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Suspicious Partner 12

Here, summarized in a single short scene, we have every reason that Ji Wook works for me so entirely as a romantic lead. Under all his angst, posturing and generally feeling sorry for himself, he still manages to be incredibly gentle and sincere with Bong Hee.

Bong Hee has just a traumatic confrontation with DA Jang and is trying to bear with it quietly on her own. For whatever reason she has determined to keep the incident from Ji Wook. Maybe this is because she doesn’t want to burden him with more of her problems, she already depends on him for so much. Or perhaps she recognizes that he’s already struggled two set backs in his career for going up against the DA on her behalf and doesn’t want to jeopardize his newly launched law firm. We’re not told.

But despite her attempts to hide her distress behind a smile, he notices that something is wrong and goes to her room to check on her. When he notices the bruising starting around her throat, he is immediately solicitous and asks her what happened. When she insists that it’s nothing he reassures her that it’s okay to tell him.

Maybe he understands what she’s trying to do by keeping it from him. But she firmly tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. At that point he doesn’t contradict her. He doesn’t press her further. He simply accepts her word. The last thing he does is ask if she’s going to be okay. Because that’s the most important thing here. Not his involvement, or a patronizing desire to protect her, or prove his masculinity. If she’s okay, then that’s enough. When she says she is, he leaves without further resistance.

In this moment he was both tender and respectful. It’s the kind of moment OTPs are made of. Keep it up show.

This is obvious and has probably already been stated but you know what’s cool?

Finn and L.xa, both made it blatantly obvious that they were into Clarke and that they loved her, to the point of losing themselves (Finn shooting the grounder camp and L.xa bowing to her and compromising her people’s political position for her.) They both proved love is weakness.  

Bellamy, on the other hand, did many things to show how much he cares about her but he doesn’t like throw himself at her feet. Because they’re partners and they’re equals and he loves her for that. She helped shape him and make him better and he did the same for her. Proving love can be strength. 

And she loves him more than anyone because of that. 

(One of) my favorite Peraltiago moments is in S1E15 “Operation: Broken Feather” when Jake and Amy are watching hotel footage for a case and Jake flips up Amy’s shirt collar and she tries to leave it there to prove a point that she’s not OCD but THE WAY JAKE LOOKS AT AMY IS SO CUTE AND HE JUST KNOWS HER AND IT MAKES MY HEART MELT EVERY TIME

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Hi! I've just finished reading the first story of the Designation: Miracle series and I loved every bit of it! I actually cried because of HInata in the end, it was so emotional. I really don't know if take prompts or something, but have you ever thought about writing a spinoff with IwaOi/KasaKise meeting at the "party"? It'd be so fun! (they're my OTP from both anime ahah) BTW, thanks for writing it! It's really amazing!

“We are going to crush them.”

“You’re getting awfully competitive about a game where we literally just made up the rules five seconds ago,” Iwaizumi remarks.

“Iwa-chan, there is no point in playing anything without performing our absolute best. And also, we need to prove that we are better than those basketball players, don’t you think?”

“We have basketball players on our team,” Iwaizumi points out. “They have volleyball players on their team. The whole point of this absurd made-up game is so that we’re working together.”

“Alright, fine, we have to prove we’re better than the Miracle.”

This makes even less sense, and Iwaizumi resists the urge to throttle his captain. “The only reason any of us are here is because you wanted to support the Miracles.”

“Right,” Oikawa says. “We supported them, and now we’re going to make sure we prove we’re the best.”

Iwaizumi just stares at him. “Why are you like this?”


“I don’t like him,” Kise announces.


“He’s too pretty,” Kise says.

Kasamatsu frowns and follows Kise’s glare to the captain of the current Basket-Volleyball team they’ve been playing against. He’s had some solid moves and got past Kise a few times. “That’s a weird thing for you to say,” Kasamatsu says. “Besides, I think he’s a lot like you.”

“What! Senpai, how can you say that? He is nothing like me! He seems far too frivolous.”

“Right,” Kasamatsu says. “Bit like you.”

Senpai,” Kise whines. “Look at him! He’s clearly smarmy. He flirts too much and also he smirks. People shouldn’t smirk all the time.”

