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who should you fight: mystic messenger edition

MC | who wins: ??? ? ??

  • she’s unpredictable; she might mom you into submission with love and affection, or she might gnaw on your arm, verbally tear you apart, and then fling somebody out a window. not worth the risk.

Yoosung | who wins: you, but you’ll feel awful about it

  • he’s got good hand-eye coordination and is a master at holding grudges, but he’s all bark and no bite. go for the eyes. he’s crying now. look at what you’ve done. you monster.

Jaehee | who wins: she does, but you’ll thank her

  • she’s overworked and underpaid, lives off of coffee and two hours of sleep, probably hasn’t eaten real food since 2009, and knows judo. she has nothing to lose; she’ll break your neck, and you should feel honored.

Zen | who wins: cat

  • he works out, so he could most likely easily win in a fair fight. he’s old fashioned though, so if you’re a girl, it’ll just take a little flirting to get him to surrender. everyone else, carry some kittens in your pockets. easy win.

Jumin | who wins: you, but also not you

  • punch him in the face. just fuckign do it. he won’t expect it, he’s never done physical labor in his life. a twelve year old could take him. zen will help. it’s worth the jail time

Saeyoung | who wins: nobody

  • he doesn’t care about himself, he wants you to kick his ass. no one is having fun in this situation.

V | who wins: don’t

  • leave this poor sad man alone

Rika | who wins: her, but fight her anyway

  • she has a small army of cultists backing her up and she could probably claw your eyes out (too), but she’s done some shit so she needs someone to fight her

Saeran | who wins: he does

  • he’s got a gun my dude.
On Taoism, Pt. 1

What is so appealing about Taoism is that it means following your own path. There is no creed, no code, no boundaries–nothing but The Way, which is to follow “nature.” Seeing as “nature” is a rather encompassing word, here is a paragraph from a translation of the writings of Chuang Tzu, considered one of the “sages” of Taoism (though according to scholars it was likely written by a later follower of Taoism):

‘A one-footed cripple may cast off his fancy clothes, for he already stands beyond honor and disgrace. An escaped prisoner may climb great heights without fear, for he has forgotten all about life and death. If a man gets used to being insulted, he becomes impervious to shame, and finally forgets all about human viewpoints. Forgetting the Human makes you a man of the Heavenly. Only when a man merges into the Heavenly Harmony can he be respected without being delighted or insulted without being angry. Anger comes forth from him without himself being angry, so his anger is an expression of his non-anger. Actions come forth from him without himself being in action, so his actions are an expression of his non-action. To seek stillness by pacifying your vital energy or to seek spiritual power by following your mind–these are still just forms of deliberate activity. If you want to do both right, though, follow along with what is unavoidable in you. For it is something like the unavoidable that constitutes the Course of the sage.’

–Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings, “Chapter 23: Gengsang Chu”, translated by Brook Ziporyn

I italicized the last lines of that paragraph because of their importance. Follow you. While you may not be conscious of your Course, your Course is conscious of you.

Side-note: Most of these translations use the proverb “man” but this is not meant to exclude women–it merely follows the translation as this path is open to all beings.


Bi+/Disability* Support Group Community Forum

Monday, December 5th
6:00 – 8:00PM
Boston Living Center | 29 Stanhope Street, Boston | 2nd floor conference room

The Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) has facilitated or been affiliated with several bi-specific social and support groups in the Greater Boston Area over the past 30 years. In working to continue meeting the needs of our local bisexual+ community, the BRC is hosting a community forum to discuss potentially starting a peer-facilitated support group for individuals who identify as bi+ and as a person with a disability*

The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about our diverse community and collect thoughts or views on starting a bi+/disability* support group. Those who attend the community forum are encouraged to provide feedback and ideas regarding this potential group, including but not limited to, what they would like to see in such a group (e.g. discussion topics, preferred location, frequency of meetings, overall logistics & flow) as well as past experiences with similar groups (e.g. what has worked well vs. what hasn’t worked well).

