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imagine being blocked by a fic rec blog bc you’re defending the soft sides of your bias 😥😂

i guess the level of my toxicity™ just got elevated im so proud of myself

In this edition of ‘lies Carol Ann Harris told which are actually VERY easy to spot because of footage we have’, I give to you the AMAs…

Suddenly he leaped up like someone had lit a firecracker under his butt and took off after the rest of his fellow band members. Already a full minute in front of Lindsey, they were all gathered on the left side of the stage behind the podium, posing and smiling for the cameras as they waited for him to climb the flight of about fifteen stairs to join them.

And then it happened. Lindsey began to ascend the stairs. His legs looked like they were made of rubber as he started to climb: first one stair, then the next. With each step his legs were getting shakier and looser as though bones were dissolving in front of everyone’s eyes. A stunned silence fell over the auditorium as every living soul watched Lindsey’s progress in morbid fascination - for it was apparent to us all that the newly crowned guitarist of the American Music Awards’ Best Band of the Year was running a 90 percent chance of tumbling backward and landing on his ass in front of millions of TV viewers.

Too stunned to move, I started praying again. Praying that someone - anyone - from the band would go to his rescue. And, once again, my prayers went unanswered. Stevie and Christine, faces hanging slack in shock, stood in dead silence as they watched in horror his stumbling, bandy-legged ascent. Lindsey continued to climb, legs quivering… face beaded in sweat… looking like a character from a B-movie who’d been shot and was dragging out his last moments on earth as he mounted the steps to his pearly gates.

As if this spectacle wasn’t bad enough, Lindsey was not headed toward the podium on stage left. Instead, his superhuman effort was leading him to the opposite side of the stage. He was so cross-eyed, perhaps, that his line of destination was completely on the wrong side of the platform. Rising from my seat, I was on the verge of bolting to his rescue when, miraculously, he made it to the top of the stairs. Swaying and grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, he made a little bow toward his captive audience and waved hello.

Throughout this nightmarish exhibition I tried to keep a smile on my face. Frozen as it might be, at least it masked the sick feeling of dread that was coursing through me like electricity. At least I hoped it did. Just as I felt as though I might scream at the band, “For God’s sake, go help him!” Mick and John raced across the stage and grabbed Lindsey by the arms, guiding him none too gently to the podium.

- Carol Ann Harris, Storms (Chapter Eight)

some relative on facebook: here’s a video proving the world is flat

me: that’s bullshit this whole thing is bullshit that’s a scam fuck conspiracy videos

youtuber: the flintstones takes place in a future where we got nuked during the cold war that’s why there’s “modern” technology and they celebrate christmas


The Double Standard of Black Victimhood

Racial Jokes, Racial Tension, Oppression, and More

Making jokes about white people generally slips by without objection whereas jokes about other races, especially black people (for who knows what reason), are seen as extremely offensive and racist in most contexts. How can those fighting for supposed rights of minorities in the US have such a willfully ignorant attitude toward jokes with racial punchlines?

Many white people, including me, can take jokes about their race light-heartedly and jokingly (given that the joke doesn’t seem to be legitimately racist) because after all, that’s why they’re called jokes. However, if you look at the identical situation but with African Americans as the butt of a joke many more black people will be offended than the white people in the previous hypothetical situation. Many can account for this with anecdotal experiences. If you don’t believe me try and experiment to come to your own conclusion.

When you notice this difference between these two situations and try asking the African American party why they’re so offended by a light-hearted joke they’ll likely say something like, “Because our race is the one who has been and is still oppressed today. You’re white so you’re not oppressed and never have been, so you don’t get the right to joke about other races.” This argument is ridiculous for one simple reason: just because slaves were black and black people used to be oppressed doesn’t mean that gives you a good reason to be offended today, especially if you are one of today’s young “activists”. The only black person who might have any reason to be offended is either your extremely old grandparents of great grandparents who may have lived through a small sliver of the civil rights movement, but none of the black population today is still suffering from the way slaves were treated a century and a half a ago. It is long over and black people today have no memory of or strong connection to slavery or any discrimination against black folk. Simply said: the perceived presence of oppression is purely a persecutory delusion.