“So… exactly like you?”

Kise continues to pout, with a wide-eyed puppy-dog look that creates the perfect picture of injured prettiness.

“Can’t even tell the difference, really,” Kasamatsu continues, “Maybe I should go ask him out, he looks like my type, and maybe he’d be better about picking his clothes off the floor—”



“Wow, where did they even come from?” Kasamatsu remarks, marveling at the fact that a crowd of girls have already encircled Oikawa.

“They just sort of pop up out of nowhere, like fruit flies,” Iwaizumi says, resignedly. “Although, I do think some of them were originally here for your boy.”

Kasamatsu twitches slightly at the idea of Kise as “his boy” and carries on with, “Well, that’s even more impressive. I didn’t think anyway could pull fans away from Kise. That’s a definite testament to the charming abilities your boy has.”

Iwaizumi, to his credit, only nods apologetically, as if acknowledging his own fault. “Yeah. It’s pretty annoying. Doesn’t help that he panders to his fans, you know?”

“Oh, for sure. Kise’s a model too, so we get it everywhere. And it’s kind of obnoxious, because you almost have no room to complain because he’s still incredibly talented at basketball,” Kasamatsu says, like a man who has never kicked his underclassman for pandering to his fans.

“Right. There’s no denying Oikawa is the best setter in the prefecture, so it is really hard to object to his crazy,” Iwaizumi agrees, like a man who has never thrown a volleyball at his friend’s head.

You’re obviously really talented, though,” Kasamatsu says. “You’re reflexes are amazing.”

“Thanks, back at you. Have you ever thought about playing volleyball?”

“Eh, not my sport.”

“Fair enough.”


“I don’t like you,” Kise says.

“I don’t like you, pretty boy,” Oikawa says.

“And if that spikey haired guy gets any closer to Senpai, I’m going to kick his ass.”

“If you hurt Iwa-chan, I’ll destroy you,” Oikawa says with a smile.

Kise eyes Oikawa and gets the feeling that Oikawa might be a human, but he was a human who knew how to do unpleasant things in the dark without anyone ever knowing what was happening. Oikawa, on the other hand, is realizing there were a lot more unpleasant geniuses besides Kageyama and he almost wishes Kise did play volleyball, if only so Oikawa could have the satisfaction of making him cry in public.

“Keep him away from Senpai and we’ll call a truce?” Kise offers.

“Deal, but only because I’m feeling generous since my team beat yours.”

“Only once and I demand a rematch!”

A/N: Thanks, friend! I am very glad you enjoyed the story! I have always meant to write a KiKasa and IwaOi interaction because that was something a few people remarked on wanting to see, so here we go! It’s my headcanon that Oikawa and Kise are probably people who will get along really well after awhile, but when they first meet they hate each other’s guts. Thanks again!! Sorry for how long it took! (If anyone is interested in random thoughts on basket-volleyball, they are here).


Can you pinpoint the exact moment you first fell in love? [insp]


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

u can see during this moment, some ppl are being so defensive, victimizing themselves, playing the i know all along card, using the idols’ feelings as a counterattack when the truth is, they don’t know what and how to say it, to prove their point that, look kk is still dating w/o being called delusional (coz sm confirmed it). so they attack other ppl. and blame it on us. i’m not celebrating bcoz kk broke up (it never happened anyway). i’m fucking celebrating coz ji is free and this fake dating news is off his shoulder. n look at how happy he was ytd.

but some ppl can’t comprehend that and said that i am just selfish and only care bout my otp. but then, i also forgot that most ppl don’t know. so i can’t blame them either lol.

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Ohhh can you do 25 with either clony or taffy.

I think Im gonna do Clony here, I love Taffy but i havnt tried my hand at Clony yet. SO let’s see how this goes.

25 I’m Sick

Tony was sick, and i dont mean a little Cold, I mean a full on throw up your lunch kind of sick. And he hated every single second of it.

He should be out, with his car or his boyfriend or something, but instead he was stuck in bed trying not to throw up on his phone as he texted Clay, letting him know why he couldn’t make it to their date.

Little did he know Clay was already in his house, climbing the stairs.

