proving others wrong

au where Neil and Katelyn work at a coffee shop, the twins are frequent visitors but rarely do they ever go in together.

  • Andrew tends to go to the cafe around the time Neil has a shift and Aaron when Katelyn has shift (have they shifted their schedules to accommodate for a certain cute barista, no of course not, pfft)
  • Andrew likes to annoy Neil by telling him he made his drink wrong(tells him he wants a free drink next time he comes in). neil hates him and does give him a free drink only to have it be the sweetest concoction ever(bc who could like something so poisonously sweet) Spoiler alert: Andrew does. Cue his salute and “better luck next time” as he exits the cafe
  • next time andrew comes in neil makes him most bitter black coffee ever.
  • andrew is all like challenge accepted and looks neil straight in the eye as he pours nearly half the sugar container into his cup of coffee. raises the cup to him as if toasting to him, ‘cheers’ and walks out of the fucking cafe
  • Neil doesn’t realize he’s been giving andrew a free drink every time he comes. andrew however does.
  • katelyn flirts with aaron every time he comes in. their encounters are a mix of awkward chatter and flirtations. aaron has been trying to ask her for her number for some time now. katelyn has been getting up the courage to write her number on his cup
  • neil comes in to relieve katelyn of her shift and sees one of the twins just walk out of the shop and he tells her how much of an asshole he is and katelyn is like what?? you’re wrong. katelyn is like his name is aaron and he’s a sweetheart and neil is like his name is andrew and he’s a fucking ass
  • so in order to prove each other wrong they move their schedules around to have several shifts together.(this also confuses the twins because like what happened to their cute barista)
  • matt and dan work the register, both have a sneaking suspicion that they are twins but they don’t say anything because they think it’s hilarious.they also have a bet going on as to who will realize it first. matt bets on neil(of course). they are sure to put themselves on the same shift as neil and katelyn
  • aaron walks in while they are both working and neil watches as aaron completely ignores him in favor of katelyn. and he smiles and laughs and what the fuck. and katelyn gets the courage to put her phone number on the cup, feeling all triumphant over neil
  • neil is actually offended(which actually surprises neil because he should be glad he is ignoring him but he’s not, how dare this fucker not talk to him after all the shit he has put neil through) and is about to go off on him when andrew walks in.
  • aaron and andrew both look at each like what the fuck are you doing here
  • and katelyn and neil look at each other like, they’re fucking twins
  • dan and matt call it a draw
  • neil writes his number on andrew’s cup because why the fuck not

 "After Fearless, I had a lot of people say ‘She’s an 18 year old girl, there’s no way she carried her weight in those writing sessions.’ There was no way I could prove them wrong other than to write my entire next record solo, so that’s what I did.“

To all of those that said I couldn’t
To all of those who expect me to fail
To all of those who have me down as ‘slightly above average’
To all of those who have me down as just 'they’ll probably pass’
To all of those who think I am not good enough