Of course everyone has a right to be offended, but if you’re offended over something that you’re only connected to by the pigment of your skin you can’t expect anyone to think you’re reasonable or to care about your hurt feelings.

Racial tension is propagated by the perpetuation of a victim complex within the African American community. At this point black people are causing their own problems and then blaming them on white people.

Black people are the ones causing the racial tension they complain about.

Of course some people are still racist toward blacks, but to say that black people are oppressed is inaccurately extreme and dishonest. Whether BLM or related groups want to admit it or not, there are plenty of blacks who are racist toward whites. It’s clearly not just whites who are racist toward blacks, and furthermore, its not even just a black and white issue. There are many racist people that are racist toward many other races across the spectrum.

Bottom line: In today’s western society systematic oppression is nonexistent.

I happily commend those who sport their “black” skin with dignity, pride, and respect and don’t draw attention to it or use it as a victim card. We need more action from respectable black people. Don’t let a large part of your race make you all look bad.

The cancerous movement that is Black Lives Matter is terrible for our country’s race relations. BLM has caused almost all of the racial tension that it claims to fight. Racial equality (we already have it so we don’t need to fight for it) is not achieved by thickening the lines that define our racial differences; it is improved by treating each other as if we don’t notice differences in skin color, because skin color does not matter.

I could not care less that you are black.

I would venture to say that Martin Luther King Jr. likely wouldn’t be very impressed with how you’re using your freedom, and if you’re not a part of the problem be a part of the solution.

Thank you for reading.

*Forever annoyed that some people on here conveniently bypass or ignore Cullen’s traumatic experiences/PTSD/brainwashing via fear in their efforts to prove he’s a terrible person*


He’s not a good man, Annalise.


To the two aggressive anons.

I won’t reply to you because I don’t want to pollute my blog with your hateful messages. This is my blog, so it’s my choice whether I reply to you or not, and I decide on what will be posted publicly and what not, not you.

Also, if you truly stood by your statements, you wouldn’t need to turn anon on. The fact that you cannot message me off-anon proves that you do know that what you wrote is bullshit and that your bullshit opinion will not be supported by anyone. You don’t want to get hate messages from others, you don’t want to have a bad reputation, you don’t want to take responsibility for your own statements, that’s why you turned anon on. And this is so incredibly pathetic… (´・ω・`)

If you want me to respect your opinion, then write a message in a respectful manner and turn off the anon-mode. As long as you send me anonymous messages in that tone, I won’t reply.

May 2016 be a year of happiness, success and mental development for you two so that you don’t feel the need anymore to attack other people on internet just because they like the fictional character you hate. Cheers.

anonymous asked:

remember when the trailer of CW came out and people are blaming Bucky for hurting Rhodey? kinda what's happening now. we don't even know the storyline of BP and people are hating Bucky/Sebastian, like, can fandom chill for a while? you can hate Nick Spencer for making Cap Hydra because he knows what he's doing, but you can't hate Sebastian just because he has a contract commitment to fulfill. or, you know, because he's white.

How could I forget? That’s totally what’s happening here. No one is going to “forget the black actors in the movie” or whatever sjw’s are saying because of Seb’s potential presence in the movie. If anyone does that then they were lowkey racist anyway.

Coogler’s directing, fucking Chadwick and Micheal and possibly, maybe, hopefully John Boyega and Lupita are starring. This movie is about black/African people, and Sebastian’s presence won’t do anything but further a larger storyline - a storyline which Marvel already put in place in Civil War. If Bucky went to sleep in Wakanda, under T’Challa’s care, what sense does it make for him not to wake up there. 

And look, Tumblr hates white people. But nobody has to worry/hate on/talk shit about Seb for potentially hopefully being in Black Panther. This film is about black excellence, he’s not going to make that disappear. 

