proxy: a slender man story


PROXY: A Slender Man Story



Proxy: A Slender Man Story

(Legitimately unnerving. I didn’t need to sleep anyway.)

anonymous asked:

Hey tena, sorry to change the subject but have you heard about the two 12 year old girls that attempted to murder their friend by stabbing her 19 times in the woods in order to become proxies of Slender Man?? this happened very recently and I just find this story crazy, they were only 12!

Someone mentioned it earlier.  I continue to be bewildered.

I’m even more disheartened to find that it happened in my state.

Curious how tumblr “feminists” haven’t uttered a peep about this.  Probably because it’s - gasp! - LITTLE GIRLS attempting the murder of ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL.

A male stabs four males and two women, and tumblr is in a furor over “misogyny!”, even erasing the genders of the male victims to make it sound like it was an all-female killing spree.

A man gets killed by ANYONE - not a peep from tumblr.

A little boy gets killed by ANYONE - still not a peep from tumblr.

Little girls attempt murder against another girl - once again - not a peep.

Tumblr only cares about tragedy when they can selfishly and disgustingly hijack it for their own needs.