Well that was until he burst into Tony’s bedroom.

“Why are you still in bed?” Clay asked him completely oblivious to Tony’s illness.

“Im sick you idiot” Tony groaned before throwing up as if to prove his point.

“Oh” Clay said now understanding what was happening, making a deal with himself that he was going to look after Tony until he was better.

Once Tony was done throwing up he gave Clay a look “Dont you fucking Dare-” He started

“Im making you soup” Clay interuppted before going downstairs and to the kitchen like a man in a mission.

“Oh my god” Tony groaned laying back down.

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it said "ship" but i am sending three... crenny? twenny? kyman?

Answering this right before bed so sorry if my answers are a little lacking. I’m not sure whether going into depth is the way I’m supposed to answer these, but detailed elaboration is sort of the natural way I approach things. That and I’m just making the most of actually getting an ask. If you don’t want the detailed explanations, I give quick summaries after each paragraph. I’ll put the sums in italics.  C: 


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

I personally feel Crenny would be…kinda boring. Both of these characters are pretty introverted and far from talkative (Kenny just being really quiet and to himself when not playing as a character he made up while Craig is full on stoic). While these shared traits certainly wouldn’t cause any conflict between them, they wouldn’t make for an interesting dynamic either. Also, Craig doesn’t seem to want to get too deeply involved with the main four, because of the kinds of situations they attract and how they handle those situations (going along with them instead of bailing). Topping it all off, we haven’t seen them interact that much outside of a few indications here and there that they’re friends.

So yeah. Don’t like it, don’t hate it. Just find it to be on the boring side. 


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

Between “meh” and “neutral” on this one. Like Craig, Kenny’s calm and quiet nature could be relaxing to Tweek. However, that doesn’t mean they would have the same dynamic as the one Creek has. The Creek relationship is the definition of opposites attract. Craig represents complete stoicism, Tweek overreacts to just about everything. Craig is apathy while Tweek is empathy. And these opposites play off of each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial relationship. Tweek benefits from Craig’s calm, stoic personality while Craig benefits from Tweek’s empathy (I’ve gone into detail about this here )

Why bring up Creek? Because I think the Twenny potential is also grounded in opposites attracting. Kenny is calm and quiet, Tweek is anything but. However, while Kenny is very calm, he doesn’t quite enter stoicism territory like Craig does. The contrast between Craig and Tweek there is much more blatant, making that same contrast in Twenny seem less interesting in comparison. The fact Kenny attracts danger (like the other members of the main four but to an even more extreme degree than the other three) almost cancels the “him calming Tweek” factor out entirely too. :S  

As for the apathy-empathy contrast…well, it just isn’t there in Twenny. And I can’t think of some other way Kenny would benefit from a relationship with Tweek. And topping things off again here is that these two have nearly no canon interactions. All we know is that Tweek picks up meth from Kenny’s house.

Summing things up, there is potential, but it’s not much and that potential is of a nature (opposites attracting) that another pairing with one of these characters (Creek) shares, but in a way that makes that nature much more obvious and the relationship more interesting, endearing, and mutually beneficial. At least that’s how I personally see it, feel free to disagree though. Twenny just isn’t for me.


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY 

Okay, here’s a pairing I have lots of good stuff to say about. While this ship is controversial and far from conventional, I find it to be a very interesting dynamic.  

Cartman likes attention and, my god, does Kyle give him exactly that. The constant flow of attention from Kyle most likely feeds into Cartman’s ego and desire to matter to the others, but in a way where Kyle doesn’t allow Cartman to run him over (like Butters), keeping him as an equal in Cartman’s eyes. 

As for Kyle, he gets his own ego strokes here. Kyle is pretty self righteous and I think being constantly in conflict with the “bad” Cartman feeds into Kyle’s image of how “good” he is. 

While this makes their relationship sound bitter, there have been multiple occasions where they prove they honestly care about each other. They’re more like rivals than outright enemies. Kyle is one of very few characters who seems to give a damn about Cartman (as much as he claims not to) and Cartman values Kyle enough to risk his own life for him (though that was a selfless deed born from selfish motivations, the point still stands that he values Kyle). 

