prudence shen and faith erin hicks

Comics to Read: May 27

Sorry to have missed you last week as I was nursing a highly volatile mix of cold and allergies that required much sleeping. This week is a light week but there are few picks that might pique your interest. And as usual we will start with some first issues.

I admit it, I am totally lost with Marvel’s Secret Wars. But I’ve decided to pick up things that feature characters I like or writers I enjoy and this week there is a issue that is a bullseye (PUN INTENDED!).

Kate Bishop written by Prudence Shen. Shen wrote the graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (with art by Faith Erin Hicks) which I loved so this is a very easy pick.

You may know Ales Kot from his comic writing or you may know him for the truth bombs he drops on Twitter regarding a variety of societal issues and topics. This book addresses a lot of those issues - this may be the first comic I’ve read that directly mentions Ferguson. This issue sets up the stories of four characters all of which are haunted by something including drugs, a ghost in the machine and a stay in Gitmo. There’s a lot going on so it may be a bit confusing and there are footnotes with recommended reading. But one thing is for sure, it’s very different from any other comic you’ll read this week.

G. Willow Wilson and Erica Schultz are writing this team-up and there is bantering and battering galore.

Sabrina is having the WORST sweet 16 ever. Glad to see this book out in a timely fashion

Double Kate week is better than single Kate week.

That’s it for me this week. Let me know what you’re picking up.