provincial bird

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Some birds eat other birds such as chickens, but I don't think any of the state birds do. I just thought it was something these jerks would do. Now, some of the provincial birds are predatory, so there's that.

*Sounds of scared and distressed chickens in the background*

Day 121: Blue Jay

A native of most of North America, the Blue Jay is named after it’s noisy, aggressive behaviour.  It’s known to steal other bird’s nests, sometimes replacing another’s eggs with it’s own for the bird to mistakenly incubate. The Blue Jay also is a solid alarm for predators to other birds, often sounding off to others to alert them of an incoming hawk or owl.

It is the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island.


In non-cartoon related events, this precious baby has been coming to my back deck every sunny day this summer to beg for peanuts.  He’s super cute and pretty brave.  He likes to hop right onto the chairs and even look directly through the kitchen window while I’m making coffee.

Given how he both gobbles down peanuts and hides them by the bagful, I’ve been thinking of naming him the Endless Hungry Abyss.