When my confidence is high, so is my perceived threat level.

There’s something going on in the stars because my overall confidence and intimate energies have been off the charts. There’s a certain charm I’ve been having recently with my guests at work and strangers in the streets. Not sure how to describe it, maybe I’m just delusional…but I’m so primed for intimacy ridiculous.

Like I’m sooooo “ready to go” haha. Seriously. Whew lol. This scorpio energy is kicking up.

alright.. ALRIGHT.. the whole asexual thing is getting on my nerves.. 

its like when they started making a big deal out of being gay.. people have been gay for years and then bam it was a big deal.

people have been asexual for years and suddenly its a big deal..

but ya know whos not getting respect.. people like me that enjoy sex.. that get treated like a whore bc i actually want sex. slut shaming.. and the whole you wear low cut tops so youre asking to be raped.

nope i wear low cut tops bc i like my body and i love my tits.. and like the way they look in my favorite bras cleavage and glory!

so wheres my awareness week? wheres my support. why do i have to get dirty looks bc i enjoy sex and kinky stuff and the vanilla prudes are all like nope youre a whore and a sinner and the devil.. but its ok to support people that are “aromantic” and “asexual” thats great ifyou arent into it, or you havent found someone that has awakened that side of you.. but damn it i cant put my monster back in her cage so stop staring at me like about to turn into a pillar of salt.

The music stopped but why would they care...

Visited a school in Fianarantsoa this week. It was a very special experience. We saw and experienced some wonderful dedicated teachers’, doing what they do best - teach! and not just teach but also inspire struggle to create a good learning experience for the pupils. It seemed like one of the best schools I have visited in Madagascar. It was clean, organised, filled with wall decoration, and using different forms of teaching - not just ‘old school black board’ teaching.

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