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Ok but how bout this sweetie? how bout you let people have their opinions about 2G because it's literal trash lmao?? I know you think Harry is above critiscism but you know this song is trash.Why you prtending it's any good when it's nothing but a publiciity pull??? like?? He's literally using a woman to sale his shitty white boy guitar musicc lmao Ok?? Everyone has a right ot be angry about it so chill 😘

God, I hate this website.

Anyway, I’m super looking forward to “Two Ghosts”, especially more beautiful live renditions and a music video.  

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I am sure you are a 40 years old fat dude and you only prtend to be a girl to make DK send you dick pics so you can whip yourself looking at them while touching your frankfurter

its true heres my face reveal

y'all people wanna know what grinds my gears?? how carlos is the super genius of the group and evie is the clothes making fashionista

like okay sure but fashion diva carlos whos main weapon is all the gossip he collects from his circles??? pls i want this. also his mom is billionare fashion designer,even if he hates her and she was a shitty mom, he would have picked up some tips. i get why hes characterised that way one to show how different he is from her but consider:

a huge part of evies character arc is that shes a fuck lot smarter than she prtends to be. sooo why isnt she the computer geek?? it would stop the ‘pretty girls arent smart’ stereotype and make her even more impressive

tldr; i cry over what might have been


Headcanon in which Killian Jones places himself in elaborate poses for when Emma gets home from work, half naked and propped up on one arm, and she just rolls her eyes because “Really? Again?” and he wiggles his eyebrows and grins like the moron he is. (via bemusedbicycle)

I assume I am to young for this. Part 2: Young and Impulsive

Part 1:

My pelvis almost automaticly bucks up. “Oh Gods Aaron, feels like you are getting all bothered and hot.” Y/N whispers to the shell of my ear. I feel shivers running up and down my spine. “Do-don’t tease me.” I fluster darkly. Y’N grinds herself down on me and she bites the shell of my ear. I wimper loudly. “Shit, you are getting me all worked up.” I breath. Y/N lifts herself up. “We could…” She whispers. I press my teeth in the flesh of my bottom lip. “You have no idea how bad I want you.” I mumble. “Shouldn’t your first time be more special?” Y/N asks. “How…!?!” I gasp. “I have my fair share of experience. I know when I am dealing with a virgin, love.” She cooes. I feel my cheeks grow as dark as cherries.
“I don’t think my first time could be more special than with you.” I whisper. Slowly I sit up, pulling her face to mine. Tenderly we kiss, rubbing our tongues together ever so sensually. I whimper and Y/N moans. “I do want you.” I whisper to her lips. “I want you too Aaron.” She replies. I resume the kiss, massaging her lips with mine own. Her slender, nimble fingers run through my hair. I cling my hands to her beautifully ample hips.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes sweety.” Y/N cooes. I feel butterflies well up in my stomach. Her fingers curl in the clower rim of my shirt. “Take it off baby.” I whisper. Y/N licks her lips and pulls my shirt up over my head. She giggles and rubs tender fingers over my belly. “You are so friggen sexy Rawnie.” She whispers before quickly pecking my lips. “Your turn to take off my shirt honey.” I oblidge, unbuttoning her silk shirt with slightly trembeling fingers. As soon as all the buttons are undone, it slides to the floor. My eyes widen as I see her incredibly tasteful bra.
I gather all my confidence and slowly press Y/N down in the sheets, hovering over her. She smiles up at me and lays her fingers in my neck. Calmly, she pushes me forward. Within seconds, we are making out again. I lick her lips and feel how she opens them ever so willingly. It gives me some more confidence and I push my pelvis against hers. “Oh Aaron, you sure are hard.” Y/N moans. “That is all because of you.” I whisper. “Well well, we had best put that monster of yours to work then, huh?” Y/N cooes. “But let’s not rush things… I want to take time with this.” I murr. “Of course we will take out time, honey.” She strokes my cheek and resumed the kiss. I grind into her, earning another willing moan. It turns me on beyond believe.
“C-can I take off my pants? They are getting too tight!” I mumble. Y/N giggles sneakishly and travels her hand to my crotch. She pops open the button and unzips the fly of my jeans. I sigh, releaved that some of the pressure is off my hard on. Her fingers linger, touching me through the cloth of my boxers. I temble under her touch. “Fuck Y/N, I want you so bad.” I whimper to her lips. “You will have me. Aaron, no worries.” Y/N replies. Her hand leaves my erection to play with the hairs in my neck. I feel like I am going to melt.