Simple Little Things In Life

-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-singing in the rain
-a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
-a good hair day
-waking up before the alarm goes off
-birds chirping for the first time since winter
-dancing when nobody’s watching
-waking up early & falling back asleep
-watching the sun rise/set
-starbucks spelling your name correctly
-finding money in your pocket
-listening to a favorite song on repeat
-puppies & kittens
-being outside when the weather is /just right/
-the smell of rain on pavement
-twinkle lights
-getting retweets
-cute sweaters
-popping bubble wrap
-raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
-scribbling out words when you mess up
-writing in pen
-the perfect drinking temperature for tea
-wearing cute little mittens
-getting into bed with fresh sheets
-singing along to the radio
-the first day of spring & not having to wear a jacket
-rainy days
-watching the snow fall
-cute dreams
-classical music
-heavy thunderstorms
-fall leaves
-walking on pavement
-your favorite t-shirt
-disney movies
-a cold shower on a hot day
-fresh flowers
-apple cinnamon candles
-handwritten letters
-receiving mail
-chipped nail polish
-on sale items
-city lights on the street after the rain
-roasting marshmallows over an open fire
-the calming pitter-patter of the rain
-not being able to put a book down
-getting a text from an old friend
-the feeling you get after a workout
-that certain bookstore smell
-the smell of old books
-buying school supplies
-warm towels
-sunlight shining through the trees
-genuinely feeling happy
-planning a party
-summer breeze
-getting enough sleep
-the feeling of sand between your toes
-waves crashing on the shore
-the sweet smell of the ocean
-proving yourself wrong
-proving others wrong
-big, warm hugs that make you feel loved
-making lists
-letting go of the past
-the word “serendipity”
-learning another language
-fresh air
-the window seat
-rereading your favorite book
-gel pens
-deep red lipstick
-hair bows
-glitter & sparkles
-flea markets
-cute lil antique shops
-pocket watches
-fine art
-poetry, tea, & over-the-knee socks
-random acts of kindness
-freshly baked cookies
-photo booths
-freshly cut grass
-happy tears
-catching up with an old friend
-seeing someone light up when they talk about their favorite thing
-sitting by a lake
-looking at the stars
-getting a pair of new shoes
-jumping on a trampoline
-elevator music
-blue eyes
-cursive writing
-when a cat sneezes
-falling asleep
-toaster waffles topped with fresh fruit
-the smell of lavender
-coffee ice cream
-bakery muffins
-walking in the woods during the summer
-apple picking
-squinting when the sun is too bright
-crossing things off your list
-saying hello
-deep city lights
-rainbow sprinkles
-old couples
-being sleepy & having messy hair
-forehead kisses
-swing dancing
-sugar cookies
-apple blossoms
-cute outfits
-aqua, light green, & purple
-mint green tea
-short stories
-iced tea with honey
-long necklaces and gold rings
-quoting your favorite movie
-hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, & a roaring fire in the winter
-snowball fights
-having a ton of pillows
-going out to eat

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I have looked everywhere for an explanation of who this Venny person is and what drama she has caused and all I can find is people talking about it, no actual info about what happened... do you know of a link to a post or something summarizing it? I'm really curious about what happened..

basically, she’s some twitter random who’s been a fan of wale for a while, so she started DMing (with the help and guidance of a lot of people in a group chat) wale about namjoon. note that she took all the credit for herself when a lot of people helped her, she didn’t even thank them. she first got noticed when she tweeted him about namjoon’s cover of wale’s song and got a reply. this thread by army base has a list of the interactions and stuff leading up to the collab. 

when the collab was confirmed, she basically started gloating about how she got a special gift from namjoon and wale that she wasn’t allowed to share. people didn’t believe her. it came out that she had been disgustingly i’m-not-sure-if-an-apology-is-enough racist, malicious, and vindictive in the past (all of which was said while she was already in her 20s). she got a lot of flack for a lot of things.

when the collab dropped earlier, she posted a video message from namjoon and wale which had them thanking her and saying they loved her. it surfaced that she had messaged literally all of her mutuals snippets of the video beforehand and had asked them not to share them in case it would “ruin his career.” but she shared it anyway.

that shows that she cares more about her own reputation, proving others wrong (she posted screencaps of people saying they don’t believe her when she said she got a gift, with a caption saying she kept it to prove them wrong in the end), and being a smug ass about it than namjoon’s wellbeing. 

4 weeks ago today I walked home alone and came into an empty house where I binged and purged and went to weigh myself but realised the scales were gone so I hurt myself and started crying and screaming and hitting the walls and freaking out over something so small and insignificant that doesn’t even matter. That day ended in hospital. 4 weeks on and today I walked home with my best friend and laughed the whole way because I had to walk bare footed after my shoes gave me blisters but I didn’t care because it’s sunny and warm outside and people at school were smiling. Today I came into an empty house but I took responsibility for myself and I made lunch and I ate it sensibly. I haven’t purged or self harmed or weighed myself in 4 weeks and things are starting to get better. There are so many people that thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this and the thing I’m realising now is that they don’t matter. I am the most important person in my own life. I know that I can do this. I believe in myself. I can’t even explain how proud of myself I am, because not only am I proving other people wrong but I’m also proving to myself that I have a life that’s worth living. I’ve proved to myself that I am strong enough. I am enough.

