Day 28: feels so good to be back on familiar turf for the day. Shout-out to UW-Whitewater for lending us this awesome rehearsal facility! Looking forward to seeing some speech friends at lunch, and to an awesome day getting better. :) #pr14 #prphotoaday #phantomregiment #dci #dciphotoaday

Day 41 (right?): after two really good rehearsal days and our best show yet, plus an ensemble block that was front to back awesome, it’s sad to say goodbye to this fantastic stadium. Until next year, F.J. Reitz. I won’t miss the stairs. #dci #dciphotoaday #pr14 #prphotoaday #phantomregiment

Day 26: had a great day playing at Rockford’s “concert in the park” series! Premiered the show music publicly, survived the rain, and most importantly got to watch as a group of brass campers had their faces melted (and lit up with smiles) when we played Canon. Today was a good one :) #dci #dciphotoaday #pr14 #prphotoaday #phantomregiment