I’ve brought this rant up to an array of friends, and the difference in reactions is incredible. I’m making this post mostly inspired by the Markiplier You’re Welcome tour, which is going on tour again in 2018. However, they aren’t the only ones I’ll be referencing – and I’ll be tagging everyone I mention, too.

I hate seeing another YouTuber announce a tour. Why? They never come to Canada. If they do, they go to solely Toronto – an example would be The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, the Dan and Phil book tour. It’s devastating. It’s severely disappointing, even when we expect it. I see replies to tweets from Canadians. Multiple friends and I have cried over this.

The population of Belgium is approximately 11 and a half million people, the Netherlands are around 17 million. I use those specifically because Mark will be going to both of them on tour.
As for population of Canada? Around 36 million.
To anyone in the United States, they won’t be surprised. That’s practically the population of California alone. France, Germany, and the U.K. wouldn’t be surprised, either, considering all their populations are at least 60 million.

The other issue – only going to Toronto.

In land size, Canada is the second biggest country, Russia being the first. Canada covers about 3.8 million square miles, 9.9 million square kilometres, which is approximately 40x the size of the U.K. It is more than Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary.

As for me, I live in Saskatchewan – which has none of those listed cities, by the way. While we do get skipped right over often, I feel just as bad if not worse for the the maritime provinces (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick), Newfoundland & Labrador, and northern Canada (Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories). Out of all seven of those listed provinces, only one has an even mildly known city – Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is a really, really hurtful issue. We are directly beside the United States. It isn’t even required to cross an ocean, and if you didn’t mind driving, you wouldn’t even have to be on a plane. The same goes for South America – often, they go unnoticed, too.

It’s as though we’re entirely disregarded and forgotten every single time. The only people I’ve ever had an interest in and they came to Canada, were Canadian people – Nickelback, Marianas Trench, Hedley, and Justin Bieber have all been to my city multiple times.

I don’t know if Teamiplier intends to announce more dates, and go several more places. Either way, they were only the inspiration.

Please stop forgetting Canada. Please stop pretending we don’t exist. Please stop disregarding us. It’s awful to only ever be mentioned as a joke and forgotten in every other incident, time and time again. As far as I’ve heard, JSE and the Game Grumps have only been around the US as well, but I haven’t seen any official information for either of those tours, nor have I been on YouTube.

Either way, my point is out there as best as I can put it. So, dear YouTubers, Canada exists. Stop pretending we don’t.

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Today in History: Confederation in Canada, July 1, 1867

By the Queen! A proclamation for uniting the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, into one Dominion under the name of CANADA

Top Photo: Newspaper article announcing the formation of the newly formed country, CANADA

Bottom Photo: The fathers of confederation in Canada

anonymous asked:

Nova is an honorary member of New France. (They were the heart of Acadia before the Acadian deportation in the 1750s)

I can definitely see that! 

Most people I’ve seen that don’t headcanon Acadia as being their own separate personification entirely usually pick Nova Scotia (where the capital was founded/located) to represent the territory, if not New Brunswick (which has the highest percentage of Acadians today) or Maine (where the first ‘Acadian’ settlement was founded, even if it was abandoned shortly thereafter lol)

Imagine the three of them re-teaching Nova French, after they were forbidden from speaking it for a really long time (Francophones were forbidden from resettling in NS after the Deportation) and New Brunswick helping them re-connect to their Acadian roots – via food, music, storytelling, traditions like Tintamarre, etc. 

Just consider, Nova’s still really dang proud of being Scottish, of course, but they’re happy that they get to re-connect to French culture after being forbidden to do so for so long.
Canada Aims to Fully Phase Out Coal Power by 2030
Country will work with the four provinces that still burn coal to reach its goal
By Paul Vieira and Judy McKinnon

Canada plans to completely phase out traditional coal power by 2030 and will work with the country’s four remaining provinces that still burn the fossil fuel to reach the overall goal, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Monday.

The move is the latest measure Canada is taking to meet greenhouse-gas reduction targets by 2030, and follows the earlier introduction of a nationwide carbon levy that starts in 2018. The new plan also comes amid a pledge by President-elect Donald Trump to revive the U.S. coal industry’s fortunes.

Ms. McKenna, just back from a United Nations-sponsored climate-change conference in Morocco, said coal power in Canada currently represents close to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from four provinces—Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Provinces will have the option to choose between phasing out coal entirely and replacing it with lower emitting sources, or using carbon capture and storage technology, the minister said.

Data indicate the western Canadian province of Alberta is by far the biggest user of coal as a source of electricity generation, and is home to five of the six biggest coal-fueled power plants in Canada. The province’s left-leaning government has already signaled its intent to phase out coal-fired generation, also by 2030. Canada’s largest province, Ontario, phased out coal-fired electricity in 2014.

In Canada, provincial governments have jurisdiction over the generation and transmission of electricity.

Canada is the world’s 12th-largest coal producer, according to government data, and roughly three-quarters of the coal it imports originates in the U.S.

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January 2016, Peggy’s Cove

At the beginning of this year I said goodbye to Halifax, Nova Scotia and the East Coast as a whole, one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the pleasure to live in. If you live there now, you’re truly fortunate. If you haven’t been to visit, I highly recommend it. Go through my tags and you’ll see for yourself a little piece of the beauty the province has to offer.
Canada's Prince Edward Island ends abortion ban in province
Premier Wade MacLauchlan announced plans Thursday to build reproductive health centre to start providing abortions by the end of the year
By Ashifa Kassam

excellent news!

After a decades-long battle by pro-choice groups, Canada’s Prince Edward Island will abandon a policy that saw the province become the only one in the country where women cannot access an abortion.

Wade MacLauchlan, the Liberal premier of PEI, announced plans on Thursday to build a reproductive health centre on the island that will offer medical and surgical abortions, among other services. The aim is to begin providing abortions by the end of the year.

The issue has been a flashpoint for decades in the province, where advocates say the last abortion was carried out in the early 1980s. In 1988, after Canada’s supreme court struck down the federal criminal law on abortion, PEI passed a resolution opposing abortions in the province.

In January, a pro-choice group took the government to court, arguing that the province has an obligation to provide unrestricted, publicly funded abortions. On Thursday, MacLauchlan said that while many in his cabinet and caucus have differing opinions on abortion, the government realised it likely would not be able to defend itself against the legal challenge and had been forced to change course.

The news was celebrated by pro-choice advocates on the island. “I’m just elated,” said Ann Wheatley. “It’s been a really long, hard struggle and this is a very satisfying day.”

For decades women in PEI would have to get a referral from a doctor in PEI to travel to the neighbouring province of Nova Scotia for the procedure or foot the cost of having an abortion at a private clinic off the island.

Those who couldn’t make the journey at times made desperate decisions, said Wheatley, with some trying to induce abortions by ingesting chemicals or being punched in the stomach. “There have been stories of women who have gone through extreme hardship to get an abortion.” […]