detail what he would do to Sirius once they were back in their dorm, during Transfiguration class,
  • not noticing she was hovering behind their seats.
  • Even though he had gotten detention from a very flustered and shocked Professor Mcgonagall,
  • he also actually won the bet: 'Who can make Mcgoogle lose her composure?’, …
  • … to Sirius’ chagrin. (He was trying to win this bet for months, only to be defeated by his boyfriend who actually cheated. ’-because using such dirty babbling would even make the Bloody Baron blush!’)

  • But because of Remus’ blatant way of talking about sex, Sirius would also slowly come to understand that sex isn’t something dirty or something you should be ashamed of.
  • And now just try to imagine Sirius and Remus, several years later, having their own apartment
  • and Remus wants to irk Sirius, after the latter just told him he wrecked Remus’ favourite trousers when he was walking around as Padfoot this morning.
  • So Remus starts this long monologue how he will wreck Sirius this evening
  • only to get the most detailed and filthy response back from Sirius, looking totally unfazed.
  • A monster has awoken.