I’ve always said that foreign cards feel different, more “slippery” than English cardboard stock. I was proxying up a few cards last night when I ran across this on some Japanese Basic Lands.

So now you know if you ever come across foreign cards, they can be slicker than the ones you’re used to.


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Smile even in pain… for Jeff the Killer.

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Don’t do things that are wrong… for BEN Drowned.

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Be a warrior… for Eyeless Jack.

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Laugh, no matter how much it hurts… for Laughing Jack.

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Fight for what’s right… for Jane the Killer.

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Be yourself, no matter how you look like… for Slenderman.

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Be nice to shy kids… for Masky and Hoodie.

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Be crazy and stand to it… for Ticci Toby.


Magic: the Gathering - The Proxy War

A proxy is a card that represents another card in casual play .  Vintage tournaments often allow unsanctioned use of 10 proxys to keep costs down. Having the original Power 9 in a deck can be well over $4000.  Many players prefer tournaments with a limited number of proxies because it allows them to play their almost finished Legacy decks while earning store credit in order to get the rest of the cards they need.