Beach Headcanons

When at the beach Sonic and Cream will make sand castles together.

Tails helps Cream become a better swimmer since he loves to swim.

He still tries to surf using his wave board from the Sonic OVA.

Amy makes seashell bracelets for everyone, after giving Sonic one first.

Knuckles can’t stand the brightness of the sun, so he hides underneath an umbrella and falls asleep while reading some super secret romance novels.

Opinions on SA2 levels

Green Forest: 👍

White Jungle:👍

Pumpkin Hill:👍

Sky Rail:👌

Aquatic Mine:👌

Security Hall:👍

Prison Lane:👍

Metal Harbor:👍

Iron Gate:👍

Weapons Bed:👌

City Escape:👍

Radical Highway:👍

Wild Canyon:👍

Mission Street:👎

Dry Lagoon:👍

Sand Ocean:👌

Crazy Gadget:👍

Hidden Base:👎

Eternal Engine:👍

Death Chamber:👍

Egg Quarters:👎

Lost Colony:👍

Pyramid Cave:👌

Final Rush:👍

Meteor Herd:👌

Cannon’s Core:👌

Final Chase:👍

Cosmic Wall:👍

Mad Space:🖕 


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