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Circumstance (Part 1)

My first SJM series! First part is kind of short but I just wanted to establish the basis of the plot. Please tell me what you think!!!

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son au

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“Prythian? The Night Court? Three months?!” Emberlei asks in dismay, her parents nodding silently at each question. “Why?”

“To learn from the High Lord and Lady there. Feyre and Rhysand are some of the greatest Fae leaders in all of the world, and they offered to take you in and teach you, along with the rest of their advisors.” Aelin explains calmly. “In exchange, their son, Cadewyn, will be staying here to learn useful things from us.” She smiles at Rowan in a wicked sort of way, as if what they’ll be teaching the boy will be anything but conventionally useful.

Ember rolls her eyes. “Please don’t send me away for three months, I’ve never even been to Prythian!” She practically begs.

“You have, actually,” Rowan reminds. “When you were little, we went there for a Leader Meeting. You and Cadewyn even played together I think.”

Emberlei racks her brain for any memory of the boy. “Is he the one who pushed my down the stairs?” Aelin and Rowan share a glance. “He was, wasn’t he? He was the one who gave me this scar!” She draws back a bit of her hair to show a small white scar at the base of her hairline.

Her father inspects it for a moment and then shakes his head. “No, I thought that was the one Aedion gave you when you didn’t duck fast enough during sparring.”

“Nope, definitely this Cadewyn guy.” She responds. “Are you sure you want to teach someone who assaulted your daughter?”

Aelin laughs again, looking towards Rowan with one of their ‘you know what I’m thinking and I know what your thinking’ gazes. Ember groans. “Ugh! Fine! I’ll go, just stop looking at each other like that.”

Her parents break their gaze and feign innocence. “Like what?” Aelin wonders, a sly smile playing on her lips, and Ember thinks that it might be okay to get away from her parents for a couple months.

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At the mouth of the Torrentine, House Dayne raised its castle on an island where that roaring, tumultuous river broadens to meet the sea. Legend says the first Dayne was led to the site when he followed the track of a falling star and there found a stone of magical powers. His descendants ruled over the western mountains for centuries thereafter as Kings of the Torrentine and Lords of Starfall.

North and east, beyond a great gap in the mountains that provided the shortest and easiest passage from Dorne to the Reach, House Fowler carved its own seat into the stony slopes overlooking the pass. Skyreach, that seat became known, for its lofty perch and soaring stone towers. At the time, the pass it brooded over was commonly known as the Wide Way (today we name it the Prince’s Pass), so the Fowlers took for themselves the grandiose titles of Lords of Skyreach, Lords of the Wide Way, and Kings of Stone and Sky.

In a similar vein, far to the east where the mountains ran down to the Sea of Dorne, House Yronwood established itself in the high valleys and green foothills below the peaks and seized control of the Stone Way, the second of the two great passes into Dorne (one far steeper, narrower, and more treacherous than the Wide Way of the west). Well protected and comparably fertile, their lands were also well timbered and possessed of valuable deposits of iron, tin, and silver as well, making the Yronwoods the richest and most powerful of the Dornish kings. Styling themselves the Bloodroyals, Lords of the Stone Way, Masters of the Green Hills, and High Kings of Dorne, the lords of House Yronwood in time ruled northern Dorne, from the mountain domains of House Wyl to the headwaters of the Greenblood … though their efforts to bend the other Dornish kings to their will were seldom successful.

The World of Ice and Fire. Dorne. Kingdoms of the First Men.

Houses of Dorne (1/5)

rocketdocket  asked:

hey lorna! so your last fic really inspired me and i'm just your local struggling bisexual with Needs so i'd love a fic where robert really struggles with PDA with aaron one day? it can really be anything... in the village and robert's just having A Day with internalized homophobia/biphobia, or outside of the village somewhere and rob's used to his own little emmerdale bubble where everyone knows and doesn't even blink twice at him and aaron... i leave this in your highly capable hands

anna, this got out of hand, i won’t lie. i have a lot of feelings about robert and internalised homophobia and i could probably write a dissertation on it but i hope you like this ficlet anyway!!

it takes a lifetime

it takes a lot more than a marriage and love to unlearn all the things the world had taught robert he had to be ashamed of. 

or, robert’s internalised homophobia rears it’s ugly head.