Jonas x Noora

So I saw a post that briefly mentioned a Jonas and Noora friendship, and it kind of sparked something in me. pt. 2

•We know Jonas has a lot of strong views on capitalism and Noora is a proud feminist. I could definitely see the two of them sharing passion for a variety of topics. For example when Jonas calls Isak out for pointing out that guy at the studio is gay. And how Noora had strong views on the role of violence in society. I think they are both pretty well-rounded in their opinions and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.

• Also the both of them are so put together. Definitely a power couple in the making.

•Jonas hasn’t had any serious relationships since 1st year, and Eva and Chris have something going on so I don’t see that relationship coming back. Noora and William are just a big ???

•They probably see eachother quite a bit, with Noora being Isak’s roommate and Jonas being his best friend. I can imagine one day Jonas comes over and Noora is reading or writing something on a topic Jonas has a joint interest in. They get into a bit of a heated conversation and both of them are lowkey shook to find someone else equally passionate about said topic(which ends up short-lived with the appearance of Isak).

•Maybe one day Jonas comes over, and Isak is busy (maybe he’s on the phone or he’s out a little longer than expected with Even). He just decides to wait for Isak because they have something important to do, but then Noora arrives and her eyes are kind of puffy. Jonas being a nice guy is just like “what’s up??” and she tries to play it off but ends up unloading on him about William.

• After initial meltdown she continues to come to him for advice as he is her only guy (friend?) source. They start to purposely spend time together, and initially it’s under the guise of Noora getting advice on William but they quickly find that they get along very well.

• Eva is the first to sense something going on with them. She’s friends with the both of them and she can’t help to notice that the two of them talk about each other a lot, not excessively but it’s an awful lot for two people who didn’t interact at all before. She talks to Isak about it but unfortunately he’s reverted from his snakey ways and refuses to get involved.

• They would finally get together at one of the Kosegruppa parties. Perhaps Jonas has had a bit too much to drink. He bumps into Noora and they talk for a little and he can’t help but to lean in to kiss her.

•Noora would momentarily be s h o o k, but she got over the shock she’d kiss him right back. Cue smirking Eva, Isak shaking his head, and varying shocked faces from the rest of their friends.

• Okay but imagine how good they would be for eachother:

• Jonas would tease her for her taste in music but when she gets down he’d gladly play all of her favorite JB songs on the guitar.

• Noora weaning Jonas off the weed by helping him identify and unload some of the stress that caused him to start smoking in the first place.

• Jonas teaching Noora how to unwind. We know that she is very headstrong and prefers to handle things on her own. Jonas respects that and he never forces her to talk about things, rather he shows her his favorite places and songs and shows in an attempt to make her feel better.

• Noora would love Narcos, and she can understand what they’re saying because of her time in Spain. Jonas stops watching it with Isak (who has been much more vocal about his lack of interest since his self-discovery) and it becomes his and Noora’s thing.

• Jonas teaching Noora to skate, because Noora gets tired of watching him from the sidelines.

• They’re both pretty independent people. They can go days without texting and they don’t often spend time with each others friends (Jonas hates the gossip and Noora hates the sexist video games they play). They are both very loyal to eachother so trust comes pretty easy.

• Neither of them are big on PDA, but Jonas always has an arm around her shoulder or on her waist to show the world “This beautiful girl right here, she’s all mine.”

• The one time-that-is-not-to-be-discussed where Noora convinced Jonas to wear some of her lipstick.

• Jonas, Noora, Eva and Isak would form their own mini squad. Cue lots of embarrassing stories about Isak (and a couple about Eva).

• Noora tries to teach Jonas to cook, but gets fed up with his teasing about how healthy everything is (“it’s like I’m dating a rabbit” “you say you won’t try weed but you clearly love grass”) and kicks him out the kitchen

• Isak bitching about how Noora is stealing his best friend but then Jonas reminds him that he basically has a live-in boyfriend.

