prowling magus

Worship service interrupted by mass murdering adventure who was left disappointed.

-An adventurer within Brightstone Cove murdered an entire congregation last night during the worship service. Among the dead were the Prowling Magus and some prisoners.

The adventurer completed his mass murder in under 10 seconds was found by authorities nearby in complete disappointment.

“That’s it? That was stupid easy.” said the adventurer.

Police have found correlations between this case and a cold case on the murder of Pinwheel.

Top 10 Worst Souls Boss Fights

The following choices fall into three categories: Bad Design, Stupid Hard, and The feels.

Top 10 Worst Boss fights in Souls

10) Ceaseless Discharge: Bad design

CD is a bad fight because you spend the whole fight hiding from him or…you run to the gate and cheese

9) The Royal Rats: Stupid Hard

Ok the two rat fights aren’t really stupid hard…but they are stupid bullshit. Fuck rats, Fuck em all.

8) Blue and Red Smelter Demon: Bad Design

One is awful One is pointless and this Fall both are living under the same roof!

The Smelters coming to ABC.

7) Demon Fire Sage: Bad Design.

Third time is Not a Charm.

6) Sif: The Feels

Miyazaki: Son…I need you to be a man and put Ol’ Sif Down.

Us: No Paww don’t make me do it I love him.

Miyazaki: do you want to go to the Abyss or not dammit!

Us: * Cries*

5) Gank Squad. (Sunken King Trio): Stupid…And hard!

It’s the Jets versus the sharks minus the snapping, musical numbers, and racial tension.

4) Ancient Dragon: Awful Design

It’s so easy guys! Just get naked and attack his feet at a 45 degree angle, back away and repeat for 20 minut…ok yeah this is bullshit.

3) Pinwheel: hahahahahaha


Deal wit it.

2) Bed of Chaos: Bad Design

Bed of:
-Death Pits
-American Ideals

are all more accurate names.

1) Prowling Magus and the Congregation: Bad Design

Patrick Star: Let’s take all these dumb grunts and put ‘em as a boss fight!

Guy in back: Gold Team Rules!