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We’ll always find eachother by almaharperlee —> The Team Arrow, wants to travel in time to avoid that Thea gets hurt by Ra’s Al Ghul, but they end up in the future..

How You Bring Me Back to Life by yespleasehawkeye —> oliver almost lost Felicity in a mission.

Not Running in the House by yespleasehawkeye —> Ava and Tommy (Oliver and Felicit’s daughter and son) adventures.

Oliver Queen Dragon Slayer by yespleasehawkeye —> Imagine how Oliver will explain to his childrens the scars that he had…. Also a really good suprise!!

Blast by yespleasehawkeye —> Olicity and bombs…. This is so cute because these two are cute hahaha.

Let yourself be at peace by ah-maa-zing —> One of the Olicity trip, in which Oliver open up to Felicity about of what happen in HK.

The Return by outoftheclosetshipper —> Roy is back!!!

Daugthers by outoftheclosetshipper —> Sara resurrection

Quite Dreams by hopedreamlovepray —> Olicity Road Trip… and it is always good to see Oliver happy.

Cooking Lessons by anthfan —> Did you see the trairler????… Now you need to reed this one….

Honey, The Baby is Crying by yespleasehawkeye —> I love when Oliver is joking, so this is one short fic about that.

Mailboxes by anthfan —> So Olicity house hunting… (we really need this one in our life)

Guns by dust2dust34—> (So do you remember the trailer???) Felicity telling Oliver that she has to shoot a gun.

In This last of meeting pieces by soldieronprincess  —> Felicity decides to break up with Oliver… “This isn’t working”…. (Long fic)

Time for a story - Changes by smkkbert —> A multi chapter fan fic… really like it we have felicity pregnant dealing with a serious problems. (Conforting gone wrong, Mothers, Fatherly advice, Something wrong with me, Monsters in my head and Back to Normal)

Mini Golf by dettiot —> The onlu thing that you need to know is that Olicity is in a date in a Mini Golf.

Anything Like Me by yespleasehawkeye —> Felicity and Oliver discover that they are having a baby boy, and Oliver is overthinking this.

Put a ring on it by jedichick04 —> In this one Thea represente the whole Olicity fandom!! Ilove the fics btw the two Queens.

Please Don’t go by felicitylovesoliver —> two things I belive I like to suffer and please have the teasues close to you.

Time for a Story - Being a Family by smkkbert —> Bonus!!! 

If I Die Young by felicityollies —> (Did I told you that I like to suffer) weeding day!!!!

Throw Roses in the Rain by theshipsfirstmate —> Oliver and Donna relationship base of the recents spoilers.

Yestarday’s Past, Tomorrow’s futures by sologirl00 —> Prposal!!!! 

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