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I forgot Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo :/

BooksbandspizzaFeb2016 - Day 12

So I took an ugly string bag and painted a galaxy on it. What do ya’ll think? :)

It’s pretty easy to make one actually, you’ll need:

. String bag ( Obviously)
. Paint colors of your choice, though black (or any dark colors really) and white are essential
. Sponges
. A spare toothbrush with hard bristles.

What to do:

1) So lay your bag flat on your work-surface, then paint that side with your dark colors. I do think it’s best to use the dark colors as your base, since the end results are better in terms of coloring.

2) Take up your lighter colors and with a sponge, lightly dab them on. There’s no order to this, dab as much as you want, wherever you want until you get a satisfactory mix of color. You can mix the colors a little and dab on top of other colors. I must say that I usually do this while the base is still wet. I don’t really you know what’ll happen if you don’t wait for the dark base to finish drying first, but the colors might not turn out as pretty and blended.

3) Now to create the stars, after you finish with the colors, dip the toothbrush in white paint. (I don’t really know how to explain why this happens, but if you use a brush with soft bristles it won’t work) When it’s dipped, brush your thumb firmly over the bristles, the white paint will splatter all over, giving you clusters of stars.

4) When the side you’ve just worked on is dry, turn the bag over and repeat the process with the other side.

5) Once you’re done with both sides, modify it by filling in the white spots that might still be in the bag’s edges and creases with more color

6) Optional, but you can also color the string if you want. You can leave them as is, or you can color them, your choice.