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Tortallan heroines sorted into hogwarts houses

Alanna is clearly a gryffindor. Brave, idealistic, fond of slaying literal and/or metaphorical monsters.

Daine is a ravenclaw. Curious, intellectually hungry, once stopped her heartbeat to listen to whales.

Kel is a hufflepuff. Loyal, hardworking, pragmatic. Mildly baffled when she gets recognition for doing something she considers her job.

Aly is a slytherin. Sly, clever, would never do something the normal way when she can do it a better way.

Beka is a little harder to pin down, but I think she’s a gryffindor at heart with hufflepuff methodology. She would like to be able to slay the world’s evils in one fell swoop, but knows she can’t. Instead she does her best to stop the small ones.

Lady Sabine kissed his forehead. “Sheer self interest, my love. The longer you are in bed, the more I will be tempted to kill you. I am much too fond of you to enjoy a world without you.”

Lady Sabine to Tunstall, Beka Cooper: Bloodhound, by @tamorapierce


Rereads are so HARD when you know THE THING that happens in Mastiff and then you get moments like this and it’s almost 1am and you literally scream into your hands because it breaks your heart to read just KNOWING what happens and AH!!