Robert woke up that morning with a familiar ache in his chest, a familiar clench of fear that seemed to sink into every inch of his body, every muscle, every thought. He woke up, Aaron curled up next to him looking peaceful, and happy, and totally at ease, and it made Robert feel like he wanted to claw at his skin, an anxious feeling bubbling in his stomach.

Easing himself out of bed, Robert padded across the bedroom, closing the bathroom door behind him. He switched on the shower, sitting on the edge of the bath as he waited for the water to heat up.

Robert didn’t really know why he still felt like this sometimes. He’d been in a relationship with Aaron for close to two years now, and married for one of those years, and yet somehow, for some inexplicable reason, he sometimes still woke up feeling uncomfortable in his own skin.

Trying to shake off his thoughts, Robert stripped off his pyjamas, stuffing them into the laundry hamper that stood by their sink.

Their home. They’d been living in the Mill for close to eight months now, and it really felt like a home, mementos and proof of the life they’d built together everywhere, Aaron’s shampoo standing next to his in the shower rack.

It was all so normal.

It was normal because it was normal, Robert told himself, letting out a sigh of relief as he stepped under the boiling hot shower spray, hoping the water would wash away the queasy feeling he’d woken up with that morning.

He’d be fine if he just walked it off, Robert decided, going through his usual morning shower routine quickly. It was funny, the stark differences between the two of them - Aaron savoured every minute he got in bed in the morning, preferring to shower in the evening time when he came in from work, and Robert was more of a morning person, enjoying how a shower would wake him up before work, before he had to face the day.

Funny, small little differences between them, just like every other couple.

Robert dressed himself quickly, enjoying the feeling of going through the motions as he tucked his shirt into his trousers, buckling his belt tightly. He always took pride in how he looked, always liked how smart and professional he looked when he made the effort, deciding on a maroon coloured tie and a favourite blazer of his that morning.

It’s not as though he had anything special on, just a few meetings and a day in the portacabin, but Robert always felt better when he dressed up a bit. Maybe it was silly, maybe it was entirely vain of him, but as he headed downstairs to start on breakfast, he caught a glimpse of himself in the upstairs landing mirror, and a part of Robert felt more settled.

Felt more like his old self. Robert didn’t miss much of the man he used to be, but he sometimes missed the confidence he had so easily felt, all the time.

Still, he was better now. Better, happier, Robert thought to himself as he made a cup of coffee, the overly expensive coffee machine Aaron had raised an eyebrow at whirling to life, filling the quiet downstairs of the house with noise.

Happier, definitely happier.

The coffee was bitter and too hot as Robert gulped it down, the liquid burning at his insides. He should probably eat, too, but one glance at their cereal selection didn’t give him much of an inclination to eat.

He’d go to the cafe, later, if he got hungry. Robert scooped up his wallet and car keys, covering the speaker on the alarm so he could turn off the house alarm without waking Liv or Aaron up, the tinny voice that called out the alarm was off unbearably loud when the flat was this silent.

The fresh air felt like a relief as Robert stepped outside, sliding behind the wheel of his car.

His car.

He always felt better when he got behind the wheel of his car, windows down and the familiar hum of his engine the only company on the quiet road between their home and the scrapyard, the village quiet.

It was only half seven, after all.

Robert didn’t feel completely settled until he was behind his desk, immersed in the paperwork he needed to catch up on after a long weekend spent with Aaron, and Liv, with the Dingles, Aaron’s madcap family invading their garden for the first barbecue of the year, Victoria providing a small mountain of cakes and salads for the boisterous party.

Robert smiled to himself. That had been a good weekend, hadn’t it? A weekend spent with his family, enjoying the beginnings of the Yorkshire summer. Shaking his head again, trying to shake the thoughts from his mind as he turned his attention to the paperwork.

He must have been at it for hours, but the portacabin door opened around nine, Aaron arriving in, Adam in tow, and a bag from the cafe in hand. “Morning,” Aaron greeted with a smile, setting a cup of coffee down in front of Robert. “You were gone early this morning?”

