provocative current

Conner knew this was strange. He knew this was probably going to get him in trouble with the Justice League. He also knew that he was a clone grown in a pod and his boyfriend pretended he was a songbird. So, really, everything was relative.

There’d been a fight downtown Metropolis, nothing earth shattering but it had been a long drawn out battle and even the indestructible half-Kryptonian was feeling a bit stiff and sore. And if he was feeling that beat, God only knows how Tim felt. They were atop the Daily Planet, curled up together with their feet over the edge. It probably wasn’t the best idea for the unofficial sons of the two most famous heroes on the planet to be canoodling on top of a building filled with reporters. But Tim was so tired he was barely conscious and Conner had wanted a little time with his man without Cassie or Bart giving him grief. So, here they sat watching a large group of reporters take pictures. Oh yeah, Batman was so going to kill him.

Tim sighed and nuzzled a little closer so his head resting comfortably on Conner’s shoulder and a few wayward strands of his hair were tickling the clone’s nose. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow but Conner knew better than to assume that a Bat wouldn’t be alert and aware of his surrounding. Conner suspected that Tim, like himself, just was too tired to care at the moment. The clone sighed right back and rubbed Tim’s arm gently and placed a soft kiss on top of his head. Hey, if people were watching them might as well make it good. He didn’t want it getting around that he was a bad boyfriend.

Tim’s head slowly lifted and hovered just inches from his own. It was incredibly sexy and he imagined it looked that way too judging by the increased activity 80 stories below. Tim gently pulled Conner’s head down until his lips were ghosting on top of his own. His gloved fingers delicately ran through Conner’s short cropped hair causing the clone to shiver slightly. Tim’s lips twitched upward slightly against own.

“If I don’t get a strong cup of coffee within the next 90 seconds I will pull out my Kryptonite ring and beat you senseless on live TV then mail the broken pieces of you to Luthor to put back together.” Tim said in a voice completely void of emotion despite the incredibly provocative position they were currently in.  Conner couldn’t help the snort. The reporters below were speculating what loving words of adoration the human had said to his God-like lover. They can’t possibly know it was just Tim being Tim. And Conner wouldn’t have him any other way. He was also running out of time and he knew Tim was always serious when it came to his coffee. He leaned forward and completed the kiss before grabbing the disaster that was his boyfriend into his arms and lifting them both off the building.

“I think I saw a shop still standing a few blocks away,” Conner answered giving Tim a moment to secure himself before the flight. Below, the reporters continued their frenzy. Let them. Let them speculate on the mysterious Robin and the powerful Superboy. They could focus on the glamour of capes and forbidden love, that left room for Tim and Conner to be themselves and enjoy the other’s company.

“For your sake there better be. Now come on, you only have 47 second remaining.”

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Last for the writing meme!


For this writing memeLAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project

I’m responding with the last two lines of just one of my many WIPs. I think this is a little more provocative than current other last lines. *grin* We’ll see?

Another patently false smile, and [Chuck] clunked their glasses together. “Here’s to first fucking place, mate.”

And living through it with all my organs in place and intact, he thought but considerately didn’t say as he downed his second beer at a draught.

Shawn Imagine (Insomniacs)

This is for one of my favorite and most adorable people friends flippingriermendes I absolutely love you so much you are adorable and I can’t get over it! :) I hope you like it I tried my best!

Shawn Imagine


You were currently fuming. Cameron, your older brother, wouldn’t let you go out with the guys. Well that wasn’t the whole of it. Cameron wouldn’t let you go out with the guys, with what you were wearing.

The thing is, you weren’t even wearing anything that slutty or provocative. You were currently wearing a lace tight fitting black dress and while it sounded slutty it didn’t look slutty on you.

You slammed the door to your hotel room and stormed over to your bed and sat down. You didn’t stay there long, you got up and went to the full length mirror on the bathroom door. You liked how the dress looked on you, it was flattering. You sighed as you slowly lowered the zipper in the back as you decided to listen to Cam’s advice.

You went over to your suitcase and opened it up. You pulled out another black dress but this was more loose fitting and had a white collar. 

You slipped pulled the zipper off the current dress you were wearing and lowered it all the way. Then you pulled your arm out of the right sleeve and then the left, leaving your whole top half exposed.

You heard the door open and you immediately panic.

