Mabinogi anti cancer birthday party!!!

Hey my lovely friends, followers, and stalkers. 

I just got a call from my doctor a couple of hours ago, and that surgery I was talking about earlier this month has been moved forward. 

I will be getting the cancer ripped out of my shoulder THIS tuesday, instead of later in December.

The recovery time is expected to be a fairly long time, though I’m not certain just how long it will be. Because it’s my mouse using arm, I will probably not be on tumblr or mabi for some time.

I will be preparing for my surgery probably for a couple of days (sunday and monday, most likely). HOWEVER. Due to the fact that tomorrow is my birthday, I am hoping to pull together as many people as I to celebrate on mabinogi.

I’m not saying goodbye to you all, I’m saying goodbye to cancer!!!

Come celebrate with pru tomorrow (Saturday)!!! C: 

Add me in game: Prudence7 of Tarlach