Summing things up, this used to be my OTP, but I can take them as platonic or romantic. I just like that, at the end of the day, they’re important to each other. Can’t go on about this ship as much as I can Creek, but I still definitely like it a lot and find their relationship to be one of the most interesting in the series.

mythology meme - two of five otp's: tristan and iseult

Tristan and Iseult’s conflict of love and loyalty is one of the classic tales of Western literature; in the Arthurian tradition, their tragic tragectory rivals and complements that of Lancelot and Guinevere. The basic story is one of mis-directed love: Tristan, the heroic nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, is sent to Ireland to escort the Irish king’s daughter, the beautiful Iseult, to Cornwall to become his uncle’s bride. In most versions, it is during the return voyage that Tristan and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion (meant to ensure Iseult’s happiness with Mark) together, and fall in love. Because Iseult’s engagement to Mark cannot be broken, she marries the king despite her love for Tristan, and the two lovers spend the rest of their lives attempting to satisfy their desire for each other without revealing that desire to Mark and the Cornish court. The tale of potion-induced passion has proved irresistable to artists in all media, from literature to visual arts to music, to the point that Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde is now more famous than the text on which it is based, the thirteenth century Tristan and Isolde of Gottfried von Strassburg. Virtually all versions of the legend revolve around conflicting themes of romantic love and political loyalty, though no two tellings treat these themes identically.

Episode 45 part 2! Giant five-headed dragon bullshit and other child-murdering amusement.

Yami, Mai, Jounouchi, Mokuba and Kaiba are facing off against the Big Five controlling a giant five-headed dragon with 5000 ATK although honestly the attack points thing seems pretty arbitrary in this game.

Amazingly, they team up without any “I can do this by myself!” bickering from Kaiba whatsoever!

They also handily arrange themselves according to how I ship them:

Prideshipping is my OTP, Regalshipping is hot as hell, I consider Polar canon. Mai/Kaiba (whatever that’s called) I could see happening, and I’m not strongly opposed to Yami/Jounouchi. I hate Puppyshipping. #sorrynotsorry So I ship everyone with their immediate neighbours and don’t oppose once-removed pairs, with strength of feeling going from left to right, and opposite ends being very opposed. 

Anyway! Tiamat proves stronger than their united but separate dragons (has to be dragons because reasons) prove capable of.

“No, I don’t need to bother raising my arms to protect my face. I delegated that task to my enormous collar.”

And then the Big Five stop playing fair. 

And then the Big Five start endangering innocent children.

And then the Big Five escalate their already-established unfair child-endangerment tactics.

Mokuba doesn’t have a dragon, or any Monsters at all, for that matter, but Jounouchi throws himself between Mokuba and the attack!

And dies. As far as we’ve been told, for real. He’s literally dead, as far as they’re concerned, because he protected Mokuba. And Kaiba still can’t even muster an awkwardly troubled expression. Which is all Mokuba manages. He’s LITERALLY DEAD you guys, at least PRETEND to care.

Also this is the second time Jou’s risked his own life for the others in this game. Kid’s a goddamn hero. Yami and Kaiba do the “real” fighting, and they all accept the risk, but Jounouchi’s the first one to offer himself for the sake of the others, every time.

Yami comes up with a plan, but before he can execute it, the giant dragon attacks again, and this time Mai protects Yami.

Guys. She doesn’t even know what he’s going for. But she trusts him so much she sacrifices herself without needing to know. Again, as far as she knows, she will literally die, but she does it anyway, to protect him and the Awkward brothers, and Yami takes it even harder than he did losing Jounouchi. Damn, but Mai and Yami have such an amazing mutually respectful relationship. 

Speaking of mutually respectful relationships, Kaiba and Yami are still working on that… Yami needs Kaiba for his plan, but…

Ffs, Seto, whether you agree with his plan or not he literally just told you to summon your most powerful monster! Are you going to _not_ do that just because he told you to?! WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS MOMENT TO SUDDENLY ABANDON THE IDEA OF WORKING TOGETHER?

These two impossible boyfriends rivals bicker until the dragon attacks again, aiming for Seto, but this time Mokuba saves him, taking the attack.

noooooo he tries to catch him when he falls but Mokuba’s already turning to sparkling dust and just falls right through his hands oh god my heart!