• Ignoring eachother for hours because one of them proved the other wrong or made a really good point. (Nothing that can’t be fixed with kisses and corny jokes.)

• Noora shaping Jonas’s brows, but he ends up looking so odd she never does it again.


Here is a list of reasons not to kill yourself. There are no guilt trips like ‘for your family’ etc. These are reasons you should stay alive because you will never experience them if you are not alive.
68 Reasons to not kill yourself:
1. new albums
2. your pets will miss you
3. starry nights
4. staying in bed when it’s cold
5. trying on stupid sunglasses
6. good coffee
7. shitty coffee
8. skinny dipping
9. watching a sunrise
10. watching a sunset
11. skyping at midnight
12. tree houses
13. rainbows
14. night swimming
15. walks in the rain
16. donuts
17. long drives to nowhere
18. hotel rooms
19. putting on new contacts
20. taking a bra off
21. warped tour
22. tumblr
23. reading a good book the first time
24. reading a good book the thirty second time
25. cuddling
26. putting your favorite outfit on
27. bubble baths
28. long showers
29. singing along to songs
30. singing badly
31. looking at art
32. going to the beach
33. telling someone you love them the first time
34. telling someone you love them the 100th time
35. kisses
36. going inside when it’s hot out
37. going inside when it’s cold out
38. Sitting on a rooftop
39. laughing
40. petting animals
41. good hair days
42. candles
43. tea
44. naps
45. good pens
46. being held
47. holding someone
48. seeing your favorite band
49. meeting your idol
50. good movies
51. stupid movies
52. watching your favorite show
53. buying that thing you always wanted
54. taking pictures
55. drawing
56. writing
57. bonfires
58. being nice to strangers
59 giving compliments
60. getting compliments
61. pizza
62. looking at clouds
63. new shoes
64. flowers
65. going to the zoo
66. lightning
67. falling in love
68. proving yourself and others wrong

EXO as Demon Boyfriends

aww, thank you! ;) I hope you like this too! I felt like using the same scenario for each guy would be boring so I changed it up … hope that’s ok! Oh & you’re a human in this :)


  • is rather quiet and harvests souls only bc it’s his way of surviving, not out of cold blood. can seem uncaring but he simply sees it the same way that humans see a cow or a chicken; food
  • but a soul he could never take is yours, leading to him wanting to protect it instead
  • a group of rogue demons once found out about the scandalous love affair & tried to take your soul for themselves. but minseok surprised everyone by turning into a ruthless, vicious killer
  • he was a good guy but no one got away w threatening his friends or family. it brought out the cold demon in him and while scary, it’s also kinda sexy, ngl
  • intense sex that leaves you with bruises and your neighbours wondering if you’re being murdered

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  • seems like a small, delicate demon. the other demons tease him for his “feminine” looks. but when he’s hungry for souls or it’s mating season, he turns into … well, a demon
  • he’s unstoppable & surprisingly strong & ruthless
  • one night, he catches the scent of the tastiest soul he’s ever smelled & stumbles upon you showering at home. deciding whether to devour your soul or your body was such a hard decision luckily he picked the latter or else you’d be dead rn
  • your relationship is a constant mix of hunger/lust for him as he doesn’t know if he wants your heart or your soul more. but don’t be afraid, he would never hurt you … you think

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  • gives off an aura of over confidence
  • he doesn’t like being treated as inferior & will stand up for himself. this makes him seem arrogant or like he only cares for himself but he’s rather modest about his talents/strengths
  • and is very humble towards you, as he cares for you very much
  • it’s this self love & love for you that leads him to being so strong, which is what comes across as arrogance
  • has complex feelings but is bad at expressing them so sometimes he may do devilishly bad things when those feelings build up and explode. but you’ll always be there to pick up the pieces

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  • the alpha who doesn’t seem like one on the surface
  • he acts kind & friendly only so outsiders let their guards down. but if anything threatens his family/pack or you, then he will stop at nothing to eliminate that threat
  • feels sorry for humans but knows that their souls are the only way he’ll stay alive so he still kills but does so painlessly
  • spoils you
  • makes you sit on his lap during meetings, so everyone knows you’re the alpha female, even though you’re not a demon. bc human or not, the others know to listen to you. or else they’re on suho’s bad side & no one wants that

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  • he is intelligent, patient & hardworking. but also lazy :/
  • so he goes through phases of collecting endless souls then none & his boss lowkey hates him
  • during one of his hardworking spells, he encountered you & was immediately smitten
  • but before meeting you, he saw human souls as worthless. he wasn’t cruel, mind you, he wouldn’t hurt a human just for fun but they were still below him
  • so the fact that your soul drew him in so much astonished him & he didn’t even try to fight the pull.