To maintain a safe and supportive space for members of our bi+ and disability* community, this community forum will only be open to individuals who identify as a person with a disability*

Food and refreshments will be served. For more information, or to ask any questions, please contact

bisexual+ (e.g. bisexual, pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, questioning)
disability* (e.g. physical, invisible, developmental, learning, mental)

“Mr. Iwata, Mr. Takeda and myself provided feedback and made decisions, but ultimately Mr. Iwata was the head of Nintendo Switch development, so he put a lot of thought and time into Switch. I think that the idea of Nintendo Switch being a device you can take out and anywhere, and the idea of it being a system that really allows networking and communicating with people, I think that’s something Mr. Iwata put a lot of emphasis on.

Because Mr. Iwata was tech-savvy, a lot of our discussion involved trying to figure out how to make the technical things like network capabilities or servers or whatever fun. For example, think about when we added the ability to use a browser on the DS. As time goes on, all of these services become more and more advanced, and so we need to think about “How do we incorporate mobile devices or new browser features that come up?” That’s something Mr. Iwata and I discussed a lot, really trying to decide what to do and what not to do in our hardware.” -Shigeru Miyamoto 

Bigger version of the final lineup

And so, the MSA redesign project has finally come to an end. It’s crazy to think I started this little project back in April! :U Still, this was a fun project to work on. It was kind of neat to try and figure out the MSA ghost style, and how to translate other characters in that style.In the end, I don’t think I did too bad.

Anyways, thank you all for joining me while I worked on this, both showing support and providing feedback. You guys are great! Also a big thanks to Mystery Ben and his team. If it hadn’t been for all the hard work they put into Mystery Skulls Animated, then this project probably wouldn’t even be around.

I may do another redesign project in the future, but for now I’m fine with the conclusion of this one. Cheers!

(161204) realjonghyun90

(tweet #4)

(translated by cosmicsticks) what i have noted is entirely a writing filled with my own opinions, without having gone through any discussions (with the company). i thought that i should be the first to provide feedback since it is a concert that is held in my name, and i will be even more careful for future concerts so that such problems will not arise. 

(tweet #5)

(translated by cosmicsticks) if i had not used those words, i would have thought in my mind the sentence ‘i respect your inclinations but i’m not on that side’ and then said it differently when i spoke. in any case, there probably will not be any major discrepancies in meaning. i still think the same. 

(tweet #6)

(translated by cosmicsticks) many people must be anticipating the performance tomorrow but i’m sorry that i seemed to have brought worries… although much matters arose because i’m lacking, it is because i want to quickly apologize and rectify my mistake for it to make tomorrow’s performance a more perfect one. people who are coming tomorrow, please scream more!

(tweet #7)

(translated by cosmicsticks) i hope that you would forget other thoughts and that two to three hours would disappear in an instant because you are immersed in the performance. sleep soon since it’s late. let’s meet in a better condition tomorrow.

Don’t make me say it twice, Mulder: Final

This is the last story in what wasn’t actually supposed to be a series, but I’ve had so much fun with these ficlets. 
Thanks once again to @leiascully and the XFWritingChallenge prompt Stars for giving me the inspiration for the first story, and to all the readers, including @kateyes224 and @jennfairkiss who asked for a sequel to the sequel and for all those of you who’ve provided feedback and likes. Enjoy!

There was something about Mulder that wasn’t right. Not just in the I’m-going-to-taste-the-evidence way, or in the I’m-going-to-jump-on-a-plane-to-Russia way. It was more in the if-we’re-getting-married-we-should-do-it-traditionally way. And that wasn’t right.

           “Mulder, since when have we been traditional?” Scully said, pacing the floor of her/their apartment wearing his ‘Hank Moody for President’ tee-shirt and picking up the clutter he’d distributed around the living room. “I mean, we spend our work time in a basement, surrounded by paperwork detailing unexplained phenomenon, we don’t have any free time in which to develop any sense of the normal, we’ve spent our lives keeping our feelings to ourselves despite the fact that both of us knew exactly how we felt from pretty early on, and we have no friends or family to celebrate with. Why start being traditional now?”