Kaiba doesn’t take that well. It _is_ his fault.

Luckily, Yami is the friend Kaiba needs, not the one he deserves.

Kaiba doesn’t _admit_ that he was wrong to argue with Yami instead of teaming up with him and that that was what got Mokuba killed, but he does immediately change his mind and start working with Yami.

Yesssss! #dreamteam

And they summon, on Yami’s intuition, this ridiculous knight riding Kaiba’s dragon, which also draws power from all the other dragon-types; Tiamat itself and Jounouchi’s and Mai’s slain dragons. They destroy Tiamat.

Unlike every other battle in the game, there’s no celebration here. Yami and Kaiba are pretty understated in victory anyway (compared to, say, Jounouchi) (also compared to how they are in battle itself) and they’re both too upset about losing the others. Kaiba even says it’s not a true victory because he lost Mokuba.

Anyway they don’t have much time to think about it because they immediately fall through the floor screaming and wow, Yami’s looking buff here!

So, it turns out that Princess Mokugirl was actually Holy Elf all along (?) and she raises the other three four from the dead. Including the fairy. Yugi will be so relieved!

This is so super cute as a reunion except that YAMI IS MISSING A LEG.

A portal opens to take them back to real life, and Kaiba immediately goes to leave, but Jounouchi yells at him that surely Kaiba should thank them. Kaiba disagrees.

But he does have a moment for one of them; Yami, obviously.

Yami listens attractively. (This arc’s animation has been so fucking good to this hottie.)

Kaiba wants to know how Yami knew how to summon such a powerful monster, and Yami tells him if they trust the cards, the cards come through for them.

Yami points out that Kaiba also believes in his cards - his dragons - and Kaiba leaves without a word.

Jounouchi’s angry that Kaiba would be so rude (Mai calms him down)…

… but Yami’s fucking smirking his head off! Look at him! He knows Kaiba’s silence is an admission that Yami’s right, just like he knows Kaiba’s change of heart about working together was the same. He doesn’t need Kaiba to admit anything aloud to know when he’s won one of their little challenges to each other. Yami understands Kaiba, in a way that maybe no one else does. (Mokuba is closer to Kaiba, but Mokuba often doesn’t understand the choices Kaiba makes.)

#prideshipping #canyoutellit’smyOTP

The episode ends with them getting back just in time to back up Anzu and Honda as they’re about to be overrun with Big Five goons, who immediately run away. Then Yugi et al send Mokuba off to KaibaCorp alone, where Kaiba hopefully woke up in that pod, to face the irl Big Five and all the goons, while they go get some ramen cause they’re hungry! 

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why are you so narrow-minded? i am 100% sure that remus was gay and that he was in love with sirius. everything your wrote doesn't make any sense to me and the fact that you can't admit that a character can be queer makes you sound really stupid. you're disgusting

Yeah, well, except for the fact that Remus kind of, you know, married an amazing woman and they had a child 0,001 seconds after that.

“Within a few weeks of their marriage, Remus realized that Tonks was pregnant”  (from Remus Lupin’s biography)

Also this:

“Remus was first amused, then impressed, then seriously smitten by the young witch (Tonks). He had never fallen in love before.” (from Remus Lupin’s biography)

If he had never fallen in love before Tonks, this implies that he wasn’t in love with Sirius. Remus’s biography was written by J.K. Rowling, so we are sure it’s 100% canon - therefore I’ve just proved my point while you didn’t prove yours.

In that post I wrote that I support brotp Wolfstar but I can’t understand otp Wolfstar, and I explained why. I also explained that Wolfstar shippers have their reasons to ship them and I respect it, because I understand that some people may think that a character is gay while I do not see it. You’re being very rude towards me for no reason at all. Calling me ‘disgusting’ will not help and surely it doesn’t make you sound like a nice person. 


Dazai chuckled with an amused glint in his eyes. This boy certainly never failed to impress him. “Well, well, Atsushi-kun,” he drawled out, rubbing his chin. “What an interesting discovery. Apparently, you purr when you get the tiniest bit excited,” he continued, sounding gleeful. Dazai titled his head to the side. “Quite fitting of you, don’t you think?” 

