This is how Dia and Riko’s study session would typically go in the LLSHP AU

[Noise Level: 25] Frequent interruptions by love-stricken Lucifer, territorial Sandy, and a panicking owner (?)

[Noise Level: 65] Mikan Priest Chika attempting once again to baptize the fallen angel. Oh here’s Shiny Onee-san…

[Noise Level : 100] Poor fallen angel got washi washi’d, and Chika tries to share those mikans…

He-Man and I watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them…

He-Man: (whispers) I had a thought… why would wizards bother using boats to travel?

Me: (whispers back) I dunno. I can’t recall if there was a canonical date for the origin of Portkeys.

He-Man: Okay but… they still have Apparition.

Me: Appa–Are you kidding me? Across an ocean? Dude, that’s stupidly dangerous! You’re talking about International Apparition?! Are you outta YOUR FUCKING MIND?!?