           He lifted his head from his copy of ‘New Moon’. “I can see why you like this stuff, Scully.”

           She huffed out a sigh, picked up the jar of peanut butter and took a large mouthful. “Have you been listening to anything I’ve said?”

           “If I say yes, you’ll drill me on every point you’ve made, if I say no, you’ll drill  me to the wall.” He put the book down, raised his hands in surrender and grinned.

           “Even your cutest smile won’t get you out of this one, Mulder. If we’re getting married, we do it my way.”

           He sucked on his bottom lip, in that maddeningly sexy way, and said, “that’s hardly the most auspicious start to a marriage, Scully.”

           “So, what are you proposing? A Vegas wedding with Elvis as celebrant?”

           He tipped his head on a half-angle and went to open his mouth.

           “Or a Star Wars theme where you dress up as C3PO and you ask me to wear that skimpy gold costume that Princess Leia wore in the third story, and we walk down the aisle to the Imperial March.”

           He raised his eyebrows and sucked in a breath.

           “Or we drive for miles to the middle of nowhere and get married by some batcrap crazy farmer who claims his crop circles are the work of a blood-sucking goat returned from the dead.”

           He chuckled. “Now that’s just silly, Scully. But I quite like the sound of your second scenario.”

           She let out a strangled scream and flopped down on the seat next to him. “Can we be serious, for a moment, Mulder?”

           Turning to face her, he took her hands, his voice solemn. “Scully, I want you to be happy. I want you to have the wedding you most desire. It will be your day. It’s enough for me that you said yes.”

           “Thank you. That means a lot. And I don’t mean to sound brusque or facetious. It’s important to get it right.” She bent her head down so that it rested on his shoulder. He wriggled to get the angle just perfect, opened his book and began to read again.

           “Oh, and the third Star Wars story is Revenge of the Sith. The gold outfit that Leia wore was in The Return of the Jedi, which is the sixth story, but the third movie.” He pecked her cheek. “just in the interests of getting it right.”

She’d been attacked by all manner of mutants, zombies, monsters, aliens and humans. She’d given evidence to courts and senate inquiries. She’d faced her own death, buried her partner and given away her child. Yet, as they set off on the drive to the small coastal town she’d picked for the service, she was as scared as she’d ever been.

Her exhaustive to-do lists had been more than exhausted, her triple checking on bookings had done nothing but irritate the suppliers, her conversations with Mulder bordered on maniacal nagging. And he’d let her do it, let her have a tantrum or three, massaged her feet when she hadn’t even asked and had even let her pick out his suit for him – dark charcoal with a pale blue shirt underneath. He was packing it into a suit carrier when she was putting her make-up bag into their suitcase.

“What’s this, Mulder?” she asked, picking out a hardback book. “Do you honestly think you’ll have time to read?”

He quirked his eyebrows and chuckled. “Not if you’re offering something more physical. But that ones by that guy who plays Hank Moody. He’s a writer now, who knew?”

She held up the book. “Bucking F*king Dent. Never heard of him.”


Today was the big day. Or small day. Their day. Their wedding day. It was almost a relief that it had arrived. She was pretty sure that Mulder would agree.

           A soft knock on the door told her he was ready. “Can I come in, or is that banned too?”

           “Mulder,” she sighed. “You only have to hold out for a few more hours.”

           He pushed open the door and stood at the end of their bed. “But you told me you didn’t want a traditional wedding, Scully. I’m sorry to have to inform you that you can’t regain your virginity simply by refraining from intercourse for a few days.”

           She grinned and batted him on the midriff with her curling iron. “You’re lucky this isn’t on yet, or I’d brand you.”

           “Ooh, then we’d have matching tattoos.” He moved behind her and rubbed her lower back. “I’m looking forward to saying hello to your snake again tonight, Scully.” He kissed the spot where her neck joined her shoulders and she sighed into him.

