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“being safe was better than being vulnerable, and it helped her avoid feeling too much useless hope.” (source)

All Encompassing

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Words: 3,718
Soul-Mate AU
Part 1 of my Marked Series on AO3
Note: This is my very first drabble I have officially posted on AO3!! I hope to do longer drabbles like this now along with headcanons, so I would really appreciate the support. Harry and Pansy’s story will be posted next. Thanks so much for always being there to read my stuff! You are all fantastic. x

The first thing Hermione read when she found out she was a witch was a book on soul-mates. It was the one she was drawn to when she faced her first wizarding bookshelf in Flourish and Blotts. She found the theory that wizards had one true love laughable at first, until she let her secret sappy romantic heart take over. It gave her something to look forward to, it gave her hope for a connection she always yearned for.

She had spent most of her life feeling so misunderstood, would this be the answer? Would it really be like finding her other half? What would her mark look like? Would it actually happen, or was it truly just a theory?

It was amazing to her that when you touched your soul-mate for the first time, you went through an excruciatingly painful process. As soon as your skin met, the skin over your heart would be cut into a symbolic mark representing your soul-mate. As years would pass, it would darken with age until it was black. It was supposed to represent that true love never dies, because your mark would never leave. It would become a part of you forever.

Although this phenomena had apparently existed since the beginning of wizard-kind, it was still considered theoretical. It was hard to prove if your mark was real or just a tattoo, because some people would get tattoos to convince others that their relationship was true. It became a way of proving your love to the world, but most people that were truly marked did not share their marks with everyone. It was private, and they liked to keep it a secret with their soul-mate.

Hermione could only conclude that finding your true soul-mate was a rare occurrence, and she hated herself for feeling false hope, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to find someone that understood her unconditionally, because no one in the muggle-world ever understood her, not even her parents. She learned quickly during her first two years at Hogwarts that most people in the wizarding world didn’t understand her, either. Maybe she was always meant to be misunderstood, but that did not stop Hermione from trying to make contact with as many people as possible. All she had was hope.

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“cormac hasn’t asked me one single question about myself, no, i’ve just been treated to ‘a hundred great saves made by cormac mclaggen’ non-stop ever since.”

Blow by @provocative-envy Fic Aesthetic

Just another gift for her birthday since I absolutely adore this story and hope to see more of it one day. Happy birthday once again Andrea! 

“Granger,” he greets her, taking a long swig of beer.

She drops her carefully packed U-Haul box full of dishware. “Oh, my god.”

“No,” Malfoy disagrees, “definitely not God.”

She kicks the front door shut and blinks—once, twice, three times, even. He’s still there. “You’re—you died. I saw you.”

He squints at the ceiling fan and then hums. “Must be why I’m here,” he drawls, gesturing around her empty apartment. “Kind of a shithole, isn’t it?”

She stares at him, nonplussed and only vaguely offended. “It’s two blocks from the upper campus library.”

He snorts. “Priorities.”

“There’s a dishwasher, it’s not like I’m—wait, don’t change the subject. You’re dead. How are you—”

He cuts her off with a sigh. “It’s Halloween, Granger.”


“So,” he repeats, incredulously, “I’m. You know. A ghost.”

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day four: favorite ship - harry potter & pansy parkinson

“their love was like a war, constantly fighting both sides, both wanting to find peace within each other. it was nearly impossible, because she was rough waves crashing against stones, and he was fire that charred everything in his path. when he looked into her eyes, he saw the cold blue sea, and when she grabbed his hand, she was set ablaze. if there was one thing they both had in common, it was passion, ferocity, the soul of fighters. never giving up on something they believed in, and after the war, the only thing they believed in was each other.” (source


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“you, petunia evans, a muggle, are the love of my life. nothing brings me greater satisfaction and nothing ever will bring me greater satisfaction. magic brought us together, and it will bring us apart. you have to accept that, my love. everything that is good in life is also bad. please contact your sister, and tell my brother i love him. you no longer deserve to feel the bitterness we have shared for all these years. lift that burden off your shoulders, i beg you. this is goodbye, but as you now know, magic is a full circle. it will bring us apart in this moment, but it will bring us back together in the end. rest easy, my love. i will see you soon.” (source)

Stranger Danger

Pairing: Cormac McLaggen x Hermione Granger
Words: 3,163
This is for the @hprarepairnet Summer Vacation Challenge!
You can also read this on AO3.

When Cormac imagined getting a summer job, he didn’t imagine he would be working at a mini-mart. He knew his ego was large, but he figured he could talk his way into something better. He had entitlement issues, and they were well-known to most people. But coming to a brand new town for the whole summer gave him the expectation that he would have an edge.

He was wrong.

So it was now 11:33 pm on a Wednesday night in July, and he was currently stocking tampons on the shelves in the feminine hygiene aisle. He would be lying if he said his pride didn’t take a hit.

But he was relieved to find out that it wasn’t only his pride that was being taken down a few notches tonight.

