Rocio Santos

Why did you want to become a Vocalo Storyteller?
I had some experience working with sound but I wanted to learn more: become a better storyteller and learn about the work at a well-known public station. I also wanted to give it a shot creating a radio piece in English. All the pieces I have done have been in Spanish, so this was a challenge. But mainly, I wanted to produce an education story that I had in mind. I felt the need to talk about adult education and its impact.

Your piece in 20 seconds:
My story is about the Ramirez Luna family attending Proyecto Odisea. It’s a program not many people know about. It portrays the impact of Proyecto Odisea in the Ramirez Luna family and the importance of family in education.

Why did you decide to tell this story?
I’m a student at Proyecto Odisea. I have learned many more things from the family and other adults in the classroom than in my whole entire college life. It has been very rewarding and I felt the need to craft a story about adult education and its impact. I wanted to tell so much about it. I finally focused on the Ramirez Luna family because to me it was a shock and a lesson to continue my higher education after seeing this family there. Sometimes adult education and community empowerment is missing in the education debate.

In what ways are you a better storyteller and/or producer?
I’m way more organized when crafting a piece. I learned to take decisions for the best of my piece after getting advice from other radio producers. Thanks to Luis I learned that perfect is not always good. Thanks to Adriana I learned to be unafraid to experiment. I learned to visualize my audience and to make them part of my piece. Thank you Vocalo team! You taught me most than in any other radio training.

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