“Hey, Y/N, I was just–OH MY GOD I’m sorry!” You hear Shawn say as he covers his eyes. You were holding up the lace dress to your chest so he wouldn’t see your bra.

“It’s okay Shawn, just remember to knock next time,” You tell him. He leaves the room and you assume he stands outside the door as you finish changing.

You slide on the dress and fold the lace dress and put it back in your suitcase.

“You can come in Shawn!” You shout from your bed. You were sitting with your legs crossed as the door opened.

“Look Y/N I’m really sorry,” He said and you could still see his cheeks were a bit pink.

“Shawn, it’s okay,” You reassure him by grabbing his hand. Shawn tensed when you grab his hand and you furrowed your eyebrows retracting your hand from his. “What’s wrong?” You ask him slowly.

“Um well, well. I don’t really know how to say this Y/N,” He stutters. You were starting to get worried.

“Is someone hurt? Is Cameron okay?” You ask frantically that was the only thing that you could think of.

“No, no one is hurt!” He reassures you and then he smiles to himself only confusing you more. “Look Y/N,” Shawn says as he grabs your hands. “I like you. I have been speculating it for a while now but when I walked in on you changing I startled you but you didn’t yell at me. You calmly asked me to leave and it just made me more sure of my feelings for you. And I am sorry for startling you. You know what, actually I’m not. I’m glad I walked in on you changing, because what I got to see was beautiful Y/N, you are beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise,” Shawn says to you while his hands remained entwined with yours. You were speechless, you never thought that Shawn would like you.

“I don’t know what to say,” You reply. You really didn’t what could you say. You weren’t sure of your feelings for Shawn and you didn’t want to just say that you liked him back just because he confessed his feelings. You had never thought of liking Shawn but as you thought of it now you could see the possibilities. “Look Shawn I can’t say that I like you back,” You start and you see his face drop. “Yet,” You finish your sentence and his eyes light up a bit. “I just need some time to process this and think about it all because I never considered this before,” You explain to him.

“I understand Y/N, take your time,” He says with a smile and he gets up and leaves the room. Once you hear the door close you fell on your bed and let out a huge breath. WOW. You did not see that coming.

*45 minutes later*

You and all the guys were seated in a restaurant eating dinner but you hardly noticed the food on your plate, you were distracted with Shawn. You had never been this way. But something was different this time. You watched as he talked to Matt and as he laughed.

He had a great smile. You noticed so many things that you didn’t before, you just never thought of Shawn in that light but maybe it was time to see him that way.

Finally after much speculation you began to eat.


You walked into your hotel room and shut the door. You slid off your black dress and switched it for a tank top and sweatpants. Just as you put your dress away you heard a knock.

“Who is it?” You shout.

“It’s me!” Shawn shouts.

“Look Shawn if I didn’t know your voice who do you think me could be?” You ask with a laugh as you walk over to the door and open it.

“Could be anybody,” He says with a shrug and a sheepish smile. You stand back and let him come in.

“What’s up?” You ask him as you sit next to him on your bed.

“Nothing much I just wanted to see how you were doing,” He said. You smiled at his thoughtfulness.

“Well, I am doing quite well thank you for showing an interest in my well being,” You say with a grin.

“It’s kind of hard not to,” He says.

“What are you suggesting?” You ask him curiously.

“Well, for me at least, it’s not hard to notice everything you do or wonder what is going through your mind because everything about you fascinates me and I want to learn so much more about you and hear all your thoughts that cause anxiety so I can make you feel better, and I want to have late night talks with you because we can’t sleep and we can be insomniacs together, I just want to get to know you,” Shawn rushes out. You were stunned at his forwardness and his ability with words. As cliche as all of those words were jumbled together, that didn’t matter.

Feelings were meant to be expressed in cheesy and cliche ways so until we found a new way cheesy and cliche was okay with you.

“I wouldn’t want to be an insomniac with anyone else,” You say with a huge grin on your face.

Shawn’s expression brightened and he smiled a smile that could cure the world of depression and it happened.

Right then and right there, it happened.

You may not have known it but it happened.

On September 21, 2014 11:31 PM exactly.

You fell in love with Shawn Mendes and there was no going back.

And you were okay with that.


Hope you like it. I tried my best. You can send imagine requests, blurbs, and preferences in! I will try my best to have them posted within two days because I have been getting a lot recently but I will try my best.


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