           “I’m looking forward to saying hello to yours too, now scoot. I’ve got to get dressed. The car will be here soon.”

           He dipped down again, brushing his lips around the back of her neck and planting soft kisses down her vertebrae. “My snake has missed you.”


           “I’m scooting,” he said. “I’m scooting.”

When she walked down the stairs from their room to the lobby of the hotel, she could see him tapping the bar with his fingers. She smiled to herself. Fox Mulder, who would readily jump in blindly to pursue the truth, who threw himself on top of trains and down holes, who rescued her from the ends of the earth with a second thought and who would rather have faced the death penalty than compromise his scruples, was as nervous as she was.

           He turned then, his face opening up to her, his eyes wide, his mouth opening slightly before breaking into a wide smile. He held out his hand to her. “You look…I have no words…you are so, so beautiful, Scully.”

           She blushed and cast her own eyes down her midnight blue gown, that fell to the floor in a narrow column. It shimmered in the light that cut through the bar from the ornate windows. Her silver sandals sparkled too, and she clutched his hand to her mouth to press a loving kiss there. “You look more handsome now than you have ever done, Mulder. Shall we go married?”

Skinner had agreed to be witness and looked dapper in his navy suit.

           “I can’t believe the two of you took so darn long to do this,” he said, as he kissed her cheek. He clapped a hand across Mulder’s back. “Actually, scrap that. Of course I can. You two are the most unconventional, frustrating and impossible pair of agents I’ve ever known. And you never could do anything the easy way. Congratulations.”

They were facing each other, holding hands. Scully raised her eyes to Mulder’s. “I do.”

The celebrant had a velvet voice and a warm, confident smile as she took them through Mulder’s turn. He opened his mouth to speak, but he choked and tears tracked down his cheeks instead. Skinner brushed the end of his nose and inspected his feet. Scully squeezed his hands gently, trying desperately not cry herself.

“Mr Mulder?” the celebrant prompted.

Mulder shook his head and whispered. “I do. I do.”

The evening sun cast a deep amber glow into their room. The curtains billowed on the light breeze and Mulder popped the champagne cork from the balcony, quickly filling the two flutes that stood on a silver tray on the small table. She stepped over the threshold and breathed in the salty tang of the air.

           “Today was perfect, Mulder.” She sipped her drink and bubbles made her nose wrinkle.

           “You are perfect, Scully.” He chinked his glass against hers and sat down on one of the chairs, regarding her with the deep gaze he’d developed over the years, the one she could never run from. “And I concede that your dress is even more amazing than Princess Leia’s gold number.”

           She snorted out a laugh. “Thank you. And thank you for letting me be such a control freak for the past few weeks. I know I’ve driven you crazy with my pedantry.”

           “There’s a small part of me that likes to be controlled, Scully. Did you know that?” He waggled his eyebrows.

           “Is this true confession time?” She slipped off her sandal and rubbed her toes along his shin. “Because if it is, there’s something I’d like to get off my chest.”

           He leant forward, placing the glass back on the tray. “I’m all ears.”

           “I have a wild and rebellious side,” she said, her voice deepening with lust. “It’s a Catholic upbringing thing, I think.” She licked her lips. “And I’m finding it really hard to control at the moment. It might be the alcohol…”

           He grabbed her wrist and nipped the skin up to her elbow. She shifted forward and pulled his head to her breast. “How are we going to work this out, this paradox in our relationship, Mulder? You needing control, me letting go.”

           He lifted his head and kissed the side of her mouth, “What would you prescribe, Doctor?”

           “Therapy,” she said, her voice sliding out like silk.

           “What sort of therapy?” He stood up, picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

           “Skin to skin, tongue to tongue, breast to breast…”

           “I’m not familiar with these techniques. Care to show me?”