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  • a cunning trickster who knows he’s beautiful
  • uses those looks to lure ppl into selling him their souls
  • when he found someone he couldn’t lure so easily, that “someone” being you, he fought hard to change that. but no matter how many tricks or sexy winks he sent your way, your soul was unattainable & during this chase, he fell in love
  • he’s witty & sarcastic, which can lead to trouble w stronger demons, but he’s not looking for a fight. esp. not if he has you to worry about as well. your safety is everything to him
  • now he focuses his cunning talents on providing for his life with you, not on stealing souls

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  • a playful demon
  • he spent hundreds of years just blending in, taking souls as he pleased & enticing the women or men he wanted to bed. in fact, he always just got what he wanted
  • the first struggle he faced was falling for you, which ended up all rosy since he won you in the end
  • the thought of taking your soul does admittedly cross his mind sometimes, but as he imagines a life without you, he decides he’d rather not eat your soul but something else ;)

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  • playful, fun guy on the surface
  • but surprisingly heartless inside
  • he acts cheerful so others aren’t on constant attack mode around him. but, inside, he knows that if he wants to continue living, he can’t be all merry & carefree. esp not when he needs to take care of you too
  • in his spare time, he taught himself how to play numerous instruments & plays them while singing to lull you to sleep

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  • doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, isn’t talkative, & seems cold and uncaring
  • but he’s actually very gentle & kind, something a demon can’t be, which is why he hides it
  • except around you. you get to see the real kyungsoo
  • he’s dedicated to keeping you both safe, so he can live out the rest of your life in loving harmony. he doesn’t even want to think about his life when your fickle human one ends; “let’s just live for the moment” he tells you often

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  • doesn’t like to fight but will if he has to
  • is mistaken as weak but proves the other demons wrong as he’s actually the pack’s strongest fighter. the only thing that holds him back from showing that off often is his good nature, that doesn’t take pleasure out of hurting others
  • feels embarrassed for some reason after feeding on souls (even though you know he does) so will come home & act like he was simply hanging out w some friends
  • loves attention & cuddles but teases you about doing the same for you; “you want me to hug you? wow, I must be irresistible”

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  • is known throughout the demon world as a fluid fighter, since his moves are so effortless and graceful as he takes souls and kills enemies
  • is seen as a ruthless killer
  • but truthfully he’s just a big child and loves dogs (but they hate demons so :/) and he loves you
  • likes that he can let his guard down around you and relax. lots of make-out sessions in sweats, esp after he’s been working out or just devoured a soul; his blood is pumping and he feels so full, but what’s the harm in a lil dessert? ;)

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  • a bratty demon
  • hates having to answer to a boss & reap xxx amount of souls
  • would rather just wander aimlessly, experiencing ppl & life
  • he sneaks out one night to do this & that’s how he met you
  • sometimes you forget he’s a super old demon, since he looks so cute when he pouts and can be so childish sometimes
  • has no shame in telling you “yeah I killed 43 people today when my target was only 40. I’m so great. I deserve a raise, don’t I?”

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Aesthetic Inspo Series: If James Potter was a Ravenclaw. Bc he is brave and pure of heart, but he was also clever, and loved learning just to prove others wrong (think Marauders Map and various other deeds we haven’t heard of).

If you’ve been keeping up with viral Facebook videos over the past couple days, you’ve probably seen this explanation of why one commentator “left the left” and became a conservative.