When he saw her walk in with her hot friend, she looked frantic. Her cheeks were flushed against her tanned skin, and she was nervously rubbing her palms on the top of her bare thighs. Naturally, Cormac’s eyes lingered down to her legs that were nicely exposed because of her cut-offs. He picked up quickly that rubbing her legs was a nervous habit, because he could see that her skin was bright red.

“Ginny!” She hissed, “I can’t ask him if he has any tampons! Do you know how ridiculous that would be? He doesn’t even look like he knows what a feminine hygiene product is!

Casually, Cormac strolled up next to them. He winked at the girl’s hot friend who snorted in response, and then he looked at the distressed girl with too much pride.

“Actually, I was just re-stocking the tampons,” he said loudly, “Would you like me to escort you?”

Her face was bright red again, and he had never seen someone’s glare come across so piercing.

“Keep your voice down! The whole world doesn’t need to know.”

Her friend tried to suppress a laugh, and Cormac looked around the store dramatically. No one else was there but the three of them. Cormac knew, because he was closing tonight.

“Well, I know I am a pretty big deal in this world, but I wouldn’t say I’m the whole world.”

“Just show me where the damn tampons are!” She snapped.

Cormac eyed her for a few seconds longer, but the girl didn’t dare look away from him. She was challenging him, and he found it hot.

“Fine,” he relented, “They are right down aisle four.”

She huffed, and her friend said thank you as they made their way down the aisle.

Cormac went back up to the cash register, and he heard her hiss again, “They only have cardboard applicators! I don’t know if this late night swimming is even worth it! If we just wait until tomorrow, I can go to a different store and find better tampons.”

“You can’t let Harry and Ron down, Hermione,” her friend told her, “You will have to get over your fear of tampons sooner or later. This is a spontaneous adventure, you need to learn to be more spontaneous.”

Cormac had to bite his tongue to stop himself from laughing. This girl was insane.

The next words that came out of her mouth Cormac couldn’t make out, but they were soon up in front of him again and ready to buy the cheap ass cardboard applicator tampons. They were the only brand they stocked in the store.

“You really need better tampon options,” the girl complained, “Some of us have certain needs.”

“You’re lucky we even have tampons for your late night endeavors,” he commented.

She turned bright red again and practically threw her credit card at him.

He smirked as he looked down at the name on the card.

Hermione Jean Granger.

It was a pretty name. It was almost a little too elegant for a girl with hair as bushy as hers and an attitude as loud, but he felt like it fit her well.

He inserted her card into the chip reader, and the purchase ended up being $4.87.

As he handed her back her card, she stuffed the tampons in her red cloth bag and mumbled, “Thank you, for your help.”

She started to walk away, but before they made it back outside and through the sliding doors, Cormac called, “Anytime Granger!”

And he meant it.

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hansy !

Harry hated summer. He hated the heat, he hated how his clothes would stick to his skin, and he especially hated going back to his aunt’s house after his spring semester because he couldn’t afford to live on his own if he was not in a dorm.

She was dreadful; her husband was dreadful. He was at least thankful his cousin was no longer around, but that didn’t mean he still wasn’t forced to work at their country club doing terrible jobs.

In high school, he was forced to be their janitor. But once he got into college, they made him pay for his own swimming courses to become a lifeguard for them. There could be worse things, he figured. He argued against it at first, but they told him they would no longer pay for his college if he didn’t do it.

So here he was overseeing prissy bitches and fuck boys by their salt water pools to make sure they didn’t die as they tried to flirt by playing Marco Polo. Harry knew all the male members suggested the game to potentially feel up the girl members, which made it even worse. Harry hated anything pretentious, and Golden Hills country club was the definition of pretentious. He didn’t think anything could top it.

Until he remembered Pansy Parkinson.

He knew about her in high school, sure. She was the cliche most popular girl in school who dated a new guy every few months but would always end up going back to her first boyfriend, Cormac McLaggen. It was enough to make Harry want to puke, but that was what high school had to be like. Right?

When he saw her by the pool the first day on his shift, he wasn’t surprised. Her father owned half the town, and it still amazed him that he hadn’t bought out his uncle yet.

She had grown her hair out since high school. It was now down to her mid-back, and she wore it in loose waves. He hadn’t seen her for three years, which seemed weird to him now. Where had she been? What had she been doing all the summers before this one? 

It was as though she could feel him watching her, because she turned around and looked up at him. He was sitting in his lifeguard’s chair, and he nearly fell off of it as he tried to look away quickly. He watched her right eye twinkle with amusement, and she smirked up at him. But she didn’t say anything, she just flipped her hair and kept walking with her oldest friend, Daphne Greengrass.

They made it to what Harry learned quickly was their favorite spot by the pool, and he watched as she rubbed sunscreen up and down her long tan legs. He felt his mouth water, but he pushed the thought away. He was here to protect people, not gape at them. And besides, that’s what they wanted. That’s what Pansy Parkinson wanted.

She always wanted that.

And he would not give her the light of day, because he, Harry Potter, was a stubborn son of a bitch.

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