provider of chaos & mayhem

I have said it before, and I will say it again. The Chantry NEEDS to fall. It really has to. Like, Andrastrianism, the faith and belief in the Maker itself, I could take or leave, but the Chantry itself, as an institution, NEEDS to be dismantled, have its power dulled and worn away. And that really seems like what should have been the core question of Inquisition.

I mean, just think about it - Corypheus, Leliana, and Cassandra, three of the major figures of the game are all in a crisis of faith in the wake of events. Corypheus believes that the world NEEDS a god to rule and control things. Leliana lost a friend and mentor, and it was to a threat she feels she should have seen coming. Cassandra believed in the Seekers and now finds that they lied to her, lost sight of what they were seeking.

One of the core themes of the game should have been about faith, how people will twist it to allow them to believe and act as they desire, rather than to be true to the ideals that faith calls for. And it’s so disappointing, because I truly believe that if these characters DID ask those questions, they would recognize that while the faith and belief in the Maker may, as Josephine says, bind the disparate nations of Thedas together, the Chantry, existing as it does as a de facto ‘power behind the throne’ of the major nations of Thedas, has reached a point where its actions are toxic and destructive to the foundations of society.

In short, I’m about to rework the entire game into what I think it SHOULD have been.

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