I’ll admit that when I saw the video’s title, I was excited. After all, who has a better perspective on the political world than somebody who shifted from one side of the spectrum to the other? Who better to explain the subtle and surprisingly nuanced difference in values that divide our country? So much of politics these days is name-calling and outrage – imagine how much further we could get if we actually tried to understand what we are saying and why we’re saying it, instead of just trying to prove each other wrong. Yes, I am indeed a naively optimistic doofus.

As you can imagine, that’s not what this video does. Instead, host Dave Rubin runs through a list of the outrageous things he claims “progressives” want, but nothing he mentions bears any resemblance to anything I or anybody I have ever met is actually fighting for.

I’m going to continue to be an optimistic doofus and hope that some conservative Rubin fans are reading this so that I can try to explain why things aren’t quite as simple as he makes them seem. By the end, you might not agree with me, but at least you’ll have a better understanding as to what you’re actually disagreeing with. Hopefully, you’ll think of us as “a group of people with different views” instead of the idiotic fascists Rubin seems to think we are.

Why The Viral ‘I Left The Left’ Is Based On B.S. Logic


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◇ “No-one is more deserving than you, my love.”

◇ Junhoe x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; Vampire!junhoe pleaseeeeeee 💘💘💘

◇ the gif has nothing to do w this story but its really hard to find junhoe gifs that are even slightly serious OTL life is hard lol anyway i find it weird but whenever i write for junhoe i end up writi g something completely different to my other works - for example, my other vamp fics are so different from this one!! But i hope u guys enjoy anyway bc i quite like it


Humans like to think that they’re alone in the world. Alone in the universe, too. Maybe it scares them to think about more powerful, unique creatures. Maybe they’re secretly aware, somewhere in their subconscious, that they’re weak, fragile, unprotected. That makes humans dangerous, because they try too hard to prove others wrong.

Humans are lucky that the other side of things — the ‘weird’ side — is so merciful. How grateful they should be that the things that go bump in the night decide to stay hidden in the shadows, the alleyways, through secret doorways and portals. Humans can easily be overthrown, but sending the world into chaos isn’t something anyone is particularly fond of doing, and that results in fear of being discovered.

If a person tries hard enough, maybe they’ll be able to see through to the other side: a girl with purple hair and eyebrows in the flower shop was making roses grow with a flick of her wrist — a barista, with bright green eyes, from the corner of your eye, looks as if he has another set of arms.

It’s all about perception, and fortunately for otherworldly Beings, that has never been the strong point for humans.

Our story starts at a shop that mortal eyes can only see at the witching hour on a Wednesday in March when the weather is just right and the wind is travelling at a certain speed — your shop.

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Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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When i met Taylor I thanked her for being the one person in my life that motivates me to work incredibly hard and for being the one who keeps me sane. (This happened a week before my final exam). Now i can proudly say that i did not only get my degree in Chartered Accountancy, but i also got honorary colours. Taylor…Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. I honestly feel like i would’ve given up a long time ago if it weren’t for you! Your incredibly strong character and determination to prove others wrong resonated with me on so many levels and made me realize my self-worth. So Taylor..this is for you! Thank you, i love you with all of my heart!


Sun aspects between Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Sun and Mercury
In a person’s chart, the only major aspect a Sun and make with Mercury is a conjunction because they are only ever 28 degrees a part.

Sun Conjunct Mercury
The mind is very focused as your ego and thoughts are aligned. This is a good aspect to have for creative thinkers; actors, writers, musicians, etc.
Communication of their ideas and opinions is very important.

Sun and Venus
In a person’s chart, the Sun and Venus are never further than 48 degrees apart; the only possible aspects it can have are a conjunction, parallel, semi-sextile, and a semi-square (but I will only focus on the conjunction and semis).

Sun conjunct Venus
This creates a strong connection to Venus’ energy and carries over Venusian traits. These people are in tune with the beauty of life. They are charming and easy-going. They are very romantic, but they too often get tied up into the thought that a prince or princess will come for them rather than they find a lover themselves. With that being said though, they do possess a magnetic attraction and a lot of people will fall for their charms. This aspect softens the masculinity parts of you into feminine and gentle pursuit.  