The fight against oppression is done by delusional people who can't reason.

So, here’s my point tl;dr: If our forefathers and the oppressed had fought against oppression the same way we are doing right now, people would still own slave and thing it’s the most normal thing of all time.

Why do we know slavery is wrong and bad? Because people took the time to tell others why it is. They educated people around them. That’s how progress is obtained. That’s how any reasonable person expects things to change. 

No matter how loud you scream at someone or how many times you use blanket terms like “Check your privilege” no one will bother with your message because you are doing it in a condescending way. And so am I right now, which kinda makes me a hypocrite, but meh. 

If you’re teaching 5 y/o in preschool, how will you convince them not to throw their snot everywhere and piss their pants? If the answer is by: A. Tell them to check their pant-shitting privilege or B. Scream and whine until they calm down. Bravo, you have become worse than the fucking kids. 

See this analogy I just did? Well that’s tumblr’s ‘activism’ in a nutshell. People who know nothing about oppression aren’t necessarily privilege and it doesn’t mean they have led easy lives. Get over yourselves if you think white or men can’t be oppressed, but also, get over yourself if you think you’re the only person/people/class/genre oppressed or having trouble. 

I learned about transexuality this year mostly. I knew it existed, but always thought it was just a really small percentage of people. Turns out, many people identify as trans or unsure. Good on them, I ain’t bashing. 

What I’m bashing on though, is when someone yells, screams and generally just goes on a rampage because someone misgendered them or misthreated their 'condition’(TITP). I’m not the person I am today through those things, I learned to be tolerant and accepting of LGBT+ by people being kind enough to educate me. Because why in the hell would I “google this shit” if it doesn’t affect me? 

Why would I go through the process of learning about LGBT issues, if no one bothers to tell me about them? 

I know it sounds like living in a glass bowl, but that’s sometimes how life is. You can’t always see other people’s issues. 

I’m sure the white people during the slavery were all big racists at heart and born that way because we all know that white supremacy is in our genes, but entertain this thought with me just a moment, that maybe, just maybe, people were racist because they were raised that way and no one told them it was wrong? 

It’s the same as religion. If you indoctrinate someone young enough, they will believe something without evidence or proof. They won’t need it, because that’s what will feel natural for them. 

Someone spends years telling you that black people are worthless, what do you think? And don’t bullshit me about you being better than everyone else. But people like Rosa Park and MLK changed that. They inspired people. Not to write mean stuff on their blogs(which they didn’t have the privilege of having because they weren’t in our privileged era where stuff like that exists). But they encouraged people of all colors to accept eachothers and love eachothers. Isn’t that beautiful? 

Nothing was achieved when someone of any race decided to jump up and down and throw insults while slowly being turned into a green raging monster. 

This brings me to my second point: 

Facts>Feels. No matter how you feel, facts still triumph over it. No matter how much you THINK the black are dumb, FACTS prove that blacks and white and asians and native american, etc(can’t list them all, sorry) are all intellectually capable people. 

No matter how much you think you are oppressed, if facts tell you otherwise, stop dismissing the facts as the acts of haters or trolls. Facts are just that, facts. 

Studies were done by smarter people than yourself probably. They probably knew more about the subject because a study takes a long freaking time. 

So stop dismissing studies and scientifically accurate researches. Pretending a group is oppressed while dismissing the issues of another (Feminists against MRAs) is simply oozing stupidity when all the facts point towards the opposite. 

But let’s be clear on something: A Feminist research=biased. 
A men’s rights research=biased
A government study=unbiased(if anything, sometimes biased towards money)
A black research=biased
a white research=biased. 
A factual research peer reviewed and presented in university PhDs= Unbiased, proven and tested. 

So please, just stop with the bullshit, strawmen and just actually help people? Because Tumblr is full of people thinking it’s not their job to educate others, but with that mentality, or children and the following generations will still have this issue.