prowling magus

Worship service interrupted by mass murdering adventure who was left disappointed.

-An adventurer within Brightstone Cove murdered an entire congregation last night during the worship service. Among the dead were the Prowling Magus and some prisoners.

The adventurer completed his mass murder in under 10 seconds was found by authorities nearby in complete disappointment.

“That’s it? That was stupid easy.” said the adventurer.

Police have found correlations between this case and a cold case on the murder of Pinwheel.


Well, it’s that time of week again - every Sunday I release one of these, and this week’s kinda special because The Crown of the Sunken King’s finally out.

This week we’re moving on through the Doors of Pharros and onto Brightstone Cove Tseldora to deal with the Congregation. There’s a ton of chat about the DLC too, with a load of footage I captured on my main.

It’s spoiler-free though! I do head down to Shulva at the end, but at no point do I show any footage of bosses or anything like that. That would be a total dick move, because they’re pretty great.

Anyway! I really hope that you enjoy the video, if you choose to watch it. And if not, fair enough - I have so much fun making these and love the community, so I thought you might enjoy the LP.