Sun semi-sextile Venus
When the Sun and Venus are 30 degrees apart (2 degree orb) it creates a semi-sextile. A weaker aspect, but still have some influence on the individual. These people are cheerful, good humoured, and optimistic. 

Sun semi-square Venus
When the Sun and Venus are 45 degrees apart (4 degree orb, but the closer, the stronger) it creates the semi-square. This is another weaker aspect, but it does create a strong pursuit for talent in music and dance. These people also seem to be strongly inclined to female offspring. These people are sensitive and somewhat shy (still keeping in mind that this is a minor aspect so major aspects can say something else).

Sun and Mars
Sun and Mars can form all aspects, but I will just discuss the more major ones.

Sun conjunct Mars

When combining these two masculine planets it creates an obvious courageous and aggressive energy. These people are super hard working and when they see something they want in all areas of life, they go for it. These people must channel this energy properly as it may be difficult to control its strength.

Sun trine or sextile Mars
I would say this combination is not much different from the conjunction, just a little less concentrated. These people make quick decisions and go for what they want in life. If airy or mutable signs possess this aspect then the energy should be intellectual and for water signs this energy makes them magnetic.  

Sun square or opposition Mars
These people are dare-devils, opinionated, excitable, and competitive with a sense of good-will. They enjoy arguments and proving others wrong. I definitely believe these people are the class clowns with a sense of warm-heartedness.  

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11 Jamilton, please. Thank you for using my prompt meme, it took a lot of effort and I'm glad that someone likes it.

No problem and thanks for posting! <3

“ 11. Growing up together and sending paper airplanes to the other person’s window each night “

The first time it happened, Alex was talking too loud again. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t at least partially because of his asshole of a neighbour, Thomas, was trying to do homework.

Alex really hated that guy. Right from the first day he moved in with the Washingtons and went to greet the “just a little older than you and a little shy, but I’m sure you’d get along” kid next door. He’d had his hopes of friendship rebutted with a wrinkled nose at Alex’s missing baby tooth and the dirt under his fingernails; replaced with an eternal rivalry with a haughty sniff and a slammed door in Alex’s face.

By some unfortunate arrangement, their bedrooms, both on their houses respective second floors, faced each other. Only a few meters of open air separated one window from another. Alex wasted no time getting into the habit of always peeking at Thomas’ room before doing anything else. Which was why Thomas scratching a pencil against his head and pulling at his own bushy hair while huddled over the day’s homework was the perfect time to make a phone call. It was an even more perfect time to make a phone call to his friend Hercules to ask him if he needed any help with today’s work, because the math was just so easy and obvious to him, and wouldn’t it be a shame if someone was left having trouble with it?

Alex should have expected some kind of retaliation. In fact, he did expect one, just not so soon. Nor did he expect it in the form of a perfectly crafted paper airplane bouncing off the floor of his room with a sudden smack that made him jump.

Alex hastily hung up. He glared out his window at the only possible perpetrator. Thomas was out of sight from his vantage point. Either he’d run off or hidden after throwing the plane, and either way, Alex wasn’t impressed.

He snatched the paper plane, fully intending to send it flying straight back where it came. He’d teach that asshole Thomas not to throw trash through his window. But, hidden under the fold of lined school paper was a thick line. If there was one thing Alex was weak to, it was curiosity. Well, that and proving himself and/or others wrong, if Alex was being honest. He unfolded the plane. In giant letters that took up the whole page were two words.

“Shut Up!”

Alex wrinkled his nose. He’d shut up, alright- and give Thomas a taste of his own medicine. Alex reached into his school binder for a blank paper.

After that day, the floodgates Alex hadn’t even known about were opened. Naturally, Thomas could never leave well enough alone and had to send a paper plane back the next day. Alex had no choice but to respond.

It started with base insults. The kinds of things Alex would shout to Thomas any day, or even through the window. But Thomas always shut it closed when that happened. The paper planes, however, were always read, and always returned, even if not right away. It was a form of power Alex didn’t always have in verbal conversations.