She nipped, kissed, suckled, stroked, rubbed and caressed every inch of him, leaving him flushed and breathless. He shuddered under her touch and smiled as they rolled over together, so that he lay nestled between her legs. She lay her head down on the pillow so that her hair fanned out and she glanced to the mirror standing to the left of the bed, wondering languidly about how they looked together.

“Mulder,” she said, sitting half up.

“Did you see my wedding present?” he asked, eyes turned towards the mirror.
           “Your wedding present?”

He lifted himself off her and turned his back to the mirror so that she could see the tattoo that sat just above his buttocks. “It was meant to be a surprise.”

“It is. Turn over.” He did and she sat across his legs, inspecting it. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s Perseus and Andromeda, stars destined to remain together forever.”

She kissed each star. “I love you, Mulder.”

“What was that?” She kissed up his spine and around his neck, until he turned back over and she was astride him. “I didn’t quite hear you, Scully.”

She giggled into his skin on his chest, breathing in the smell of him. “I love you, Mulder.”

He pouted.


“You said it twice.”

She chuffed out a laugh. “Is there anything you wouldn’t want me to say twice, Mulder?

“No, I like doubles,” he said, rubbing her nipples.

She lay listening to his heart in her ears. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes and she wriggled her nose to try to quell the emotion. He shifted.

           “What’s the matter, Scully?” It was the soft voice he used when he read her thoughts.

           “I was thinking about all the people we’ve said a final goodbye to over the years.”

           “Too many,” he said, pulling her in tighter.

           “Including you,” she said, pulling his chin towards her and covering his mouth with hers. “Don’t make me say it twice, Mulder.”


How to design doors to be less confusing

You’ve encountered a door like this. One that looks like you should pull on it, but really you’re supposed to push. Those doors you hate have a name: “Norman doors.”

They’re named after Don Norman, a UC San Diego cognitive scientist, who identified this phenomena in his book “The Design of Everyday Things.”

According to Norman, pushing on a door that says “pull” isn’t necessarily your fault. It is just poorly designed. 

So what’s the solution to this mess?

Norman explains two principles of design that make objects, including doors, more intuitive to use.

One is discoverability — that is, just by looking at the door, you should be able to detect what you could do with it. So a door with only a flap would be more intuitively interpreted as something you push on rather than pull.

A well-designed object should also provide you feedback while using it.

Feedback involves any visible, tactile, auditory or sensible reactions that help signal whether your attempted use of the object was successful. In the case of doors, the twistable knobs would signal to you whether the door is locked or not.

And perhaps the true test of a well-designed door may be whether your family cat can open it with ease.

Watch the full @vox video on Norman doors (and human-centered design) 

Support Reverse Bang Creators

Creating fanworks can be a long, lonely process, but it can also be a wonderful way to make lasting creative friendships. Want to support the artists and authors participating in the Reverse Bang? Here are few ways you might be able to help! 

Art Beta: Provide technical feedback and advice for artists. View and discuss drafts with artist, answering questions and offering input as requested. 

Art Cheerleader: Encourage artists throughout their process. Check-in to see how their work is going. If asked, view drafts and send back supportive comments .   

Author Beta: Provide editorial feedback for authors. Depending on each beta’s skills and each author’s needs, this feedback could take the form anything from of lengthy a substantive and structural critique of the work to a quick proofread for typos.  

Author Britpicker: Assist authors outside the UK to correct for cultural and linguistic differences that might appear in their story, if it contains British characters and/or takes place within the UK.  

Author Cheerleader: Encourage authors throughout their process. Check-in to see how their work is going. If asked, read through drafts/snippets and send back supportive comments.  

Sign-up here. (Coming soon!)  

You can sign-up for one or all of these of these roles. As soon as the sign-ups begin to roll in, we will make a list of willing support people available to all our authors and artists. It will then be up to authors and artists to make contact. 


Finalized my Switch-tan design. No more changes from here on out. Huge thanks to all the people who provided feedback/critique.

Also some doodles included for the day. A quick shoutout to tdlorw’s Switch-tan design which you can also see in the doodles on the second and third drawings.