Y/N pushes me off, so she can sit upright. I look up at her through halflidden eyes. She opens the clasp of her bra and tosses it across the room. I prop myself up on my elbow and look at her. She smiles at me and prtends to brush some dust off of her breasts. A small gesture, but I can feel my erection throb. “You alright Aaron?” Y/N asks. “I don’t think so, if you keep being so damn gorgeouse, I’ll jizz in my pants.” I whine. Y/N giggles and gets up from the bed. She opens her skinny jeans and peels it from her legs. I swallow audiably and can’t help but stare. She bends down towards me and pulls my pants down my legs, letting it drop on the floor. “Gods Aaron. I have to use all of my self control to not rip your boxers to shreds and ride you at once.” Y/N growls sexily. “I’d so let you do that.” I mumble. She crawls on top of me, pressing her pelvis to mine firmly. I feel her heat against my erection.
I cup her breasts, weighing them in my hands. The softness of her skin surprises me. I lean up to slowly explore one breast with my lips. The sounds she makes urges me on. I eagerly take one nipple between my lips. Y/N moans loudly as I suckle it. She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my face closer to her flesh. I work her nipple with my teeth to hear her moan loudly. “Oh Aaron! I am so wet for you now!” She whimpers. “I want to feel it.” I crawl my hand into her panties. Her breath shivers as I stroke along her folds. I wander between them, searching for her clit. “Hng Aaron!” Y/N practically screams as I rub the little knob between her folds.
She slips one hand into my boxers, curling her fingers around my throbbing erection. |Quite the size Rawnie. I can hardly wait. Y/N purrs. “Then let’s not wait.” I whisper as I push one finger into her heat. “Hmng, Aaron, please fuck me now!” Y/N pulls off her panties. I bite my lip and pull my finger out of her. She lays down before me and spreads her legs wide for me. “I’m yours Aaron.” She cooes.
I lose my boxers as quick as I can. Y/N’s travels her gaze to my crotch. “Come here, now.” She grabs hold of my erection and leads me towards her folds. Automaticly I trust forwards, directly into her wet core. The squealishing sound of it makes my ears turn red. “Oh fuck yes, I need this so much.” Y/N clings to me, with her whole her body. “It feel so amazing to be inside you.” I whimper. “Relish it Rawnie, relish it.” She cooes. I close my eyes and concentrate my whole being on the feeling of her slick heat around my erection. It is almost too much. I become slightly overwhelmed and feel the waves of my climax roll in from the bottom of my spine. I grit my teeth and try to think of something to keep my orgasm down. It works and the waves die out as quickly as they welled up.“Come on Aaron, move it.” Y/N whispers, her lips pressed against the shell of my ear. I slowly start to trust. Y/N moans with every trust and runs her fingers down my spine. I shiver and deepen my trusts a little. Just a little, to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself. “That’s right Aaron, so good.” Y/N purrs. “I am not going to hold on long. It feels waaay too good.” I pants. She cups the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. My head starts to spin and the waves crash over me again. “Fuck! I can’t hold it back anymore.” I cry out. “Let it go Rawnie. It’s alright with me.” Y/N replies. I allow the waves to wash me away as I cum inside her.Panting loudly, I roll off. Her core makes a wet squelshing sound as I slip out of her. We both laugh about it and she lays her chest on mine. We share soft kisses, basking in the after glow. “Sorry I came so fast.” I mumble. “Don’t worry Aaron. You’ll last longer next time.” Y/N answers.