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Honestly, my first tv character crush was probably Hawkeye from M*A*S*H even though he’s kind of terrible.  

I mean how can you not love this goob?

And then he has lines like these which break your heart…

A Character Study: Belle

Sun in Aquarius

Like most whose Sun is in Aquarius, Belle is an intellectual. She has a fascination with the stories told in books, and seems to make daily trips to the local bookshop in search of a new book to read. Aquarius Suns tend to have unique interests, as Belle has with reading. This makes her an outcast within her little French town, nothing more than “a beauty but a funny girl”. Belle doesn’t let this bother her (despite her bringing it up to her father), and doesn’t feel the need to change for anyone. Belle is an individual, to say the least. Belle is also fairly curious and inquisitive, as seen when she is disobeys the Beast’s orders and enters the West Wing.  

Moon in Sagittarius

Belle is not one to wish to remain in her little town. She “wants adventure in this great wide somewhere”, and “want[s] so much more than what they’ve got planned”. Belle needs her freedom, and does not want to spend her whole life trapped. Belle is constantly reading her books, because for the time being it is the only way to let her mind wander and experience new places. The townspeople have noticed, saying she always has a “dreamy, far-off look”. Routine can hold back a Sagittarius moon, as they do not like to be shoved into a box. Belle says, “every morning just the same / since the morning that we’ve came / to this poor provincial town”, showing the audience she is well aware that her town follows the same routine day in and day out, and it is not something she wants to be apart of every day. However, Belle carries on, and has a positive outlook no matter what.  

Mercury in Capricorn

Those with Mercury in Capricorn are known for being active mentally, as Belle usually. She is fairly straight-forward too, speaking her mind and telling people things as they are. She tells Gaston that “some people use their imaginations” as he insults her books and reading habits, and tells the Beast he should learn to control his temper. Belle is also practical, and does not expect much when staying with the Beast. Capricorn Mercuries tend to be skeptical of things that are new to them. Belle does not quite understand the Beast when she first meets him, and is slowly trying to understand him. 

Venus in Cancer

A big theme for those with Venus in Cancer is family. Belle is very family-oriented, even if it’s just her and her dad. In the Broadway adaptation, Belle and Maurice sing the song, No Matter What, where the two praise each other, telling one another to never change. Belle also sacrifices herself and tells the Beast to take her prisoner instead of her father who is old and sick. Belle is also very nurturing, as seen when she takes care of the Beast after he was in the fight with the wolves. Those with Cancer in Venus can see past anything and learn to love almost everyone. As the tale goes, Belle learns to love a beast, even if no one thought it was possible. 

Mars in Taurus

Those with Mars in Taurus tend to be more patient and determined than those with a different placement. Belle sticks through with the Beast, though she knows sometimes it can be quite frustrating. Belle is patient with the Beast as he learns to control his temper and how to read.  Belle is definitely not a quitter either. She breaks out of her basement, and races back to the castle to help the Beast and save him from Gaston’s wrath 

*disclaimer: All placements should be taken as individuals, and not as a complete natal chart of each character.*


The Mother’s Day Aurora was the most incredible I’ve ever seen. It was a Kp7 (which is big) and was visible both overhead and to the south. It was super romantic, I had my camera snapping off a time lapse video while we lay on our backs on the shore of a small lake in Bow Valley Provincial Park, watching the show.

Watch the video (8 minutes of Aurora and Chill)