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So, I hear you ship Blinny... I've been having a really hard time finding good Blinny fics - do you have any recs?

Hey! So I’m pretty limited in my fic reading- I tend to just stick to Drarry, Scorbus, and assorted quirky Next Gen ships. So I haven’t read an awful lot of Blinny, unfortunately 

But if you want some amazing Blinny, read Hotel SheetsVoodoo Doll, and Chemical Collision by @provocative-envy

Also, Secrets (Vorabiza, 411k, my favorite fic ever) and Turn (Saras_Girl, 307k) both have background Blinny adorableness

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can you give me some dramione fic recs please??

The only Dramione fics I’ve read have been @provocative-envy’s, because her writing is absolutely flawless- she’s honestly the best writer I’ve yet to come across, and I’ll read any and every fic with which she graces us :)

Her ao3 is here, and her tumblr ficlets are here- there’s lots of Dramione, lots of Hansy (a personal favorite of mine), and lots of rare pairs that she somehow writes so perfectly that you end up saying, “Of course those characters are together, how could they not be??” 

Other than that, I know @demcntor has a great Dramione rec list. There’s also @dramioneasks, which is solely a Dramione fic rec blog

I hope this helps! Enjoy :)