The details in this one are absolutely astounding. It would have taken me months to think up and draw all those little decorations on their outfits. I’ve always been fascinated by steampunk, and this drawing really shows what an intricate and beautiful art style it is. I also love how simple the background is, suggesting of a ballroom; it would have taken away the focus away from Doctor Two Brains and Lady Redundant Woman had it been more detailed. Their expressions seem oddly subdued in this one; it adds to the mysterious and refined sense of the artwork. I’d like to imagine that in whatever strange world they’re living in, Two Brains and Lady still manage to pull off elaborate duplicate/cheese crimes together while dressed in their Victorian steampunk attire.

Drawn by superstarwordgirl

anonymous asked:

what are your top 5 reasons for shipping Provoclone?

Oh gosh, that’s hard, haha! xD But a very interesting and fun question - thanks for asking! :)

1. It’s arguably canon, in a way, and I like canon things. And as soon as I saw that episode, it just kind of clicked me for? It’s hard to explain, but I guess just the way I interpret their personalities on the show is a way that makes them seem totally compatible for me.
2. Villain shiiiiiips~~~. Villains need each other, the poor socially outcast babies. D: They need love in their lives and no one but other villains is going to give it to them. ;A;
3. One of my favorite things in relationships is when characters are similar enough that they get along super-well as bros, but different enough to challenge and bring out the best in the other. I definitely see these two as those types because they’re both sarcastic and sassy and focused on sticking to their theme and smart and leader-types and dependent on incompetent sidekicks and all that. But they’re also not the kind who’d put up with each other’s crap, so I think they’d help each other tone down their less fortunate personality traits. XD Plus they could totally help each other with crime and I picture them as being able to be more natural around each other because they both understand what it’s like to be a villain and what they have to deal with. MUTUAL RESPECT. That’s what I’m getting at.
4. Referring back to arguably canon - in the canon, Lady is seen to dislike pretty much everyone. So the fact that she actually accepts his date requests comes across as a bigger deal for her than it would be for a more friendly character, if that makes sense? Plus they’re usually seen next to each other in the background, and he’s the main male villain while she’s the main female villain and I dunno they just MAKE SENSE together in my head and I wish I could articulate that better. D: Also they’re both half-human, so they wouldn’t be weirded out by each others’ oddities; rather, I think they’d be intrigued by each other.
5. I’ll just use number five as a general ‘random reasons’ section to tie up all the little things that don’t really matter. xD For one thing, I just think they look nice together. They’re color palettes and body structures compliment each other, at least I think. Plus Tom Kenny and Grey DeLisle-Griffin are good friends in real life, and they’ve been in so many of the same shows, so they just have a lot of acting chemistry, and I know if the show actually shipped them, that would come across. Finally, they’re my two favorite characters (of each gender who are around the same age, that is, and I prefer hetero similar-aged ships), so once I got enough shiptease in the canon, the thought of shipping them was just too tempting. XD

Wow these reasons are really in concise. And a lot of them sorta run together instead of fitting into one category… Sorry about that. Brevity and articulation are not my fortes. ^^; Especially when it comes to shipping. :/

Anyway, if you look through my WordGirl tags (since sometimes I forget to tag things as provoclone or DTBxLRW or whathaveyou), I’m sure you’ll find more thinks explaining why I love them together. :)

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If LRW and DTB got married what do you think their weddin would be like?

Ahhh nuuu you’re enabling my insanity hahahah ily

Okay, so, I actually hadn’t really thought about this much before, so I might miss certain details you’re looking for.

First of all, I think both the wedding and the reception would take place in the villains’ convention motel on the outskirts of town, with the furniture set up to look a little more church-like, because I’m not sure anyone in the city is gonna wanna give the green light on a bunch of villains gathering in the same place. The wedding is just a cover, it’s actually a plot to take over the world! So, as you can imagine, it’s not exactly a big, fancy thang.

Also there’s a good chance that Granny May, as the most senior member of the villain society, would have to preside over the ceremony because, again, I doubt any regular citizen would be too keen on forming a union between two of the most wanted criminals. That is just a recipe for legal disaster.

