The two faces of BP: BP petitions US for more deepwater drilling in the Gulf, cites "Enhanced" safety standards / Meanwhile, a BP oil rig breaks and gets stuck in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Talk about a double standard. Just as British Petroleum petitions the Obama administration for permission to drill for deepwater oil in the Gulf of Mexico, one of its oil rigs breaks and gets stuck in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. On the one hand, BP says its personnel are well trained and rigs are safer than ever. On the other, BP personnel were not fully prepared for a rig breaking and getting stuck just days ago.

Stage right
: “BP is asking regulators to approve a blueprint for new deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since its Macondo well blew out last year, triggering the nation’s worst oil spill….Federal regulators broadly signed off on BP’s plans to drill up to five wells at the site in 2008. In the new filing, BP is asking permission to drill two more wells at Kaskida and change the location of two others.”

Stage left: “BP spokesman Steve Rinehart said the rig became stuck in “an inconvenient spot” along Spine Road, a main artery in the network of oil field roads around Prudhoe Bay. Rinehart said the rig became stuck when a wheel broke through the road surface as the rig drove across a section with culverts.”

Bottom line: BP should not be allowed to continue drill operations on US soil until it can prove it can handle simple tasks, such as moving an oil rig to a new location.

Today, take a ride on the breathtaking Dalton Highway in Alaska with #mypubliclandsroadtrip

The Dalton Highway starts north of Fairbanks, Alaska, and extends more than 400 miles north to the Prudhoe Bay. The highway is very much a working road, although tourist visits are still very high. The highway crosses through incredible scenery, including Mount Sukakpak, located 30 miles north of Coldfoot Camp. BLMer Bob Wick says of the Mount Sukakpak, “It is an iconic peak along the corridor and one of the most spectacular mountains I have ever photographed.”

The BLM manages much of the Dalton Highway corridor and has a number of popular wayside exhibits, an interagency visitor center and campgrounds. CLICK HERE to learn more and plan a visit.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM


I got my etsy store, The Copper Mammet open now!

I admittedly don’t know how things work on there; will each listing disappear after one person buys it since I listed them as “made to order”? I only have one of each made right now and I just left on a rockhunting trip to Prudhoe Bay and Deadhorse and will be gone until the 15th or so so I can’t make more right away. I put down 1-2 weeks to make and ship because of the trip but I expect it to take less time than that once I’m back home. These are the only ones I got listed before we pulled out this morning around 6:30am but I will get the others you saw in my last post up when the trip is over; please look forward to it!

I had a question for you guys regarding the job stones. Would you like them the same size and shape as the Dalamud and veteran tattoo pendants or would you prefer that I attempt to cut them out the same as their ingame stones? The circle is far easier so I would charge $20, but the irregular shapes are finicky and tedious to cut so they would be $25. Also, for job stones I think I’ll give you an option when ordering to get the same patina as above or a rainbow patina.

I managed to grab my packaging on the way out so I’ll be able to wrap orders up on the trip and send them as soon as I get home, okidoki?

Thank you so much for all of the interest you have shown; you helped me get over my reservations and do this thing I’ve been wanted to for awhile. I appreciate all of the reblogs, likes, and comments so much. I hope you all find my art worth your money and may you ever walk in the light of the crystal.


On June 21—the longest day of the year—the sun is at its highest point in the sky.

The Earth’s tilt is to thank for this demarcation of seasons: Summer solstice occurs when the North Pole is tilted directly toward the sun. (The Southern Hemisphere experiences its summer solstice in December, when the South Pole is directly tilted toward the sun.)

IMAGE: In Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the sun never dips below the horizon on the longest day of the year. Photography by BRIAN STABLYK, GETTY 

SOURCE: National Geographic

Aurora! Aurora! Aurora! The Sun Today: Solar Facts and Space Weather

Amazing aurora! An unexpected CME impact on Jan. 7 created a strong geomagnetic storm (G3 out of 5.) And beautiful aurora ensued! These images come from Ruslan Akhmetsafin in Russia, Aykhal; Greg Syverson in Prudhoe Bay Alaska; Arctic Fishing Adventures in Tromsö, Norway and more from Ruslan Akhmetsafin in Russia, Aykhal. All these were shared at

The wealth generated by Prudhoe Bay and the other fields on the North Slope since 1977 is worth more than all the fish ever caught, all the furs ever trapped, all the trees chopped down; throw in all the copper, whalebone, natural gas, tin, silver, platinum, and anything else ever extracted from Alaska too. The balance sheet of Alaskan history is simple: One Prudhoe Bay is worth more in real dollars than everything that has been dug out, cut down, caught or killed in Alaska since the beginning of time.

Terrence Cole


Returning to Anchorage, I plan the next step….not going for a small goal this time, I chose Prudhoe Bay as the next stop. The Dalton Highway is a road famous for extremes….weather, distance and the landscape are impressive!

Destination set, hitchhiking from Anchorage to Fairbanks is easy, doing a last run for groceries there, I then try to catch a truck up the road at the Hilltop Café (90% is commercial traffic here…Prudhoe Bay is an important oil industry outpost) - took a time but finally found a trucker willing to give a ride. to Coldfoot. halfway up. :)

Stuck in Coldfoot (truckstop and gas station), there is no more truckrides coming up…a day and a half passes by, waiting and asking around in the endlessly burning sun……

not willing to quit in the perfect weather and with enough food for a week - I finally find my ride!