“Mm, I had an early conference call, client in Germany,” Robert lied easily, taking a sip of the coffee. Americano, two sugars, his usual early morning coffee order, the perfect amount of sweet and bitter, the caffeine loosening out his system, making him feel more awake.

“It go alright?” Aaron inquired, setting one of the bagels he’d clearly bought on his way in down in front of Robert, Adam slumping into Aaron’s desk chair, munching on his own breakfast.

They were always slow to start, after a bank holiday weekend.

Robert nodded. “Ta for the breakfast,” he said quietly, realising now just how hungry he actually was.

“Noticed ya didn’t have anything,” Aaron shrugged, sitting on the edge of Robert’s desk as he ate. It was something Aaron had done a thousand times before, but Robert felt his heart start to race as Aaron bumped a knee against Robert’s, oblivious to Robert’s mounting panic as he told him some funny story about Brenda and the gossip she’d been spreading that morning.

He’d laugh, normally, but Robert felt strangely on edge, turned off his bagel almost instantly.

Aaron finished his breakfast, crumpling up the wrapping and tossing it at Adam’s head before he turned his attention to Robert, leaning in to kiss Robert just as Jimmy arrived to the portacabin, Nicola in tow that morning.

Robert kissed him back for a second before his nervousness turned to blind panic, his stomach churning as he scraped back his chair suddenly, scrambling for his keys. “I’ve got to go,” he said, his heart racing as he made for the door, only half aware of Aaron’s concerned call of his name.

He couldn’t get his hands to work, dropping his keys once, twice as he tried to unlock his car.

“Robert, what’s wrong with you?”

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Maracas bay. North Coast. Trinidad and Tobago.

Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad’s most famous beaches. A deep bay protects this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, one of the most beautiful beaches close to the city. From Port of Spain, the scenic drive through mountainous rainforest provides breathtaking views of lush peninsulas jutting into the sea. Food vendors and showers are available by the beach and once the weather is nice and sunny, one will surely enjoy a day at the bay.

A Dude(Reader x T’Challa)

Word Count: 1179

Summary: Reader is the only one that can call T’Challa “dude” or “bro” with no scolding. Sam and Bucky certainly do not have permission.

A/N: This is my first real T’challa imagine and I am so psyched!! I developed a major crush on him when cacw came out so this is just perfect. Enjoy! 

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Okay but no one talks about “The Pants Song” and I think it’s time that someone gives it the love it deserves?? Btw thanks @miichael-mell for listening to me scream about this song

It honestly has a lot of good lines that are often over looked because of the song’s silly name and nature.

Like I honestly get really sad when Michael says, “But I’m not what he wants.” Because after all of their time together, it’s like… he believes that Jeremy doesn’t need him in his life and is choosing to block him out. It’s one thing to have a computer physically restraining you, but after that Jeremy CHOOSES to keep the optic nerve blocking on and whether Michael knew that or not, he sees he isn’t wanted anymore after all of their time together and that makes me sad

Then there’s the next line from Jeremy’s dad saying, “But you’re just what he needs.” And he is absolutely right. not just for the physical things he provides like mountain dew red, but for the emotional support that Jeremy gets from him. It’s pretty clear in More Than Survive that like… literally no one really wants to talk to him at all but do you hear the way he’s just like “MICHAEL!” In that song?? He’s so happy to see him and whether you ship boyf riends or not (but let’s be real who doesn’t) he is absolutely THRILLED to see him. His mood just picks up immediately.

I also love love love love the line “if I’m going to try harder to be his friend, you have to try harder to be his dad” because Michael is like I want to help you and my friend, but you have to help him to and he’s like looking out for Jeremy in the long run and wants him not just safe at this moment, but feeling happy in the future and hopefully with a more active father

There’s also just the idea of “putting your pants on”. Yeah, it’s Jeremy’s dad saying I’M GOING TO PUT ON PANTS FOR YOU. It’s like also just putting the best version of yourself forward and I always just like… it’s so nice??

