providence 1981

Joan Whitney Payson (1903-1975) was a businesswoman, philanthropist, and patron of the arts. As a co-founder and majority owner of the New York Mets, she was the first woman to own a major-league baseball team without inheriting it.

She was the team’s president between 1968 and 1975, and was inducted in its Hall of fame in 1981. She provided funds to build the library of Pepperdine University, and established the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation, named after her mother, for medical research.

(Bitis schneideri) Namaqua dwarf adder

An account is provided by Hurrell (1981) of a bite he sustained on his left index finger. The symptoms included intense pain, pronounced swelling, discoloration and oozing of serum from the punctures. After 24 hours, a 5 mm hematoma developed at the bite site. His condition stabilized after three to four days, with the swelling and pain gradually subsiding. Healing was complete after two weeks, with no loss of function or sensation of the afflicted digit. Minimal local tissue damage and no systemic effects were reported. No antivenom is available for this species.


Volkswagen Passat B3 series, 1988. The B3 was the first Passat to based on an VW rather than an Audi platform. The Auto 2000 concept of 1981 provided some of the Passat’s styling inspiration, it was the first Passat to be sold only as a 4 door saloon or a 5 door wagon and though a 5 door hatch was prototyped it did not make it into the showrooms. There was also no 2/3 door B3 which previous Passats had offered 


All the children in the world should be
Loving each other wholeheartedly
Yes, it’s all right.
Take my message to your brother
And tell him twice

Take the news to the marching men
Who are killing their brothers
When death won’t do, ooh
Yes, we’re all the same
Yes, the blood inside of me is inside of you

- CAN YOU FEEL IT? (Triumph Tour - 1981)