“nice job arguing with the teacher today, idiot”

“nice job being a teachers pet”

Slowly, over the months and without Alex even realizing, the insults morphed into actual advice. There was so much space, and Alex loved writing as much as he loved proving himself. Thomas wasn’t far behind, despite his superior attitude.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know the answer to today’s history question. Read the handouts, maybe.”

“You act like large multiplication is impossible. It’s just like single digit, but longer.”

“How did it feel coming in second to Aaron in the spelling bee? Acquaintance is spelled with an ‘a’, not an 'e’.”

Nothing changed on the surface, the paper planes like their own little world. Alex sent and received them daily; for months, then into the next year, and then into the next.

“Son, can I speak with you for a moment?” George asked one day, trying to hide a smile behind his hand.

Alex shot his adoptive father a suspicious look. “Okay.”

“Alright, son, I just want you to know that Martha and I both support and love you, okay? No matter who you have a crush on.”

Alex jumped at the words, his mind somehow flashing to a bushy head of hair and sharp, biting, intelligent words. “Wh-what are you talking about!? I don’t have a crush!”

George’s smile widened. He looked like he was trying not to laugh. “Of course, son. Though, you might want to work on your aim. Those paper planes that miss do have to land somewhere, and your mother and I have gotten tired of plucking them out of the side-yard hedges.

Alex flushed cherry red. George clapped him on the back-shoulder and walked away with a laugh.

The thing was, Alex hadn’t considered the idea at all. Thomas was… Thomas. An infuriating know-it-all who lived to argue with him. But he wasn’t just that anymore, not since there paper plane letters had turned to actual venting and support. Thomas shit talked Mr. Lee when he gave Alex detention over nothing. Alex shit talked Mr. Adams when he lost his temper and swore at Thomas in front of the whole school.

A plane skidded across Alex’s floor, and he jumped from his thoughts. It was just an innocent piece of paper. An innocent piece of paper that represented years of exchanges with someone who was a mortal enemy, a kind-of friend, and now, apparently, a crush. Alex unfolded the paper.

“I’m bored, entertain me! >:^(“

Alex snorted loudly, glancing out the window. Thomas stared back, raising a brow pointedly. He’d come a long way from hiding every time he sent a letter. Alex considered what to say, and then got out his pencil.

“Let’s go see a movie, then. Lego Batman is still showing at 6”

Alex liked to take chances with things he wanted, because most of the time, that was the only way Alex could even get what he wanted. This was no different. He sneaked a quick peek- Thomas was staring at the open paper and his ears were red. Alex grinned.

This was uncharted territory, but Alex was used to uncharted territory. He could manage one date.

Ten things I learned in 2016.

1) Memories will always be with you but you sometimes need to let go of certain people. Not everyone was meant to be in your life forever.

2) It’s alright not to be friends with everyone who want to be friends with you. You are your own and it’s okay if you didn’t want to associate yourself with this particular group of friends just because they were too loud.

3) Don’t believe in rumors. If someone who is rejected by others tries to talk to you and they seem fine, it’s alright to befriend them. Just be careful. The rumors might just be true but at least you gave them a chance to prove the others wrong.

4) No relationship will work if you don’t want it to work. It’s always two-sided, efforts should be coming from both sides.

5) It’s okay to say that you’re the happiest when you’re alone. You have the right to be your own best friend and not depend your happiness on others.

6) It’s normal to cry. Cry your heart out but don’t stay sad. Pick yourself up and continue the fight because you got a bigger war waiting for you.

7) Not all people will understand that you have a specific goal. They might call you a nerd or a loner but what they don’t understand is that while they are messing around, you’re building a solid base for your future.

8) Family is not just being bonded by blood or adoption. Family is the feelings of being protected and loved. And it’s alright to feel this with other people that you are not related to since birth.

9) Everyone is having their own battles and they will sometimes need help. However, putting others wants before your needs is useless and unhealthy. It’s not selfish to look after yourself and to take care of yourself first. How can you help others if you’re drowning?

10) Knowledge is made to be shared, not kept for oneself. Don’t be selfish when it comes to knowledge.

—  queenassbitxh