province 6

Alternative Fire Emblem Titles

FE 1: Visually obscured lizard and the shiny knife

FE 2: A Japanese word

FE 3: Shield puzzle

FE 4: Family storytime

FE 5: Province numbers

FE 6: Tied up knife

FE 7: Warm sharp thing

FE 8: Mildly important rocks

FE 9: Nice little road

FE 10: Decent sunrise

FE 11: Hard to see reptile

FE 12: New shield puzzle

FE 13: Get up


May 14 2015 - Since 2009, demonstrators have opposed Southern Copper Corp’s project to exploit the hills surrounding the Cocachacra province. In just over 6 weeks, at least 3 people have died and hundreds have been wounded as protests turned violent. Protesters are mainly farmers from neighbouring regions who say the mining project, named Tia Maria, will contaminate their land and water. [video]/[video]

AFGHANISTAN. Nangarhar Province. Jalalabad. August 6, 2013. An injured Afghan boy with blood on his face walks at the site of bomb explosion. A remote control bomb went off in Jalalabad city, killing one person and injuring three others, provincial officials said.

Photograph: Reuters/Parwiz