Next up, more drawings and stuff.

Sunguard Roll20 Update 4.3

Lots of minor and major updates listed here! Based on feedback provided during our open feedback session! You can still provide feedback until 3/31 here!

Still a significant amount of changes to be made based on feedback! Expect a 4.4 update here very soon!

Updates under the Read More:

Keep reading

Things That Made Me Happy Today

A really busy day at work where I got a whole lot of things accomplished and felt useful to people.

I evaluated someone today who is new to the profession and has issues with self-confidence because of some pretty terrible life experiences. I’m pretty sure that I made her week in our conference. She’s going to be an absolute rockstar. I was energized for the next couple of hours just from watching her work and providing her with my feedback. You could see her glowing when I talked to her about how great she is and will be. It was pretty awesome.

All of the awesome Ask Me Anything questions that I got tonight. Especially those from the non-anons. It’s so cool to feel interesting to people and to see how far you can reach. I also felt like I was getting my answering mojo back and made some of the answers fun and interesting. I’m humbled by your generosity and interest, truly I am.

The phrase, “I would lick up every drop of that cum and even suck it from the bed sheets.” That’s dedication. And it made me laugh out loud. 🤣

ahh i guess i just get tired of being expected to genesis the things im thinking abt….. like “tell me about it!” is so fucking vague and then you get no feedback and its like ahhhh… this isnt a fun discussion…….. 

or ill make posts abt things to try and get it Out There instead of just thinking it to myself but like, i dont have enough of a following for anyone to actually Read it or Respond to it,,,, so i just feel equally as bad bc its like shouting into a void

I wanted to thank all of you who provided feedback on my last personal post (re: half my class failing). I should be receiving my evaluations soon, but apparently they weren’t bad because 1) my contract was renewed (another three years of work, YAY) and 2) I was assigned two online classes, one this summer and one in the fall (oh, right, the class in question was an online class).

Thank you so much for your advice and feedback! I have plans for the next semester which include reaching out to students more (it is an online class but I’ve been too stubborn about them taking the initiative to email me, without considering how that might be difficult for them) and assigning more low-stakes assignments to check the class pulse. I’ve gone to a couple of training sessions re: teaching online since then, and I plan to attend more in the hopes I’ll have better class retention in the future.

Thanks again, guys! <3

Sometimes I hate how very sensitive I am. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again. I swear at the slightest hint of criticism my thoughts just go on a rampage of “wow, you’re a fucking idiot, go die in a hole.” And it’s only because I hate not being perfect at things like right off the bat, which is just unrealistic, and yet… I still expect it. Also like, chill self? People are allowed to point out your weak points, it’s not an attack on you as a person, they’re literally just providing feedback. Your tender feelings are tender all over the place…

The Godsfall Community Transcription Project

In the interest of getting this awesome podcast out to more people by making it more accessible, some other Godsfall fans and I had a conversation earlier today about crowdsourcing a transcription effort along the lines of @tazscripts​, and I currently have a tentative formatting guide and the first few minutes of Dorro Knott’s introduction episode transcribed in this Google Doc here

Anyone is free to work on either this episode or a different one, as well as provide feedback on how the formatting can be improved and made more accessible for those who need transcripts!
Lab Coats (793 words) by luvkirby4ever [AO3]
Chapter 1: Fade to White

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Wolf 359 (Radio)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Alexander Hilbert, Isabel Lovelace, Renée Minkowski, Doug Eiffel, Hera (Wolf 359)
Additional Tags: Symbolism, Loss, Friendship, comradery

As it turns out, Hilbert really hates white lab coats.

Plus, incident reports, the Bob Ross initiative, sepsis-induced MODS, and the inevitable erasure of death.

Special thanks to:  @scipiocipher​ @colonelkepler @wordstomyears and @subsequentibis- feel free to provide feedback (or ask to not be tagged/mentioned).  Also don’t worry if your involvement with my inspiration isn’t immediately apparent- things will start picking up in chapter 2.