I have a lot of feelings about this song and I think it deserves more recognition

Lang Co Beach - Vietnam

Lying 30km North of Danang, Lang Co Beach is the perfect pit stop on the way to the ancient city of Hue. It is considered one of the most pristine beaches in the world, with an incredible ecosystem. The beach is close to the picturesque Hai Van Pass travel route, and boasts naturally warm water temperatures. The green mountain ranges provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day at this beach. 

King of the Mountain

I am so proud to be owned by the man who gave me my collar. You’ve heard a few things about him these last couple months. I’ve written with love and praise of his virtues. But I have yet to tell, properly, the story of how we conquered a mountain together.

There were many highlights to having Master with me here in January, so many wonderful moments - even just the small act of cuddling up together an unforgettable memory to treasure. But the real centerpiece of the visit, the thing that will forever define those days, was the story of how we tackled the challenging and breathtaking Tongariro Crossing. This is that story.

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To Death

For @fandomwritingchallenge.

Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,781
Prompt: carnival
Warnings: swearing, non-graphic violence, very light sexual content (nothing really happens though)

Q returned home from a very exhausting, tedious day at work, bearing the image of a steaming hot cup of tea in his mind. He has been looking forward to one since the moment he left his lab, and now he could enjoy it at last.

Only—he found his flat’s door open by a cranny as he approached it with a key in his hand. He panicked. His other hand automatically reached for a pen with a mechanism that could shoot poisonous darts if the right button is pressed. He always kept it in the front pocket of his bag.

He narrowed his eyes and proceeded with utmost caution. There had been an intruder in his flat, and maybe still was. He had to be ready. One slow step at a time, he approached the door and opened it; it emitted a creaky sound. Whoever was inside must have heard it.

Pointing the dangerous pen in front of him, he entered the foyer. No visible damage had occurred in there, but there was no sign of his furry friends, either. When he listened carefully, he could hear a female voice coming from the living room.

Though, he had a glimpse he had heard that voice before. But that was impossible, because that woman was—

Q neglected all of the previous cautiousness and rushed to the source of the noise. He nearly forgot to breathe.

The door between the living room and the kitchen was open ajar. He burst through it, and came to an immediate halt when he sighted the figure standing in front of the telly.

Why wasn’t he surprised to see 007 in there?

However, he was surprised by one different thing: the reason why it was so, that is to say. Well, it was two things, in fact—that, and whom he could see on a video tape.

M. His M. The silver-haired iron lady just as he remembered her and very much alive. It was merely a tape, but his brain was suddenly flooded with memories. She was telling Bond about an unfinished business; giving him instructions.

Bond acknowledged Q’s presence without moving by a bit. “M’s given me work. I’m going to Mexico,” he said matter-of-factly, without a twitch of his face. He did not add any explanation so as to why he had gone to his flat and not his fucking own. “And I need your help, Q.”


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Picture by Don Bartletti


The only wolf ever documented in Southern California may have been a victim of mistaken identity nearly a century ago.

The 100-pound male wolf was pursuing a bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert’s rugged Providence Mountains in 1922 when a steel-jaw trap clamped onto one of its legs.

Based on measurements of its skull, biologists at the time determined that it was a lone Southern Rocky Mountain gray wolf that had wandered out of a population in southern Nevada.

But a different story is emerging from a study of that skull at UCLA, where researchers have identified DNA markers indicating it was actually a Mexican gray wolf, the “lobo” of Southwestern lore.

Bob Wayne, an evolutionary biologist at the university, said the finding could help extend the historic range of the federally endangered Mexican gray wolf, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contends ranged over parts of central and northern Mexico, western Texas, southern New Mexico and southeastern and central Arizona.

Broadening the species’ historical range to include Southern California would allow for an assessment of additional habitats for Mexican wolf reintroduction programs,” Wayne said. That, in turn, could enhance its chances of survival

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This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.

I am in love with everything in this scene.