I think the process of planning the wedding would be a huge mess too. I don’t think the villains would have a rule directly against getting married to each other, but I think it would’ve been a little frowned upon (at first) because alliances can be dangerous for the other criminals, upsetting the whole balance and all that. And a marriage would essentially be a perpetual team-up, so that’s a little suspicious. xD But eventually Two Brains and Lady would convince everyone that they’re really not trying to team up for the sake of gaining power and an edge over the other villains but that they actually just want to get married and that’s all there is to it. :P

I also think there’d be some issues in the planning because they have to find a date when none of the people they wanted to invite were in jail. xD Which would mean setting it up waaaaay in advance and then constantly trying to keep the others from getting into trouble, which would be insanely difficult. ;P They’d also probably have some trouble figuring out who to invite in the first place. Because all of the villains would be bound to find out so would they have to invite them all or could they invite some and not others? Would some even want to go? Who knows. Either way it’d probably be a pretty small wedding, since I doubt either of them really has much family to be invited or any friends outside of other villains. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole ordeal almost got called off a few times because of the difficulty involved in making it come together.

I also think there just wouldn’t be a best man or maid of honor, rather just bridesmaids and groomsmen (four each - two duplicates, Leslie, and Ms. Question, then the henchmen, Chuck, and The Butcher). See, I think first Two Brains’ henchmen would wonder which one of them would get to be the best man, and so Two Brains would try to say maybe they’ll just have two, but the Chuck would get his knickers in a twist wondering why he never gets to be anyone special, so finally they’d just be like ‘OKAY SCREW THIS NOISE NO ONE WILL BE THE BEST MAN’ so then accordingly there’s no maid of honor to keep it uncomplicated.

Let’s see, as for the other details…. I’m thinkin’… Winter. Because fewer villains would wanna be out committing crimes, so it’d be easier to find a date when they’re not in jail. Probably in the evening so no one has to wake up early ‘cause who wants to do that. gross. I think the whole ceremony would go by pretty quickly… because with all the chaos they’d wanna make sure it goes off without interruption. Also also because everyone would just want to eat food and party already, including Lady and Two Brains. xD

I also think, because these are villains were talking about so clearly they’re not all that well off, a lot of the decorations and things would have to be put together by the other villains as favors. Granny May would knit things, Chuck And Brent (yes he’s invited) would make sandwiches, The Butcher would get The Baker to make the cake (which would be a traditional white cake ‘cause what is it with people these days having non white cakes or having cupcakes or something?!?!), Victoria would provide the non-hypnotizing music, Tobey could build some stuff (LIKE A PICTURE TAKING ROBUT FOR PERFECTLY PRESERVED MEMORIES XD), etc. Come to think of it… I bet Lady Redundant Woman would have to get Leslie to convince Mr. Big to help out with the whole ordeal, financially. xDDD

And of course no wedding would be complete without laughably awkward vows where they both trip over their words and get embarrassed being in front of da other peoples. :3 

…I think that’s all I’ve got. For now, at least. Keep in mind that I’m pretty sure I caught some sort of virus or something a few days ago, so I really don’t think I’m coherent right now. And this took me a long time to type up ‘cause I would type a few sentences and then feel dizzy and forget what I was thinking about and have to come back to it later. ^^;;;

But I’m all up for trying to come up with more headcanons, so if you have any other questions, feel free to shoot ‘em my way! Whether it’s about any details here or any details I missed or something else entirely. I’ll do my best to respond in a way that’s at least a little sense-making. XD

A gift for a friend.

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

It’s not always easy to tell who the people who are unhealthy for us are. The people who it’s best to break ties with.

Sometimes they are our friends. Sometimes even family. Sometimes they are people who we think we need, other times, people who need us. And that is often the hardest of all. People who struggle so badly, who tell you their life is in your hands. It’s very hard to tell when a relationship has gone from nurturing to parasitic. Those to whom you give, take everything. They hurt you, tear you down, all the while trying to keep your sympathy.

A sign of a kind heart wants to take in the broken of the world.  A sign of a wise mind is to recognize when you have to look out for your own healthiness and cut people out of your life.

But that’s not easy.

Always remember, though, that there are those who support you, who appreciate you not just for what you can offer them, and who love and care for you.  Surround yourself with such people that you can learn to love yourself.

You are brave. You are strong. You are loved.