Mabinogi anti cancer birthday party!!!

Hey my lovely friends, followers, and stalkers. 

I just got a call from my doctor a couple of hours ago, and that surgery I was talking about earlier this month has been moved forward. 

I will be getting the cancer ripped out of my shoulder THIS tuesday, instead of later in December.

The recovery time is expected to be a fairly long time, though I’m not certain just how long it will be. Because it’s my mouse using arm, I will probably not be on tumblr or mabi for some time.

I will be preparing for my surgery probably for a couple of days (sunday and monday, most likely). HOWEVER. Due to the fact that tomorrow is my birthday, I am hoping to pull together as many people as I to celebrate on mabinogi.

I’m not saying goodbye to you all, I’m saying goodbye to cancer!!!

Come celebrate with pru tomorrow (Saturday)!!! C: 

Add me in game: Prudence7 of Tarlach

Are we going to talk about the Belvast Seal merchant… like.. at all…? 

Am I the one who is going to have point out that outfit, and the fact that he’s barefoot, is 90% fucking thighs, and has some weird peck thing going on with his chest…? REALLY?! 



Because I love all the lovely people I play mabi with, I thought I’d share my Halloween decoration contest entry with you all! :)   I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Below is info on my artwork~ Happy early Halloween, everyone!

Hard work Pumpkins

My entry was created to portray the hard work that goes into mabi, and the wonderful things that come from that hard work. The packet of seeds signifies how one simple thing can create such a multitude of outcomes- i.e. the various pumpkins.  I included various Mabinogi items such as:  a packet of pumpkin seeds, Trick Pumpkins, Treat Pumpkins, Smiley, Joker, and Wicked Pumpkin Head Masks, a Pumpkin Robe, and the Holy Pumpkin Candy Everything was hand-made using these techniques: 
  • sewing
  • painting
  • clay modeling (I had to make the clay myself out of clay, salt, and water)
  • wire working (the wire for the mobile was an old coat hanger)
  • crochet (i made the pumpkin robe myself)
  • felting (the pumpkin in the pumpkin robe)
MY IN GAME NAME: Prudence7 SERVER: Tarlach. 


Day 4: What hairstyle do you wear the most?

Because I’m an extremely active lady, I like to rock the modern short hair look, like my buddy Nerys here. It’s simple and fun…. not to mention I can show off clothing details that long hair tends to hide. 

And when I’m in the mood for long hair, I have plenty of wigs that suit well for my ‘fancy’ moments. :)