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I need more Ron x Astoria! Pleaseeeee! Anything! I really love the otp! (Sorry for the english sucks. Brazil says hi!)

  • astoria gripped ron’s hand tighter.
  • she tried to suck back the tears, but now they were free-falling.
  • he squeezed her hand to reassure her that he was there.
  • it was a cloudy day, a day she knew her father would have hated.
  • her father hated most things, including her.
  • but she could not hate him.
  • that was not in her nature.
  • she watched his funeral from the hillside.
  • and how daphne’s arm was looped through her mother’s, and how her mother showed no emotion.
  • astoria was no longer a greengrass, even though that would always be her maiden name.
  • it ended as soon as it started, and ron and astoria stood from a distance and watched as everyone parted to leave.
  • astoria watched as her mother begged for daphne to go ahead.
  • and she was surprised to see that once her mother thought no one was watching, she fell to her knees and was sobbing into her hands.
  • the depth of emotion her mother was feeling caught astoria off-guard, and it made astoria feel emotions she did not know she possessed.
  • she was in ron’s arms before she knew it, and she pressed her ear against his chest to hear his heartbeat.
  • she concentrated on its rhythm to bring her back to ease.
  • one, thump, two, thump, three, thump.
  • once she opened her eyes again, she saw that her mother was walking away from her father’s grave.
  • her moment of overwhelming sadness was over as quick as it started.
  • just like her parent’s love for her.
  • she stood there with ron for awhile longer until they were both soaked from the rain.
  • he rubbed the pad of his thumb against her knuckles and played with the ring on her finger.
  • “do you want go down to his grave now?” he asked, “they’re all gone.”
  • astoria knew she should, but she did not feel it was appropriate.
  • he was her blood, but he was not her father.
  • he was never her family, no matter how hard she desperately tried to make him be.
  • the same went for her mother and sister.
  • they never loved her, and family loved each other. 
  • she was alone, until she found ron.
  • “no,” she answered, “i don’t want to go down and see my father’s grave. i want to visit fred’s.”
  • she looked up to see that ron’s face was full of shock, but once he looked into her eyes…
  • he understood.
  • she knew his eyes were welling up with tears, but no one other than her would have been able to tell because of the rain.
  • although she never knew fred, she knew he was more her family than her blood relatives ever were.
  • the weasley’s were her family.
  • ron was her home.
  • “okay,” he replied, “let’s go.”