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so this is a sequel to this awesome bittyjohnson fic by @omgpbandj​ and you probably gotta read it first for this to make sense.

started during the height of the weird bittyjohnson craze last august, abandoned, unabandoned, and just finished today. (wooo.)

jackbittyjohnson, 3.3k, rated teen. extremely meta.

johnson knows that in a few weeks this will all feel like a fever dream—the odd couple of days when he fell in love with bitty, and everyone wanted him to do it.

he knows it’s not meant to last.

when the updates come, it’ll be over. a new batch of jackbitty content straight from the Creator is obviously going to be too captivating to ignore. people will stop thinking about johnson, will instead write meta about kent parson and communication and the tiny lego jack and every other little moment in episodes 3.7 through 3.11.

johnson knows the only reason that people are even thinking about him is because there’s nothing else to do. everyone is just trying to distract themselves from the eager ache of waiting. they’re all just excited. this is only a way to pass the time.

and honestly, johnson is exited, too. he knows the updates are going to be good—he’s seen them, flashes, little pieces in his memory, and what’s coming makes his heart swell and ache and grow, all at once. johnson is as in love with jack and bitty’s love as everyone else is.

but this week, at least, he’s a little bit in love with bitty, too.

johnson knows it’s not going to last.


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Urban Sprawl Up Kabul’s Mountainsides, With Splashes of Color
The fast-growing Afghan capital has to regulate unplanned neighborhoods. One idea? Paint illegal settlements in shades of hues like blue, green and pink.
By Fahim Abed and Mujib Mashal

Creative placemaking in Kabul:  does house painting by the authorities really improve the lives of impoverished migrants in the city’s informal periphery? Does it promote pride of place or mere aesthetic improvement? The debate reflects the views of local residents, as quoted in The New York Times (30 May 2017):

While many of the residents have been supportive of the effort, it has also stirred some backlash among activists who say it is a type of whitewashing of the poverty that prevails in those neighborhoods.

Musa Khan, a resident of Joy Sheer, said the government was better off focusing on paving paths to the homes high up the mountains or providing water to those houses whose residents still have to carry buckets on their backs.

“Every day, children slip and fall down on their way to school and return home with broken arms or broken heads,” Mr. Khan said.

But Gul Jan, 50, who was transporting buckets of water on her back from the foot of the mountain in Joy Sheer, was less critical.

“Water is important,” she said. “But color is also important.”

ashen morning

Dear mobile users, apologies for the loooong text post. Feel free to scroll past - no pics to load here. Though feel free to stop and read XD

Morning dawns ashen and pale. A bitterly cold wind brushes over the field where now frost begins to cover the remaining bodies. Within the shattered stones of Erebor’s grand entrance the dwarves of Thorin Oakenshield’s company have sought shelter. Here, at least, the wind does not reach them.

Dori, Nori and Gloin have procured blankets from within the mountain to provide bedding. There are too few tents, too little shelter. Dain’s dwarves have not brought much, nor did Thranduil. Dale is but a ruin, from which yet smoke rises toward the brightening sky. The little sunlight that pierces fog and smoke bears no warmth, and those that survived battle may still succumb to the cold.

Oin works hard. At least - it seems - their company is lucky. Nori sustained a bad scrape, Dwalin broke his ankle and Balin lost two fingers. Minor injuries, though Oin would rather see all of them of their feet, especially Fili and Kili. The princes are pale, casting anxious glances out toward the field from where Dwalin dragged them back - Kili with yet another arrow sticking from his thigh and Fili with a gash across his back.

From their uncle no trace has been seen. Dwalin told them he went after Azog and then Bilbo after him - the news simultaneously elating and terrifying. Elating for Thorin must have finally slain his enemy. The orc armies have dispersed, leaderless and in fear. Terrifying for what likely happened to Thorin.

And Bilbo.

Ever since their smallest member slid from their midst to rejoin Gandalf below, they’d thought him safe. Thought the wizard would watch out for him.

They should have remembered Bilbo Baggins had a mind of his own.

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Lightning over the geyser field of Sonoma.

The geyser fields are the site of over 20 geothermal power plants in the Mayacamas mountains. It provides power to a large chunk of coastal California, between San Francisco and Oregon. The steam comes from a layer of greywacke (sandy mud, or muddy sand) sandwitched between two impermeable strata. The heat comes from a magma chamber 7 Km down, and 14 across, part of the subduction related magmatism that crops up along the whole American coast, from Patagonia to Alaska, and related to the ring of fire subduction of the Pacific ocean plate underneath the surrounding plates.


Image credit: Kent Porter/AP