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First Kiss

Eruri. 2.2k words, for the prompt “First Kiss,” requested by @world-war-eruri​​.  Thank you for your patience as I worked on this! I hope you like it…it starts angsty, but there is a happy ending!

Thank you to my beta-reader @theladyamalthea for making sure this didn’t suck and wasn’t riddled with typos.

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The first time they almost kissed Erwin hadn’t been expecting it in the slightest.  It was a rare occurrence for him to be caught off-guard, but in the short period of time since Levi had officially joined Survey Corp he had been chock full of surprises, so he wasn’t exactly sure why this particular incident jolted him the way it did.

They were up late, long past when everyone else was in bed.  Levi was perched on the edge of Erwin’s desk, humoring him as he vented about the delicate egos of the nobility.

“Sounds like they need to see a titan up close.  After they shit themselves in fear, maybe they’ll stop being such assholes about our funding.”

Erwin laughed and rubbed at his eyes tiredly.  Much to his surprise, he found Levi’s caustic attitude and crude humor…agreeable, in a sense.  It had become familiar, like Mike’s keen sense of smell, or Hange’s insatiable curiosity, so much so that he wasn’t sure what he’d do if he was suddenly forced to live without it.

Their conversation at a natural end, Erwin pushed himself up out of his chair, planning on calling it a night. Levi’s crossed legs blocked his way and, rather than hop down off Erwin’s desk, he stayed put, hemming Erwin into the corner of his office.  He looked up at Erwin slowly from behind the fall of his hair.

The air in the room seemed to go still as Levi reached a tentative hand up towards Erwin’s chest.  For a moment, Erwin had the strange thought that maybe Levi was trying to kill him after all, but the softness in his face quickly convinced him that that couldn’t be it. Levi inclined his chin up, and it seemed to Erwin that he’d never really looked at Levi’s lips before, so rosy pink.  

“I want to know if I’m off base here,” Levi stated, his serious tone bringing Erwin back to his right mind.  Unbidden, his first thought was, you’re not. How and when had that occurred, he wondered?  He swallowed hard, pushing down the sudden emotion – desire? Or even more?

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