proving a point awesomely

Eric Abetz is saying that marriage equality in Australia can’t happen because what’s next, people wanting to marry the Sydney Harbor Bridge?

Fool. Everyone knows you’d marry the Opera House. Those sweet, sweet curves.


I like my Bradko as sassy as possible. Also because I kind of imagine them hooking up after the Suffering Game concludes (and Taako is still recovering from his cosmetic mishap) and I feel like Taako would be a little sensitive-and thus go for the hottest-least available guy in the office-just to prove a point. (And also because he likes the positive affirmations and awesome hugs). 

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I just wanna respond to the ask you got where the anon asked if the Zutara fandom is dead. I can 100% assure you anon that the Zutara fandom is not dead and it's the best ship with the most active fan base from the whole show. There are so many blogs that do so so much for Zutara like yourself and plenty others, we have beautiful Zutara art, fanfics, metas, threads etc, we also have Zutara week and month and also smut week, so Zutara fandom is not dead but alive and living happily!!!

Yes ANON!!!! Another good point and awesome blogger that proves we are here to stay!!!❤️

Winter Wonderland

“Let’s go sing!” Joe swings around, smile growing into a large grin, his eyes shining brightly, ignoring the amber liquid that sloshes over the top of his glass and onto his hand.

“Sing?” Y/N blinks over at him, frozen in place at the thought, even as the boys and Britt continued to dance and sing around her, jostling her slightly.

“Yes. Come on!” Joe nods enthusiastically, placing his drink down heavily on the table and reaching for her hand.

“Wait, no…” She tries to resist, but he’s too determined in his tipsy state, and tugs her through the crowd. Not wanting to be separated, Y/N holds onto her boyfriend’s hand tightly, mind racing as she tries to find a way out of the situation.

They were at Winter Wonderland with Britt, Mikey, Conor, Josh, and Oli, dancing, drinking, and having a grand time. They were in the tent listening to karaoke, the boys singing off key along with the crowd, but now suddenly Joe was determined to drag her onto stage to sing. In front of the large crowd gathered.


“Joe, babe, can we talk about this first?” Y/N tries to get his attention, glancing over her shoulder at where their little group is gathered. Which results in her letting out a small oomph as she runs into Joe’s warm back. He spins around to steady her, looking down at her happily.

“It’ll be fun. Please?”

She tries to resist, she really does, but the look in his eyes makes her sigh and cave.

“I really wish I had had more to drink before this…”

“I already know what song we’re doing. Let’s go!” Joe tugs her along again, the stage drawing nearer.

It isn’t long before they are stood side by side on the stage, parts of the crowd gazing up expectantly at them.

The noise carries around them, and Y/N wets her lips, tightening her grip on the microphone as Joe smiles over at her, swaying slightly as the music begins.

She lets out a laugh as she recognizes the opening beat.

Summer loving had me a blast…” Joe looks over at her.

Summer loving happened so fast…” She joins in, and he blinks in surprise over, but he continues singing, eyes widening at the sound of her voice.

Y/N never really sung in front of anyone, she got nervous about it, yet some how she was singing in front of the Winter Wonderland crowd. Although it helped that she kept focused on Joe, pretending she was just singing to him.

The cheering of the crowd pulls her back to reality, and she feels her cheeks warm as she blushes, while Joe wraps his arms around her, kissing her.

“You were bloody amazing, love.” He mumbles against her lips.

“I cannot believe I just did that.” Y/N turns her head to hide her face into he shoulder.

“I cannot believe you were hiding that.” He chuckles, sliding his hand into hers, leading her off stage as the next couple begins to make their way up.

And when they arrive back at their little group, the boys and Britt stare at her in disbelief.

“Holy shit, Y/N.” Oli gapes.

“When are we collaborating?” Conor half jokes while Mikey and Josh nod along.

“See, Joe, you need to sing more. Because you and her,” Britt points at Y/N, “Would be awesome. Tonight proved it.”

“I need another drink.” Y/N mumbles, blushing still as she grabs the drink in Josh’s hand, drinking it heavily.

“I think we all need more drinks!” Mikey calls out, looking around for where to purchase them.

Jusitce League: Origin - A Basic Summary
  • Bruce Wayne: Wow, I hate him.
  • Clark Kent: Me too. Actually, I hate all of you since you've pretty much only been racist towards me this entire time. But instead of being vocal about it, I'm just going to stand quietly in the background judging everyone. Let me know when you need me since, you know, I can do pretty much all of this by myself.
  • Bruce Wayne: Ok but the thing is I'm feeling extremely insecure right now since I'm the only one without powers, so I'm going to overcompensate by being 10x more of a controlling asshole than I already typically am.
  • Barry Allen: Hey, guys, the world's like, going to end. Like, I feel like we should stop fighting and do something about that.
  • Diana Prince: I am the foreigner! I do not understand how this world works and speak differently from everyone else!
  • Arthur Curry: I'm that one that's consistently mocked in modern day pop culture as result of that single Saturday Night Live sketch - please eat your words and bask in my badassery as I launch an extremely effective attack against the enemy in order to prove a point.
  • Barry Allen: Hey! That's awesome! You should do that, like, six more times because, you know, we have a world to save.
  • Arthur Curry: Lol no, I'm going to go be an asshole with everyone else now.
  • Barry Allen: Guys. People are seriously dying right now.
  • Victor Stone: White people, am I right?

Jack is nervous about meeting Hiccup’s parents, and for good reason. They could quite easily murder him, and get away with it too. And of course, Hiccup’s limp doesn’t help things much…

I am convinced that I messed this up, irreparably. i was supposed to focus on Valka and Stoick worrying over Hiccup’s ‘unexplainable limp’, but it ended up focusing on Jack and Hiccup’s relationship, and how Jack is just impossible to hate.


Just take the fluff.

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I’m trying to prove a point to my friends that Code Lyoko is awesome and they need to watch it so i can have somebody to talk to about it after all these years and also relive my childhood. could you guys reblog to say how amazing it is?