Notes: tHIS IS SO EMBARRASSING I’M SORRY. This is also my first time writing them, so I apologize for any mischaracterization and grammar mistakes. (´;ω;`)

Bungou Stray Dogs © Asagiri Kafka & Harukawa Sango. There is no financial gain made from this fanfiction.

( On AO3 )

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reblog if teenagers do more than just sit on their phones all day

my mom thinks that all i do is play on my computer/phone and claims i dont do anything worthy. she just thinks i gawk over youtubers and do nothing else. im tired of her treating me like this, help me prove a point please.


Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf + Season 6: 

“Blair, I love you with all my heart. And that is the reason why I cannot take the chance of messing this up. You are a distraction, because when we’re together, you’re all I think about. I would give up my empire for you, I would give up everything for you. After a couple of nights in Monte Carlo, I lost track of all time.“ "We were exhausted and starving. I think I had an actual fever.” “But that’s not why we need to do this. and neither to prove a point to my father. In the past, I blamed my mistakes on you. And Bart was right on that account, it is the boy that blames the girl, not the man. And that’s what I want to be with you. “

The lack of Jerza on my dash is disturbing

I mean… why? They are one of the most versatile ships you can find in FT!

First they are… ‘childhood lovers’

Then they can be sexual (look at Jellal- well Siegrain teasing Erza. So much sexual frustration)

Then look at all these angst!

They can even 'speak’ telepathically! They give each other strength!


Then slowly, they become acquaintances again…

…but not without being awkward first. 

But the real charm Jerza has is how they always want to save each other…

…and how they look after each other, even from the shadows…

…and how they think about each other so often:

But just to lighten up the mood, I want to point out the fun side of this ship. Think about it, we have this angsty ship, and then we get scenes like this…

So all in all, I think I (kinda. awkwardly) proved my point to you as to why they are one of the most interesting and versatile ships in FT. Hope you enjoyed it and put you in a Jerza mood! x3

(And as always, please excuse my Engrish.)

What if the only way to save Cas from Lucifer’s possession is to get Dean inside Cas’ mind, find him and tell him to kick out Lucifer? What if Cas explains Dean why he let Lucifer possess him? What if Cas tells Dean that he did it because he feels unloved and that he is expendable and Dean shows him that he is wrong, that he is loved, that he loves him and that he isn’t expendable and kisses him to prove his point? What if that kiss is all Cas needs to expel Lucifer?

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If you really ship naruhina why do you agree with that faker ass angrynaruhina (who at this point is sure to be a salty narusakutard) ?

Yes, I really do ship NH.

It has been my OTP for eight years.

Before you go poking through my blog to “prove” that I am in fact an NS shipper in disguise: I do not ship NS. Yes, I have reblogged NS art, graphics, etc, and I’ve even made pro-NS posts. I have NS followers and friends who I know would appreciate it and if I see nice art/graphics/etc, I reblog it. I love Sakura and Naruto’s relationship/bond — I just prefer them as friends. That doesn’t mean I don’t fucking love NH to death. There are even shippers who like both NH and NS, btw.

I agree with angrynaruhina because… I… do? I’m not happy with how Kishimoto made NH canon or the things he’s said about the ship in interviews (actually it’s more what he’s said in interviews than what we got in the manga that bothers me).

NH was just blooming as a romantic relationship and having them suddenly together in 700 — to say nothing of my many other issues with the chapter — was a bit jarring. They have a great basis for a romantic relationship, but they still had a long way to go. Naruto liked Hinata as a person and valued her as a friend and his attitude towards her during the war arc clearly pointed towards a growing admiration. Her confession redefined their relationship and Naruto’s attitude towards her was changing from a kind of general appreciation of her as a person who embodied qualities he himself valued, to admiration of her as a person in her own right. But Naruto wasn’t in love with her yet and his feelings were only just on the cusp of turning romantic.

Plus, I’m really uncomfortable with Naruto’s love of Sakura being dismissed as an offshoot of his rivalry with Sasuke. Not only does that not jell with the way his feelings for her were always presented in the manga, but it’s incredibly fucking creepy/sexist? “Naruto didn’t like Sakura on her own merit, it was all about Sasuke!!” (which, actually, adds “queerbaiting” to the list of gross things about that particular explanation). 

But, back to NaruHina.

When I heard we were getting The Last to explain their relationship I was… dubiously excited. The ending of the manga was so rushed — nobody should even try to deny that — and I felt at the time (still feel) that Kishimoto ended the manga before he intended to. I feel that perhaps the ending he presented WAS the ending he always intended, but there was a lot more of the story he intended to tell before reaching that point. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to see the NH relationship evolve the way I had envisioned it and felt that would be most true to the ship, but I was excited for The Last… right up ‘til we found out it was set 2 years after the end of the manga.

Hinata confessed two years ago.

Two years.

Naruto not responding to something like that is just… so bizarre, even if he didn’t understand that she meant it romantically.

Goddamn, Naruto values the people who care for him, who see him as precious, and even if he thought that Hinata meant “I love you” in a platonic way or in a distantly admiring way or the way he loves ramen (okay), I still feel he would have responded to it. Would have thanked her or something. Yes, he thanked her in 615 and was shown to think of her saving him in the “its in your eyes” scene, but that’s still not a direct response to her confession and Hinata deserved one.

Not two years later, either.

Then — and don’t get me wrong, Hinata is my favourite fucking character in the entire manga and one of my every day inspirations to better myself and move forward in my life — there’s the fact that I’m irritated by how much Kishi wrote her character to hinge on Naruto’s. I’m irritated that literally everything in her databook entry this time around relates in some way to Naruto.

Hinata had so much potential as a character — she’s (barely) the heiress of an extremely prestigious and Draconian clan in Konoha, considered “weak” and disgraceful to her father, grew up being harshly criticised, etc, etc. And we got to see how that affected her in the Chuunin exams. We got to see her struggling and being inspired by Naruto and that was fucking beautiful. It was beautiful to see her take strength from that and aim so determinedly to improve herself. It was beautiful to see her beginning to overcome her childhood and her father’s shitty behaviour.

But… Kishi never really uses all that again? He just kept throwing in new characters and new arcs and bringing Hinata back in every now and again with very little exploration of her issues/how she’s grown since then and how her relationships have changed, etc, etc, which would have been so interesting to see?? SH shippers have pointed out how well Hinata’s life parallels Sasuke’s, so it would’ve been really interesting to explore the Hyuuga clan and how the clan/village relationships work as a precursor to exploring the Uchiha Clan’s coup. It would have been a great way of laying the foundation and giving Naruto the means to understand Sasuke’s perspective a little better, and, christ, a great way of setting things up for Naruto and Sasuke to redeem the Uchiha/change Konoha (meaning Sasuke’s “revolution” plot didn’t have to be dropped).

And, hey, great way of getting more NH interaction and more development on their part. Hell, we could’ve had that entire arc between the Pein arc and the Kage Summit arc, when Konoha was rebuilding and Sasuke was off doing whatever he was doing at the time, for Naruto and Hinata to bond and talk about her confession. We could have had Naruto telling Hinata that he’s sorry, but he needs to sort things out with Sakura and Sasuke first, or something like that, instead of just ignoring the confession until like 200 chapters later or something. 

I love NH to pieces but it is a flawed ship and Kishi did not give us the NH we deserved. I get that not everyone feels this way and I’ve never tried to force anyone to see it my way, alright? That doesn’t mean I can’t state my opinion or that angrynaruhina can’t. I always tag even the slightest anti-NH content with appropriate tags and don’t stick it in the pro tags, and as far as I can tell, angrynaruhina hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory in the NH tag either. If she has, I stand corrected, but regardless, you’re the one who came onto someone else’s blog to insult, hurl accusations and generally be a jerk to someone who’s simply expressing an opinion contrary to yours.

Also, don’t use “narusakut*rd”. T*rd is derived from ret*rd, which is a slur and is really something you should cut from your everyday vocabulary.

Lastly, why on earth is angrynaruhina “almost sure to be a [NS fan]”? Because she doesn’t agree with the majority of the NH fandom? She’s far from the only one, anon.